Easter Brunch in Nana's Garden

I feel like every year I write the same post about Nana's garden on Easter but it's kind of impossible not to. 'Tis a highlight of every year: a treasure, a blessing. An explosion of flowers and fantasticalness. 
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Nana's garden is the most magical place I've ever met and every year, as my childhood becomes more distant and my children's, more pronounced, I am affected deeply by our annual family gathering in a paradise my grandmother designed and created with her beautiful (and very strong) hands. 
IMG_9191 IMG_9198 IMG_9184
this year's menu = french toast + fresh fruit + meaty things 
She has help, now, of course, but Nana is still active and incredible, gardening and writing and working the earth. She planted our entire garden last summer, using her cane to push seeds down into the soil. I am blown away by this woman and all that she does to maintain such a space. Retirement? Not this girl.  
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Sunday was Bo and Revi's first egg hunt. Revi hunted carefully dropping each egg in her basket while Bo smashed all of hers and then went hunting for rocks instead.IMG_9197 (She found a million.)
IMG_9200 ... They also found a baby cousin
IMG_9083 and a bigger cousin:
IMG_9180 and fairies:
IMG_8989 IMG_9120 and family.
IMG_9187 IMG_9190 IMG_9081 IMG_9084 And a very happy papa.
IMG_9176 IMG_9174 ***
IMG_9096 GGC