Once in a while I am introduced to a song that flattens me. Like... flattens. When I first heard this song (on the radio) I pulled over in the red and put on my hazards and "god, you're so dramatic, Bec. Why are you so fucking dramatic get over it so lame!" 

No thanks. 

Because you know what happened on the side of the road that afternoon? In the red zone with this song on the radio of my covered-with-birdshit minivan flashing its hazards? I got an idea for something. It was a small idea and in the larger scheme of everything, completely insignificant. But in that moment, it totally felt like something. And it was the exact something I needed.  It was an answer to a question I didn't even know I was even asking. Which is what renews my faith in signs and magic and life itself. The sort of, "keep moving forward with the stereo on and someone will tell you something..."

Well, this band did. Its words and its melody and all of the things it alluded to reminded me of a moment in time that is now something bigger. Something better. Something definitive? Maybe. Maybe not.

My point? This is why I keep sharing these songs with you guys. Music is what triggers everything for me, always has.  I've picked up many a musical instrument over the years - all of which I was never able to master and that's okay because, High Fidelity style, my ears are my instruments. I post these songs every week for those who play with a similar set of drums

163. Hero by: Family of the Year