90 Seconds with Bo and Rev

Yesterday, while flying around the front yard like airplanes Revi fell on the ground and then Bo tried to help her up, tugging at the back of her onesie and Revi was like, "No! No! No!" and Bo was screaming at her in gibberish, like, "You FELL and I am HELPING YOU what is your deal this is supposed to be awesome of me!"
photo-1 photo-23 photo-16 "Whatever, fine then."
That pretty much sums it up between the two of them -- their desire to help each other with every little thing/clash constantly on their quest for independence. The "here let me put these shoes on your feet for you what do you mean you don't want me to help you look at this chalk no I don't want to look at your chalk oh awesome, chalk!"
photo-2 photo-4
Would Revi eat chalk if Bo didn't eat chalk? I don't know. Bo started it and Revi was like, "That is a GREAT idea, Bo." Kind of like it was Revi's idea to run around wearing my old boxing gloves...
photo-15 And then, well... luckily we have two pairs. 
And a super organized garage.




Yesterday for the first time ever Bo and Revi took turns pulling each other down the driveway in the wagon. They started talking to each other in their gibberish and suddenly Revi was pulling Bo down the sidewalk until it was Bo's turn to pull Revi. They went back and forth like this for several laps, no tears, no fights, no need. It was amazing. I stood back with Archer and we laughed because "is this happening right now?"
This is happening right now. 
(And it rules.)
photo-8 photo-10