To Boston with Love

It is a strange feeling to be on the sidelines. I never know quite what to do on the outside looking in on a place I've never been to, into the eyes of people I do not know. I never know what to say out loud or to myself. How to relate. Who to call.

I want to quote something, somebody... someone who knows what to say during times like this. I want to do it justice, you know? The feelings and the sadness and the confusion. The terror and relief that my family, friends are all okay. The guilt for those who aren't so lucky. The knowledge that everyone is family - that we're all brothers, sisters.

A reader named Lindsay sent me this post this evening. It was about the marathon, about being there and rooting people on - strangers. She wrote about Marathon Monday and how much it means to Boston. (My brother told me the same thing when we spoke on the phone earlier today.)

...And even though I'm gripped by the headlines, refreshing every news site and struggling to make sense of it all, I'm trying to remember what I saw this morning. I'm trying to focus on the fact that I was a part of something today, along with hundreds of thousands of other people. We stood together and called out words of encouragement and helped make a difficult journey a little easier for people. 

Marathons are amazing. A triumph. My father is a runner - always has been. And when I watch people running I think of him x 10000. I think of people like my dad from all around the world running together, winning together, side by side, hand in hand, pushing and pulling and "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can"ing across the finish line. I think of joy and pain and the bonding of the two in one peaceful place.

So much talk of heroism today. So much talk of men and women running toward the carnage instead of away. Because it is innate - the need to help. The desire to save and to rescue and to be there for each other is greater than everything. Because it isn't heroism that causes people to run toward the wreckage. It's humanity.

I guess that's what I wanted to write about tonight. From the sidelines where I stand, cheering on Boston and everyone who has been affected by today's events. I wanted to write about the love. Of the masses of people who, without thinking, run to help. Who keep running to help. Who will be running all night... who will never stop.

I want to write about the human race. Because beyond the darkness of the few is the light of the many. Masses and masses of light.

Sending love to Boston and to everyone who has been broken by this tragedy. Thank you to those who have shared your love with others today in MA and beyond. Love is everything. It is absolutely everything.