Places to See: The Getty Villa

Somehow i've managed to live in Los Angeles for fourteen years and have never set foot in (at?) The Getty Villa - a place so beautiful and magical we were able to trick ourselves into thinking we were on some kind of huge amazing vacation. Thirty minutes away.
IMG_7618 IMG_7614
The place was EMPTY. Especially for a Saturday afternoon, which... again... LOS ANGELES, WHERE ARE YOU? I feel like everywhere we go lately it's just us? And then I looked at these photos and realized, um.... it is? Which is another reason you should totally Getty it up and bring your entire extended family and pretend like the Villa is your house.
Hal trying to keep Bo and Revi from falling off a two inch drop into soft plants. 
IMG_7619 IMG_7620 IMG_7623
People are always asking where they should go with their families in LA and I always say Griffith Park Observatory! Travel Town! Kidspace! LACMA! Petersen AutomotiveNoah's Ark! The Getty (the other one)! But please let me add one more magical place to that list. And free! (Parking is $15.) And gorgeous! And so huge, the kids were able to make their own little worlds and run around in them.
The Getty Villa is our new house boyfriend and if you're an insane Angeleno like me, and have never been... DUDE. GO. Now. 
IMG_7630  IMG_7629IMG_7607 (And bring your favorite people.)