I Solemnly Swear: Epiblogue

Hi. Good morning. You guys are awesome. Your comments on Friday's post (as always) were spot on and I'm feeling particularly empowered today because of you -- the mamas and the papas and the caretakers and the sisters and the brothers. You give me hope for the future.

Thank you for forging the path that our children will pave. There is nothing more important, in my opinion, than parenting with compassion for every child, not just the ones we call "ours."

That being said, I wanted to share this video featuring Ash Beckham, whose sister Mandy posted it in response to Friday's post. I know a lot of you have already seen and commented on it but I wanted to make sure EVERYONE got a chance to see this because it's important:

It wasn't until I watched this that I realized "teaching tolerance" is NOT the idea. Teaching "acceptance" is and I had never quantified the difference until seeing Ash Beckham's speech.

Acceptance. Acceptance. Acceptance.


"Because you can legislate tolerance, you can't legislate acceptance. That takes a societal shift."

Thank you for the lesson, Ash. And thank you, Mandy, for sharing your kickass amazing sister. And to Jessica for responding to Mandy's comment with this video which I also thought important to share:

Because it's empowering. Like Ash's speech was empowering. Like the thousands (millions?) of videos and blog posts that are posted and found every day by people who feel less alone and more accepted because of them. Not tolerated. ACCEPTED. Because strong compassionate voices are POWER.


I keep reading comments here and elsewhere from people who say they could never bring a child into this world at this time because it's so full of hate and terror and horribleness, and I think to myself, NO! You're wrong!

The world is damaged, yes, but that doesn't mean we give up. We don't throw our hands in the air and lock the doors. We have a huge responsibility as parents and caretakers and humans who are alive during a time when ALL of us have the power to make a difference. IMMEASURABLE POWER! Change is happening. People are becoming less afraid to speak up for what is right. All of things we used to keep locked away in diaries are being shouted from the rooftops.

This is the first time in humanity's history that everyone with the tools to make a difference, can.

Thank you/please don't stop.

I feel incredibly privileged to be raising four children in this place at this time. It's a huge responsibility but one I feel confident about. Because of you and Ash Beckham and all the people speaking up and out with kindness and compassion for what is right. Because of the village, people.