I know this song was being passed around last week but I couldn't NOT post it this week because I have been sitting here listening to it on a loop, like I used to with Fade Into You and the entire room now smells like incense and I'm dancing on the ceiling in my "fancy" yellow dress that Fable picked out for me at the flea market last month so that I could be a more twirlier person and I had been sitting on it ever since because it seemed silly to wear such a dress without an occasion and then I thought about Fable and all of the exclamation point women in the world and thought, screw the LBD when there are TYDs, you know?
photo(Thanks to Emily for snapping these photos a few weeks back.) photo-4
Anyway, back to Mazzy Star. Mazzy Star SO THAT TONIGHT THAT I MIGHT SEE! Here are the lyrics I've been humming in my head even though I may have just paraphrased the song terribly and it's just. too. good. and heartbreaking. and also begging to be mashed-up with Phantom Planet which I will now attempt to do. 

WE'VE BEEN ON THE RUN DRIVING IN THE SUN, LOOKING OUT FOR #1, I think I'm going back to California... HERE WE COME RIGHT BACK WHERE WE STARTED FROM... Summer distant and it's so far away... it's so far far awaaaay. 

I think I'll tread across the ocean now, clouds look so clear in your eyes, Let me dream, Let me bring all my friends. CALIFORNIA, CALIFORNIA, HERE WE COOOOOOOOHHHHAAAAAAAAAAA.

ON THE STEREO LISTEN AS WE GO NOTHING'S GONNA STOP ME NOW, I think I'll fly across the ocean. I can watch the sky turning grey. I think I'm going back.... I think I'm going back. I think I hear the whisper of my old best friend/ I think I hear the bells ringing in the square... CALIFORNIA HERE WE COME RIGHT BACK WHERE WE STARTED FROM. 

172. California by: Mazzy Star

California by: Phantom Planet

(Hal makes fun of me for loving this song but I refuse to apologize. It's such a solid road trip ditty/reminds me of Archer's bittersweet first days of life when Hal and I stayed up all night gazing into our newborn's eyes/rolling our eyes at each other/watching Adam Brody try to get with Rachel Bilson at 4am while I tried to nurse with that effing nipple shield that kept popping off and getting lost in the couch cushions CALIFORRRRRNIAAAAA, here we cooooooome!)