paint the fence red. and other colors.

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July 1st was our one year anniversary in our house. It was also Hal's birthday (which was completely overlooked last year because we were moving and I ended up going on a wild goose chase trying to find cupcakes after midnight because he was clearly bummed that he spent his day moving boxes and being yelled at. Pro tip: for Angelenos looking for amazing cupcakes at 2am. Swingers has you covered.)

But I digress, I wanted to celebrate our home's first birthday because it's kind of a big one. And since houses don't eat cupcakes (yet, I'm sure someone somewhere is working on that one as we speak) I thought it would be fun to do something to/for the house. Except we have no money at the moment for repairs/renovations/new furniture/old furniture so I did what my mom always told me to do in lieu of gifts I couldn't afford as a kid.

"Make a card. Homemade cards are the best kind of gifts."

Touché, Mommycat. 
IMG_9630 IMG_9689

Supplies for Casa De Esteban's birthday card:

Washable Paint (I bought these, too. And these.)
Hats (and sunscreen. We use this.)
Drop Cloth aka Table Cloth
Empty boxes to use as paint palette.
Lovable humans

Fable did most of the painting because it meant the most to her. Archer spent more time on the sidewalk because it was easier to paint and made for a better canvas for all of his wonderful cities.
IMG_9773 ***
IMG_9691 IMG_9767 IMG_9747
Bo and Revi were napping most of the time (because having everyone paint one small space at the same time would have been a disaster and I know better. Staggering activities is how we roll at the moment) but they were the most excited of anyone to get in there. (They later painted their entire feet. Solid.)
Unfortunately, because we painted with washable paint, the sprinklers have since washed away most of our card. But in Fable's words, "that's okay because now we can just keep on painting ovew and ovew it fowevew and evew" which is precisely what we intend to do.
IMG_9664 ***
IMG_9696 IMG_9703 ***
IMG_9725 ***
IMG_9736 ***
Happy Birthday, Esteban. Thank you for an amazing year of memories.
Love + Light,