Okay then.

Once in a while something happens - something so incredibly simple. So mundane and perfect and completely revolutionary. Something like a child kicking a ball. And all of a sudden it's like, Oh snap. This, right here, is everything. This moment sums up my entire existence as a human. This is what life looks like. This is why we wake up every morning. To kick things. To kick habits. To kick back. To kick up our heels. To say to each other, "I'm alive and kicking."  Keep right on kicking...

There seems to be a lot of (ahem) "pollen" in the air and we're all sweating balls (balls!) trying to make it all work. And, well, sometimes it doesn't, you know? Sometimes nothing works correctly and life is constipating and we're all super bloated and, you know, gassy, and I don't really know what I'm getting at here except that I want to have more balls. Because moments pass like balls across the lawn and this is what life looks like. This right here, is everything.

A ball and little feet going for it. Connecting with the sole purpose of moving it forward. That's what I want. I want to be less concerned with where the ball goes and more concerned with the fact that it's going... somewhere.

Yes please to all of that. Let's do this, week.