Eat Well: Cold Plates for Hot Dates

Now that I'm officially Pinteresting and slowly compiling my mom's Eat Well posts all in one place (finally. Ugh!) I'm stumbling upon some gems that may or may not have been overlooked. And being that this week is QUINTESSENTIAL SUMMER WEEK, I wanted to share some summer Eat Well All-stars for all you summer lovers out there looking to take it down a notch with some refreshing plates of deliciousness.

Henceforth and without further ado...
IMG_6078 Mock Tuna Salad  5881068641_02df1d4233_b WWW'S Green Bean Salad stuffed squash blossoms & roly poly squash 
IMG_3502 GGC's Informal Gathering Salad IMG_1139 chilled cucumber yogurt soup Indonesian Rice Salad 
watermelon and gorgonzola salad watermelon and gorgonzola salad Untitled tomato bruschetta  roasted garbanzo beans roasted garbanzo beans Crispy Giant Beans & Arugula IMG_4204 Mango Lassi + Mango Salsa Untitled
Annnnd because we can't forget "treat well" (see above holy yum I would like that in my hands and mouth immediately) here are some sweet summer faves for weekend treating aka Hot Plates for Hot Dates when you're, like, "gimme some sugar, baby..." challah french toast topped + fresh fruit strawberry pie 

Enjoy and Happy Quintessential Summer Week to all!