Introducing Esteban! (Informally)

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I'm working on a "birth story" post for Monday, so please forgive the lack of explanation, story, sensicality (new word) in this post. I'm a little out of sorts right now, hazy and not quite sure what today is. Everything feels very surreal right now. Overwhelming, exhausting, emotional... I've taken the task of becoming somewhat of a non-stop energizer bunny since Saturday's move, unpacking, organizing, decorating and being a complete insane person. (I was the same way when we moved last time. And the time before. And the time before that.) 
I am (usually) laid back to the point of flakiness, but when I move I channel my inner Anna Wintour a la decisive bitch better recognize BAM BAM BAM THIS IS HOW WE DO BAM OUT OF MY WAY I AM WORKING HERE. I also happen to be in love with this house in a way I didn't think was possible. It's just a house, I realize, but it feels alive to me. Alive and familiar in a way no other "home" has. Perhaps this is what pride of ownership feels like. Or adulthood. Or both. But something happened to me the moment I crossed the threshold with our first batch of boxes. And ever since I've been wandering around in a haze. A crazy bitch unpacking like a mofo out of my way ahhhhh haze, but a haze nonetheless. 
Because there were tenants in this house, we didn't get the chance to really explore until we moved in and every day I discover something new. (Our mail is delivered through the original "mail" slot in the entryway. The door bell is an actual bell that rings in the kitchen.)
A few things have been updated poorly. The kitchen floor and the marble around the living room fireplace must have been redone in the 80s. (I'll be redoing them back.) But everything else in the house is original, the fixtures and the built-ins and the ghosts, which have been very welcoming.
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Esteban is our perfect match. I'm on a cloud. Hal's on a cloud. The kids are on a cloud...
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This is where Hal and I get to raise our children. And it's a dream come true.
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Anonymous | 12:33 PM

Love, love, love!!!

Ciara | 12:34 PM

It's wonderful. You are a machine. I can't believe you have even done the books. And how perfectly does that mirror match (mirror?!) the arch? Best of luck in your new forever home

vickichristine | 12:36 PM

Oooh, I've been waiting to meet Esteban! So gorgeous and classic. Reminds me of the house I lived in on Meadowbrook and hmm, Edgewood! Years ago. Congrats to you all! xo

Jules | 12:44 PM

it's even more beautiful than I had pictured! Congratulations guys Im thrilled for you to be settled finally!!!

Cave Momma | 12:45 PM

He is absolutely gorgeous. And whoa. You are amazing.

Krysta | 12:45 PM

Wow! Just wow. Those arch ways! That tile! Ugh, I love this house for you guys!

Anonymous | 12:47 PM

beautiful! and already more decorated than my house I've lived in almost a year! but what really got my attention- I cannot believe the babies still let you put them in those bouncers!!!

c is for cape town | 12:48 PM

how the FUCK did you unpack so fast with 4 kids??!!! I'm in awe. As always really.
'This is where Hal and I get to raise our children.' - tears just sprang (yup, sprang) into my eyes.
We're doing a big move in 2 months, with the same dream.

Jess | 12:51 PM

It bears repeating that the level of The Happy I am for you and the whole gang is remarkable and, surprisingly emotional. I can't quite place a finger on why my eyes were stinging and my breath kept catching as I scrolled through these pictures of you and them and all of those lovely nooks and crannies that will serve as the stage in playing out their childhoodses, but it was happening. And? I'm not mad about it. In fact...I'm over-the-moon glad about it. High five, Estaban! You sexy, sexy motherfucker.

Anonymous | 12:53 PM

beautiful and awesome and lovely...

~Kristina | 12:55 PM

amazing, incredible, awe-worthy. Congratulations again and again. If this was the informal, I can't wait to formally meet Estaban.

Radiantsun | 12:57 PM

Geez, I can see why you guys are in love! Every picture is like magic!

Chrissy | 12:58 PM

Wow, the details are stunning. What a gorgeous house (and so perfect for you all!). Congrats you guys!

The818 | 1:02 PM

So so so so so SO beautiful. It looks like the setting of a Francesca Lia Block novel. Congratulations to all of you.

And also, the two of everything just made my ovaries twitch. Both of them, which can't be a good sign.

Lyz | 1:03 PM

Gorgeous! And you are a crazy person to be unpacked so soon! But your crazy sure does know how to decorate a house. GOLD MEDAL!

cora d | 1:07 PM


Sarah | 1:08 PM

I love seeing your new home through your eyes. *sigh* Couldn't be happier for you (or more motivated to show my own home the same kind of love.) For the motivation, thank you. Best -S

Desiree | 1:10 PM

Sooo much awesome, girlfriend. Gorgeous home!!

Anonymous | 1:13 PM

There is NO WAY you just moved in on Saturday. It looks like you've lived there for years (and I'm so glad it feels that way too!)

Also, I just want to kiss Bo's chubby feet!!!!

Kathryn Humphreys | 1:15 PM

Hooray! Congratulations.

Kim | 1:20 PM

How. On. Earth?

Four kids and there are things hanging on the walls? The shelves are put away? You know where all the furniture was supposed to go?

Did you pre-plan everything? Usually it takes weeks for everything to look like this. How many family members were helping you?

Elizabeth | 1:20 PM

This place is astonishingly, incredibly gorgeous--and your family only seems to be making it more so. That photo of the vintage stove made me break out in a huge, ridiculous grin. Congratulations on your wonderful homecoming!


@Kim My parents were here this weekend and Hal took Monday and Tuesday off work AND we had our nanny work over the weekend as well so lots of helpers! It isn't just me unpacking the whole house with four kids running around!

And thank you, all! We're so pumped!

Sara | 1:29 PM

I die. Beautiful.

Clandestine Road | 1:36 PM

I'm in love, too! Congratulations!

Kim | 1:38 PM

You make me want to move to LA and buy a house there! NOTHING in Ohio looks that beautiful! It's gorgeous and you and your family deserve to be there. Congrats!

erinasmommy | 1:47 PM

it looks like your family and belongings were made for that place and that place was made for your family and belongings. Can't wait to hear/see more about it. Super happy for you all. Can I come visit? Play date soon? ;)

Red Stethoscope | 1:50 PM

Esteban is BEAUTIFUL! And, you look skinny in that striped maxi dress! You make me believe in happy endings, because this is awesome. xoxo

Krystal Schmidt | 1:51 PM

Absolutely gorgeous! Congrats :)

Hailey | 1:51 PM

Congratulations! Esteban is absolutely beautiful!!

Little Gray Pixel | 1:52 PM

Congrats! There are some real gems here in L.A., and you found one! I'm insanely jealous of course, but I'm so happy for your family. You all look positively thrilled with your new place.

Stephanie Mussell (Beal) | 1:59 PM

Esteban is SO HANDSOME!! I am so happy for you and your family. Amazing!

Very Bloggy Beth | 2:04 PM

I FREAKING LOVE YOUR HOUSE. It's amazing. What a completely perfect place for your family. LOVE.

Jordan | 2:04 PM

I am SO THRILLED for you! And totally and completely in L-O-V-E with Estaban! Wow! It looks like a cross of Shangri La and a California Mediterranean and so so beautiful! Congrats! What a total score!

BlesstheFunk | 2:06 PM

I'm so so happy for you!! I actually got the giddy tummy feeling reading this post!

Esteban was meant to be your home. What a wonderful place for your family to be, to live, grow, flourish. I LOVE that so much is still original, how lucky are you! And I am glad you honor the history and design that went into the making of your house. Of course the ghosts welcome someone who appreciates their their past endeavors!

Also: How fitting that the raised beds are already there! Maybe that can ease your heart a little after getting bruised by what you saw at your old place. Like they say, "never go back."

Internet hugs of joy!

Katie | 2:09 PM

You've already put pictures up?? WHA..?? A beautiful house for a beautiful family - this is just wonderful! Very happy for you all and wishing you happy sailing ;-)

oh, jenny mae | 2:26 PM

i love the new tub. i love it all. can't wait to hear all about him

lour29 | 2:36 PM

Beautiful...that is all

Unknown | 2:41 PM

I am so excited for you!! Esteban is just amazing and I am stunned you have unpacked so much so quickly. Can't wait to follow the rest of the journey

Steph | 2:50 PM

This warms my heart! Such a beautiful home. Congratulations.

Haley | 3:04 PM

Gosh, it is simply gorgeous! LOVE it.

Anonymous | 3:05 PM

I think your house is simply stunning. I can't believe you moved (and decorated already) with 4 little kids. I had 4, and 20 years down the road (I'm 50) the thought of this exhausts me! Blessings in your new home!

Amanda | 3:39 PM

Esteban is gorgeous!! I love all the archways!

Rin | 4:12 PM

Esteban! Oh my!

Tracey | 4:16 PM

From what I know about you from this machine, that house is meant for your family!!! It's AMAZING. That alcove in the girls' room? I DIED.

Lindsay | 5:38 PM

Esteban is gorgeous! Congrats!

Joan | 5:41 PM

Home is where the heart is. It looks like you've lived there for years, you're such a hard working Wintour. There is nothing quite like owning your own home. Security brings a happy peace. Congratulations xx

Tove | 5:46 PM

Ahhh it looks so good, I'm so excited for you all! Congratulations!

Lindsay | 6:12 PM

Congrats on the superbly beautiful Esteban! Looks like you now have the same stove as me... I love it, but a tip: Light it FAST after you turn on the gas. My husband once had his beard burned off for waiting 20 seconds too long.

Best of luck and moving! I'm looking forward to your upcoming unpacking posts. :-)

Brooke P. | 6:15 PM

You. Moved. In. On. SATURDAY? Holy crap, your house is bee-oo-tiful. Everything in a place, lovely lovely place.

Well done Mrs. Wintour.

Can't wait to get to see your beautiful life continue on with SeƱor Esteban.

phyllis nobles | 6:22 PM

no it's not JUST a house...look at those arched doorways. just discovering your blog - it's lovely & i understand about loving houses.

Megan aka mean mama | 7:00 PM

Yeah. Esteban looks like a lover!

Samantha J. Bird | 7:20 PM

Esteban is such a hottie! I am particularly swooning over the bathroom and its lovely blue tiles.

Can't wait for the formal introduction!

April | 7:29 PM

Are those built-in vanities??? And original tile??? I was holding my breath reading this, as I scrolled past each new photo. It is so beautiful!!!

I am in awe of how unpacked you are. Anna Wintour Rebecca takes care of business!

Entwined Essentials | 7:44 PM

Congratulations on your new beautiful perfect match! I'm so jealous of you, I love your house and your energy, and your family, and your everything. I can't wait until we are finally able to move into our own home.

colby | 8:02 PM

holy crap that house is amazing.

Kari Beth | 8:05 PM

Amazing home! It has so much personality. Congrats!! Precious pics of your sweet babies too. All 4 of them ;)

Piper | 8:27 PM

I am so jeal. BIG CONGRATS on your family dream home!!

Unknown | 9:18 PM

Congratulations! You are so blessed! What an awesome house. I can't believe how great you have everything looking already!!!


Pretzel Thief | 9:25 PM


Esteban is bonito/hermoso/bello/magnifico!

Seriously, you guys...I mean, YOWZA. Kudos to you all on all the hard work in primping Esteban and I'm rapt for you guys that such a gorgeous house is yours, YOURS!! You deserve to have the home of your dreams.

Anonymous | 9:53 PM

Rebecca....I LOVE IT!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOUR HOME!!!! It's so classic!! CONGRATULATIONS!! Thank you for letting us see inside your home. I LOVE SEEING DIFFERENT HOMES - Especially in LA since they are so classic (well, some of the them).I'm so happy you all love it and find some much joy & solace in it. It is DEFINITELY meant to be - that's for sure!!!



Stef | 10:04 PM

I always hear about how L.A. doesn't let any of their old buildings survive, like people are constantly renewing everything there, so it's nice that you found something with so much original charm. I love the built-in vanities, the stove, the arches, the art nouveau bathroom tiles and the tub, and especially that you unpacked already and hung art and photos (hi, 1970's Wendy and Larry--still awesome!). You are a domestic rockstar!

Becky | 10:35 PM

Your new house is absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations!

elizabeth | 3:18 AM

seriously???? it's amazing! i can feel the house's energy and how content you all are there through these pictures. i have been reading your blog since you were pregnant. My daugther is two weeks younger than your twins. thank you for sharing. all the best in your new house. i completely LOVE it!

Never Mind | 4:12 AM

This place is so amazing, I'm leaving my first comment in here just to say that much. I don't think we have houses like this in Australia..I'll have to hunt them out if we do. And start lusting. Congratulations.

Miss M | 5:06 AM

wow! this house is beautiful!!! and how did you unpack that much with FOUR kids???? we moved on sunday and even though we only have two kids and a dog there are still plenty of boxes left to unpack,

Emily | 6:34 AM

Wow. Just...speechless. Esteban couldn't be more handsome.

Helen and The Fox | 6:46 AM

Drool! Thanks for sharing and congrats! It looks like such a magical place to raise a family. A beautiful backdrop for your adventures!

Heather B. | 7:01 AM

This makes me so happy. Really. Grinning from 3,000 miles away.

Hope Thompson | 7:54 AM

That is one handsome house!

I am so jealous of the tub and tile, it's gorgeous.

Lisa | 8:20 AM

What a gorgeous house! And what a happy family to live in it. Perfect!
I need to know: that built in wine rack- indoors or outdoors?

Amy E. | 8:32 AM

Absolutely beautiful! Congratulations! I loooove that tile in the bathroom. Esteban is lovely.

Amelia | 8:34 AM

YES! Congratulations! We closed in June but don't move in until the end of the month, I'm inspired to get a freakin move on (pun intended?).

Also, that picture of the girls both looking at you from their bouncers? The. cutest.

domonique @ abowlfullofsimple | 8:52 AM

Beautiful! love the house, love the sweet little babes and the big ones too, but really love that dress!!! have fun nesting and organinzing.

tinyheat | 9:09 AM

LOVE LOVE LOVE the house. So gorgeous and very fitting to a beautiful family.

Carra Nicholes | 9:09 AM

Oh. My. God!!! Look at your house!!! It's yours - to keep!!!! Beautiful beautifu beautiful!!!

Emily | 9:53 AM

Welcome Home! Such a beautiful house :) I'm so happy for you and your family!

stella | 10:23 AM

LOVE IT, Rebecca. So so excited for you guys and can't wait to see how it develops over time. You have such rad taste and style and you are right...a perfect fit.

Anonymous | 10:46 AM

What an amazing home with such charecture and charm. I can't beleive the way it just seems to fit who you and your family are. It will be amazing to watch you transform the home into your sactuary.

miss | 10:51 AM

i am so happy for your dream come true! home ownership brings many thrills. enjoy bringing out the beauty of your home and finding all of its quirks.

Roseanna | 2:44 PM

These chairs look lovely and simple

(And I'm due with my first baby in December.)

Unknown | 5:18 PM

Ummmmm totally crying as I am reading this, this is my dream house too! Jesus I hope I'm not pregnant again...been crying a lot today....
Congratulations, Esteban is gorgeous!

Virginia-Ann | 8:24 AM

As I am sure you know, but you are truly blessed. Now a awesome house to add to the mix. Congrats on it all.

Lindserannie | 4:11 PM

Oh my god. I want to go to there.

Simultaneously feeling so happy for and so envious of you! Mostly happy though ;)

Emily | 5:22 PM

Love, love the house! Esteban looks so perfect for you and your family! :) So happy to for you all. :)

hoppytoddle | 9:11 AM

I am so happy for you guys. It certainly looks like it is perfect for you. You are amazing in the unpacking, settling about, and pictures already hung department.

I have been waiting for the day when I could write you & tell you that we finally bought a house again, but it is such a long drawn out awful story. It is much too long. We have been trying to buy a short sale and let's just say that I feel like even if we had the full price of the house in cash the bank would somehow find a reason to keep us from having it.

Not coveting, however. Look at pewabic pottery for that fireplace. The metallic glazes.

Kim | 8:22 PM

So amazingly awesomely wonderfully fantastically cool! I am living vicariously through you with this house. It, simply, rocks.

And while I realize that you really were Superwoman with the unpacking and decorating (and I am forever in awe of that) I will assume that the garden boxes already had the plants? Because if you are *that* organized, then I have a garden up here in Lancaster that really could use your attention!

JenAHM | 5:09 AM

Congratulations! I didn't realize I was holding my breath while looking at the photos until I got to the end and finally exhaled. Your house is so gorgeous and the six of you have made it a home already. My husband, our daughter, and I live in a very small Spanish home in eastern Pennsylvania and I am already dreading the day we need to leave when we have another baby. I'm so happy for you all that you will raise your children in such an amazing place.

Unknown | 10:30 AM

I LOVE your house! And I love that you embrace the age and history of it. Houses like yours are rare and I'm so happy that you and your family found it.

Chicago Mama | 9:23 AM

It is absolutely stunning!! Congratulations! Giseatuoood with your new home :)

Anonymous | 9:24 AM


Chicago Mama | 9:26 AM

Good luck***

pamela | 8:19 AM

I love that print in the last photo, the woman on the beach in yellow...may I ask whose it is?

astral | 5:02 PM

I love your house!! You will make lots of memories here :-)