Liner Notes 7/16

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Several hours after I posted Friday's post, I witnessed Bo and Revi's first ever, snuggle session. Where they purposefully landed in the same spot and put their arms around each other without trying to scratch the other's eyeballs out.
It was perfect. Especially after posting about the twin guilt factor. And it's funny because I didn't at all feel that way with my other kids. They were always so different, never needed me at once, and always in ways that were unique to them. I never felt like I couldn't give them everything they needed. Even now, with so much attention divided, they don't seem to mind. They're incredibly independent, play (mostly) well together, can pour their own glasses of water, get themselves dressed, put themselves to bed...
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Which gives me hope that when Bo and Revi are a little bit older, a little less dependent, I'll feel a little less Sophie's Choice. 
In the meantime, I could not adore them more and I know they know that. So there, guilty voice that will not shut up. How do you like me now?
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ALSO in the meantime, how cute is Hal getting ready for Princessland via Fable's "magic paintbrush"?
IMG_6847 That's the kind of man I'm gonna marry. IMG_6843 IMG_6837 IMG_6845 IMG_6836
A couple years back I wrote about my inability to cut Fable's hair so I thought it only fair to redeem myself. After spending the last year trimming Fable's hair myself (Archers, too, but his is easy), I have finally mastered the art of the junior bob. WHAT'S UP, OVERPRICED HAIRCUT SHOPS THAT GIVE MEDIOCRE KIDS CUTS AND ALWAYS LEAVE ME DISAPPOINTED.
What is up.
Esteban (the man, not the myth) came to the house on Saturday to tend to our tree and our hedges (which were overgrown to the point of insanity). 

"Just trim the bottom leaves? The dead, brown ones?" said I, when asked what I needed to have done.

I then went back inside to hang with babies in the back, where the sounds of trimming machines were less audible, oblivious to the tree massacre until Hal and the big kids came home from swimming lessons and... "DID YOU SEE THE TREE IN FRONT OF THE HOUSE!???"
"Uh... no?"


So. I went to see the tree in front of the house. And, there was no longer a tree in the front of the house. Instead, a naked stump with three fronds at the tippy top.
foilage(y) window: before
non foilage(y) window: after (in need of a wash, yes.)
And then I got angry at Hal, because he was angry at the situation and then I was mad at myself and the tree and Esteban for not being a mindreader and then I started yelling and Hal started yelling and everyone was yelling. About a tree. A TREE!!!?

Moral of the story? Signs may be everywhere but there's a difference in "trusting" them and being an asshole.
The silver lining? We realized, once the tree was cut back that it was pushing up the foundation of the house aka it would need to be REMOVED in its entirety.


We then decided that our course of fixer-upper-action would be to start from the front of the house (outside) and work our way in and to the back. And in the case of dead plants and foundation-ruining trees, that would mean tear everything out and start from scratch.

Luckily for family trees, I have a Nana who knows how to make plants her bitch because I went to the nursery this morning, walked around for two hours pretending I knew what I was doing, bought a cactus, a hose and came home.

My Nana's coming up this weekend to help me create a "garden plan" because that is how she rolls. Get ready for some serious manscaping, Este.

Esteban's about to get serious hoe(s). And hose. Because I just bought a hose. 

Over the weekend I went to the swap meet to hunt for some funky lanterns to hang in the arches in front of the house and found zero. Instead? I stumbled upon a trio of Peruvian mirrors which I would have purchased all of if they weren't so expensive. Because we need an antique Peruvian mirror zero. And yet. When will I ever have the chance to buy an antique Peruvian mirror? (I did find one here, btw. And here.) So? After an hour of "I'm going to think about this and come back", I thought about it and came back.

TOTALLY broke my "you can only purchase for outside" rule but sometimes things just speak to you and you have no choice but to buy them and nail them to the wall.


Mama Smith | 9:25 PM

That tree butchery breaks my heart- but I am completely crazy sentimental for plants. I don't even like thinning my veggies cause I feel like I'm brutalizing those itty bitty carrots.

Can't wait to see what your nana has up her sleeve! I always love when you show her garden.

xox Lilly

Rin | 9:31 PM

You are such an enabler! -- I now neeeed a peruvian mirror. For real.

Red Stethoscope | 10:10 PM

The mirror is beautiful and I am SO psyched for G-ma Pat to come and be all up in Esteban's business. Please videotape at least a few min!

Angelica | 10:17 PM

The amount of cute on this post is wonderfully overwhelming. The babies are so beautiful. Fable looks so precious with Hal - great dad obviously. I'm definitely going to start trimming my daughters bangs ...I've been disappointed many times as well. Her hair looks fabulous!

ec | 10:32 PM

that toy tree house I spied in a picture is amazing. would love to get my hands on one of those....

Abi | 12:33 AM

We've had to butcher trees recently. One was threatening to lean over the house, and one was ruining the liner of the above ground pool. We also had to completely rip out FUGLY yews planted all along the foundation of the house. Fun times. I wish your Nana can create a garden plan for me because she is awesomesauce.

I love Esteban's giant window(s?).

The twins are gorge. Stop making me want twins! :)

Paige | 4:14 AM

Yes yes! It's amazing. Where did you find it? Inquiring minds and busy kidlets needs to know!

Carla | 5:42 AM

I have twins that are five years old now and they love playing together. One of them is reading a book to the other one right now. You know, so I can have my free time to read this blog. : ) It gets easier and easier!

connie S. | 6:24 AM

Ha! I literally laughed out loud at your ho/hoes/hose sentence. :) It was at work, and my coworkers came to inquire (because what is so funny first thing in the morning in an office??). And then we all laughed together.

Thanks for getting our cawfee tawk on the right foot.

(By the way-the photo of archer laying on the carpet staring off into nowhere? I. Die.)

My mom is a twin, and she and her sister have such a magic relationship. I can't wait to hear stories of your two and their two-one-ness. :)

Missy | 6:28 AM

That mirror is amazing - you absolutely made the right choice.

This is random, but I have to say that you've been looking extra peaceful/pretty in the last few photos that you've posted of yourself on here. Whatever you've been doing lately is working!

And, yes, please please tell us where that tree toy thing is from it looks awesome. My two little guys would be obsessed with it.

Mad Max and Family | 7:25 AM

Ahhh your kids and photos are so adorable. I can't get over it. Are most of those Instagram?

You're super Mom! I think handling one tot is a lot!


gin | 7:38 AM

Mondays have become "Liner Notes Day". Every Monday, my day is made when I see you tweet "liner notes" and then I spend the next ten minutes, living your stunningly full and lovely life with you.

Martha | 7:46 AM

You'd better be posting about that garden plan! I love that stuff :) And for all who asked about the toy treehouse, I think I remember Rebecca saying that it is Melissa and Doug.

Maya | 8:11 AM

OK this is really getting weird. JUST this morning as I stood in front of my twins, both wailing in the Pack N Play to be picked up, I sighed (and laughed) "It's like Sophie's Choice! Who do I get first?"


Ms. K | 10:27 AM

I love your writing. You are so talented and I love reading about your little family. Does Hal have a blog? He needs to start doing some Daddy blogging. I would love to get his perspective!

Tracey R | 11:24 AM

Ooohh, Esteban doesn't know what he's in for. Nana is going to tear him up. :-). I wish Your Nana could do my garden plan!! But she would then have to move in and take care of it because I have the least green thumb ever. Combine that with a hot drought prone climate=dead plants. :-(

Cory | 11:29 AM

Your write as if you're speaking out loud to yourself and I just LOVE it!

Abbe | 12:24 PM

Oh, those chubby thighs distracted me from anything else you may have written. And what is that cool toy structure in the plant in the 4th (?) photo down?

NAB | 12:26 PM

I LOVE your nana!

Molly | 1:02 PM

My kingdom for a video of that snuggle session!

Jess | 1:35 PM

Ha!! I thought ms. K asked if hal had a BIG blog! Hahaaha! That made my day.

Melissa | 8:11 PM

Long time reader, first time commenter. This is my favourite post to date. Yes favourite with a u because I'm Canadian, yo.

Piper | 8:18 PM

Um. I wish you could cut my hair. I've been sporting that very same bob here and there for most of my life, and it's never looked as good as Fable's. How weird would it be if i brought a picture of her to the salon with me? I would say to the stylist, "This lovely girls mother cuts her bob herself. Can you achieve this level of greatness?"

Anonymous | 2:16 AM

THAT MIRROR, so so good!

I feel in equal parts sad and excited about your tree fiasco (calling it a 'fiasco' is a bit unfair of me, actually). So much fun to be had in replanting so much of what you fancy! Enjoy it.

Anonymous | 7:27 AM

I just am in love with your house, your way of taking photos of your children, the LIGHT in them.
You have an amazing nana, I can't wait to see the magic happen : )

vGm | 10:32 AM

Love this post. Also love it when your pups make a cameo in your photos. Let's see more of them!

stacy | 5:33 PM

i love that you cut fables hair! it is such the perfect style for her sweet little face. Whats up with those pricey kids haircuts anyways?

Lauren Knight | 7:16 PM

Gorgeous mirror! Gorgeous kiddoes. So much love. I am relieved to hear that they are lovin' on each other and giving your guilty mama a break. IF there is such a thing as a guilt-break in mama-hood!

Melissa | 6:43 AM


So that pic of you and Revi, midpost? Best pic ever. I just absolutely love it. You look both look gorgeous.

Mommy Anderson | 9:45 AM

I'm in awe of Fable's bob. Haircuts are beyond me. :)

oh, jenny mae | 4:05 PM

i was just noticing how fabs fable's hair looks last week. 2 of my girls have the same cut & i'm always disappointed by the price paid per job done. the ends are too blunt. i think we need to try layers. guess i'll have to start googling how to cut my kid's hair.

Jessie May | 8:06 AM

I just now remembered, Bec, this thing that I wanted to tell you that relates to gorgeous Archer. I work part-time in a children's clothes/toy shop and the other day I was marvelling at an amazing cardboard city that you set up yourself, however you imagine it... trees atop vertical roads, skyscrapers with cars weaving through them, houses atop mountains. Anyway it made me think of Archer's fantastic cities and traffic art, and when I turned the box over I saw that the whole city is called ARCHIVILLE. Cool, right? Anyway, fantastic post, as ever! :)

Anonymous | 5:51 PM

Its still kind of crazy to me that you guys have moved in so quickly after a short sale. This was truly meant to be!

Excited for the garden redesign, love the posts about nana's garden.

Carolyn | 4:25 PM

I just love Fable's outfits! Here is a great legging idea for the girls - I bet your mom could make them easy!

I saw this idea and instantly thought of Fable's fabulous leggings :)

Liz | 10:09 PM

I remember you raved about the place you took Fable to get her haircut - what happened?