TOTW: Laptop Sleeves by Zaum (& giveaway!)

I've carried laptops around with me (practically everywhere) for the last thirteen years, but have never until now, had a laptop cover sleeve(y) thing. Enter: ZAUM. A husband and wife team who design and create, among many things, (vegan) bags and sleeves to wrap your lap... top. All items are handmade with love... by people who love each other. Awesome. 

Some of my favorites are here (and below). 
(You can scope their full lineup, here, including customizable options.)

The lovely Kimberly at Zaum (who is AWESOME and kind and wonderful) has offered to give away a laptop sleeve (like mine! or a different one! you choose!) to one lucky reader.
To win? Just leave a comment below. I'll pick one winner via next Friday, August (whoa, it's already August? wtf?) 3rd. Thanks everyone and good luck!

UPDATED: Congrats to commenter, #215, Elizabeth! And thanks to all for participating! 

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t. | 9:39 PM

Ooooh, love this. In.

Lindsay | 9:40 PM

Those are so darling! I'm in as well!

Tina C. | 9:42 PM

Pretty! Hope I win!

stephdiaz | 9:49 PM

Whoa!!! I feel like Joey typing that but what awesome sleeves!! I love me some products made with love!

Melt Momma's Heart | 9:50 PM

They are lovely!

Anonymous | 9:51 PM

Oh these are great! I'd love one! -Laura

ashley | 9:54 PM

*raises hand* yes please!

Paperback Writer | 9:57 PM

I think I've seen them at a craft fair in Oakland. They're **awesome**. And I'd sure love one for my laptop!

Cynthia | 10:04 PM

currently there is something sliding around inside my laptop. something that i think slipped in there while my laptop was floating freely inside my clutter-filled bag. a paper clip? a bobby pin? methinks i should start using a laptop sleeve.

deanna | 10:10 PM

love these! orange and grey if a neat style.

Maggie | 10:11 PM

Love the 1st one!

Laura | 10:12 PM

Please and thank you!!! Love 'em'

stanzi | 10:12 PM

ooh pretty! i'd like one.

Nakia | 10:14 PM

Super cute!

Melissa | 10:15 PM

Oooh I need a laptop sleeve! My new laptop is too big for my old bag. Thanks for the chance to win!

Sarah | 10:15 PM

I loooooove these!!!!

Tracie Nall | 10:17 PM

These are so very cute! I need one for my laptop.

Heather | 10:18 PM

A pretty laptop sleeve could change the way I feel about having to schelp my computer around every day.

K.Wren | 10:24 PM

Those are SO pretty!

Heather Bauer | 10:26 PM

I just got a new laptop and could totally use a new sleeve!!

dna | 10:30 PM

Love it! Entering now.

Jen | 10:32 PM

Those are all so cute! I have been looking for a sleeve for my laptop but haven't found any that I liked... until now! So pretty and unique!

Samantha J. Bird | 10:34 PM

These are awesome! What fabulous fabrics.

laura sina | 10:44 PM

Love it! They look super squishy and chic!

Unknown | 10:54 PM

Super stinking cute

Just L | 11:00 PM

Hello Eco Busta EBC4!

Unknown | 11:02 PM

Cutesicles! Pick meeee!

Manda | 11:02 PM

Fun! And ... You're doing the Heisman!! Hee!

S i a c í | 11:06 PM

There are gorgeous, and just your style. Mine too, maybe. Another excuse to lurk in coffee shops with a notebook and iced coffee.

amy | 11:08 PM

ok seriously.... those are awesome.

Sarah | 11:09 PM

Hi! My laptop would love to be this well-dressed!

Unknown | 11:13 PM

These are perfect! My Macbook needs a better outfit and this fits the bill.

Anonymous | 11:14 PM

Oh my goodness, I was parusing this site a week ago and planned on buying one next month. So I'm gonna hope to win one now, lol. Miss you dear. xoxo

Bailey | 11:20 PM

Beautiful! I gotta get my hands on one of those.

Margaret | 11:25 PM

Yes. Love those!

Melissa | 11:26 PM

I could really use one of these! They are gorgeous. Thanks!

Melissa | 11:26 PM

I could really use one of these! They are gorgeous. Thanks!

Lainey M | 11:33 PM

Oh so pretty! I just purchased a new laptop and am yet to find a suitable fantastic sleeve for it. Thanks for tip : )

Jen | 11:33 PM

Oh shoot, those are cute. I'm a loser who carries my laptop and chord to work all by itself. . So, needless to say, I need a case!

quidam5 | 11:36 PM

How cool are these? :)

Written Pyramids | 11:49 PM

These are stunning. I'd love one! It would make my computer much more popular with the cool kids :-P

i am here | 11:50 PM

Those are beautiful! I am treating myself to a new(!) laptop and that would look amazing!

Anonymous | 11:50 PM

Oh man! This grad student and her soon-to-be grad student husband would LOVE one of these!


Milou's Mama | 12:17 AM

Woah those are awesome! I'd love one.

Steve-Know | 12:54 AM

I love it - and need one so bad

Steve-Know | 12:55 AM

Love this! and need one!

Abi | 12:57 AM

I would love one! I still use a freebie laptop bag from 2007. LOL

Amanda | 1:25 AM

Cute! I have a thing for laptop sleeves for some reason.

Nielfa Hanifa | 1:38 AM

I'd like one simply because they're beautiful

lexi | 1:49 AM

Ooh, I'd love one of these!

The FragJohnsons | 3:27 AM

Love them!

ahm | 3:28 AM

I want! Me! Me!

beyondconfessions | 3:40 AM

These look great!

Katja | 3:49 AM

cuuuuuuuute. those are some fantanstic prints.

Catherine McNeur | 3:54 AM


Trina | 4:06 AM

ZOMG!! Gorgeous! Wonder if they do tablet sleeves as well...hmmm time to shop!

Anya | 4:14 AM

These prints are dreamy! Thanks for sharing!

ste | 4:17 AM

It's nice to see something about laptops ... rather than all the wee little tablets because I only moved into the laptop world a year ago, nevermind smart phones and tablets. I'm just a luddite!

Mommy Anderson | 4:25 AM

I love them! Honestly, I'd give one to my old college roomie who is beginning work on her Masters degree in August. :)

krbmowers | 4:25 AM

Thank you Rebecca!!! Looks great!

Ashley | 4:29 AM

I love the grey one! So so pretty. I am upgrading my laptop next month and going back to school. This would be a lovely little perk!

Mary | 4:33 AM

These bags are lovely. I virtually live on my laptop in my spare time as well as at work so I'm always in need of a laptop sleeve. I just have a huge, ugly laptop backpack that I carry to work along with a huge breast pump inside LOL. I'll be heading back to work in a few months so obviously something more stylish is in order. Count me in for sure!

jkaye | 4:37 AM

These are great! I'm definitely sick of my ugly black (too big) lap top cover.

Olivia, New Zealand | 4:47 AM

I absolutely LOVE the grey and white felt bag! Love you also. You have such a beautiful family and I love to read about the six of you. Living in New Zealand my life is very different to yours!

Anonymous | 4:53 AM

The grey felt bags are adorable!!

-Esther Mae

Nicole | 4:56 AM

Love them! :)

Sarah | 5:03 AM

Oh! I need a new laptop and this would be the perfect accessory!

Head table | 5:09 AM

Super cute!

Anonymous | 5:10 AM

i would much rather one of these than the ugly bag i've been using..thanks!

Jules | 5:10 AM

oh yes please :)

Denise | 5:15 AM

I am in! I love the one with the strap.

annadanger | 5:20 AM

are you kidding me? these are amazing! and i just got a new laptop but couldn't afford a sleeve that my poor air is floating around in way-too-big-sleeve. **fingers crossed**

Andrea deLorimier | 5:24 AM

Soooo cute!!! I'm in love!

Anonymous | 5:29 AM

Love, love LOVE these! Thanks for sharing!

Annie | 5:32 AM

These are beautiful! I love them!

Holly | 5:37 AM

I want, I want!

Michelle | 5:37 AM

These are wonderful! I love the design.

Maureen | 5:38 AM

I LOVE the Eco Lola!

nikki_lagreca | 5:40 AM

Love these - I can never find one that I really like, so like you have always gone with out one.
Thanks, Rebecca!

Kristen | 5:41 AM

Love this! Would make my MacBook so cozy! :)

Unknown | 5:43 AM

So pretty.

EB | 5:44 AM

I love the patterns!

Aliesha | 5:44 AM

Love these!

k | 5:44 AM

My laptop would love an organic cotton hug. And it would feel safer from my spill-prone toddler. :)

Unknown | 5:44 AM

Beautiful! It's nice to have something pretty to put my most prized possession in!

Washington State and California Weblog | 5:49 AM
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kellie | 5:51 AM

Vegan? Love!

Jacque Thompson | 5:53 AM

Love it! I want!

Danielle | 5:53 AM

cool sleeves AND Aug 3 is my birthday!

Jen | 5:53 AM

I love those bags!

Unknown | 5:55 AM

Aspiring blogger in desperate need!!! Ok not desperatE but I love me some free stuff. And also I'm an aspiring blogger.

Cassie | 5:55 AM

Like it!! Thanks!

Leslie | 5:55 AM

Those are awesome! Thank you for the opportunity to win one!

MEWoods | 5:59 AM

I carry a laptop for work all the time. I love these sleeves!

Meredith W.

Candace | 6:01 AM

Ok, I definitely need one of these! I am starting my new career after babies next week and I need something fantastic to carry my goods.

melarol | 6:02 AM

These are great!

Lee | 6:04 AM

Super cute!

Althea | 6:07 AM

Bitchin sleeve, yo.

Mrs. Provart | 6:07 AM

Gorgeous! I would LOVE to carry one of these to school this fall!!

Kendra in Dayton | 6:13 AM

Oh! So purty and Unique!!

Michelle | 6:16 AM

Very cool.

Melanie | 6:18 AM

I love anything that makes me look less like a corporate drone and more like a fun loving gal!

Elda | 6:18 AM

They are gorgeous! :) Have a great weekend!

Danielle @ DaniCakes | 6:20 AM

I, too, have never had a laptop case and my poor little laptop knows it. I'm loving these designs and would be so happy to win one!

Leah | 6:20 AM

The whole line is gorgeous! I'm in :)

Jessica | 6:23 AM

i've never had one either. They look pretty sweet!

LindaB | 6:26 AM

Nice! I never had a laptop sleeve, lol. The orange and grey one is sooooo pretty!!! I'm a sucker for grey flannel...

Jen | 6:26 AM

Those are so pretty. My current one is stolen from the inside of a work backpack. So it's black and nylon and ugly. But practical I suppose. These are beautiful and practical.

A. | 6:26 AM

How stylish, they look great!

Robyn | 6:28 AM

These are awesome... I currently have a cheap neoprene one i bought at Target. Would love something more unique!


katie b | 6:29 AM

How cute! Love these.

Katie | 6:35 AM

love these!

Trilce | 6:36 AM

Love the patterns!

Cecilia Marzo @Sacred_Mama | 6:36 AM

Adorable! I love them all. =) My laptop definitely needs one.

Jenn | 6:37 AM

I love this! And you too, GGC! Thanks for the giveaway.

Kristinaaudrey | 6:37 AM

Very cute and practical! Would love one!

Brighid | 6:39 AM

My work productivity is way down now that I've found your blog! | 6:42 AM

These are great!

hetherington | 6:44 AM

I was just looking around for laptop covers, I would so love to win one of these beauties! Thank you for the chance. -Sarah

TLR | 6:44 AM

Beautiful! Judging from the scratches and dings on my laptop, I need one of these.
Thanks for the chance!

Anonymous | 6:46 AM

I want to win :) I just got my first macbook and it needs a pretty cover.

Lou Lou Belle | 6:49 AM

these are all so beautiful!!! I'm totally on the market for a nice lookin' but functional laptop sleeve! wawhoo.

Anonymous | 6:51 AM

I could use one for sure! I just carried a freebie (perfume brand) black laptop bag to meet a client. Yup. Embarrassing!! : )

These are very pretty & unique.

Memphisotan | 6:53 AM

Those are beautiful!

JenAHM | 6:54 AM

Oh my gosh I love these!

Anonymous | 6:56 AM

These are so gorgeous! I'm in the market for a new laptop and would need to protect it immediately!

Maria | 7:04 AM

Pretty!! Coveting :)

Britta | 7:05 AM

Beautiful fabric!

Ellen Finch | 7:09 AM

Wow, those are pretty cool. I love the felted ones with the strap.

the260 | 7:11 AM

Alright, laptop! Alright, vegan cases!

Kim | 7:16 AM

Yay laptop sleeves are so fashionable now and I lurve them! :)

Meghan Elaine | 7:16 AM

cute, cute, cute!

Ashley Miller | 7:16 AM

Ughhhh those are perfection!?!#%@& *grabby hands*

Kristen | 7:17 AM

I love these!

ashley bobbitt | 7:22 AM

You find the best stuff! So cute!

ashley bobbitt | 7:22 AM

You always have the cutest stuff!

margosita | 7:23 AM

My laptop case is boring and old and needs replacing! Pick me, oh great gods of!

ec | 7:27 AM

supa cute!

Stephanie | 7:28 AM

Those are nice! I am in!

FSURia | 7:37 AM

I love the one you're holding - so cute!

Jessica | 7:41 AM

Hello! Me please!

Anonymous | 7:43 AM

Me please!

Nanette | 7:47 AM

Sooo cute! I got a shiny new laptop for my birthday and have been looking for the perfect case. Would love one of these!

Lucy | 7:52 AM

awesome fabrics! i really love the felts!

Noelle | 7:55 AM
This comment has been removed by the author.
Noelle | 7:56 AM

I love these! More power to people who love each other while doing what they love!

BB | 7:58 AM

Love them!

Martha | 7:59 AM

I love the fabrics!

Kimberly | 8:05 AM

I've been looking for a laptop sleeve forever! These look amazing!

SpillingOutBeautiful | 8:10 AM

Very cute! I'm leaving for the Americorp on August 13th so something like that would be quite handy!

Kelly Utah | 8:10 AM

I just started traveling for work. Having a stylish laptop sleeve would be awesome!

rachel | 8:12 AM

love these, thanks for offering!

Shelly Pfeffel | 8:14 AM

So pretty and stylish! LOVE!

Tatiana | 8:15 AM

I love the felt one.

Jana | 8:21 AM

Ooh, these are great!

Jen and Suki | 8:22 AM

These are so cute! I'm in. :) Thanks for the giveaway! - Jen P in SD

Morgan | 8:28 AM

Awesome giveaway, love their site!

Jessica | 8:31 AM

Yes, please!

Anonymous | 8:33 AM

Those are absolutely adorable!

Shera | 8:33 AM

Very cute!


I LOVE the last one! So much nicer than my laptop bag from 199?.

Marie | 8:37 AM

What great patterns!

Jadeb | 8:39 AM

so cute!!!

katie | 8:41 AM

These are so great!

Anonymous | 8:42 AM

How cute are these!?! Love them!!!

Sheena | 8:44 AM

Would love to wrap my life line (read Mac)in one of these, please and thank you ;)

Karen | 8:50 AM

I may have only had a laptop for two years but I still have never had a case for it!

Jenn | 8:50 AM

They're gorgeous! I'd love to win one. :)

Heather | 8:50 AM

Oooh! Want!

Emily | 8:51 AM

I just made the switch from desktop to laptop and totally need one of these!

Karen | 8:51 AM

I have only had my laptop for two years...maybe it's time for a case for it!

Meagan | 8:51 AM

Love them! Thanks for the giveaway!

Zakary | 8:52 AM

Love these, the green is awesome.

Except I went to their site and now I want one of the badass messenger bags too. Bad for my husband's wallet. :)

Erin | 8:52 AM

Love these! Thanks for the giveaway!!

apricoco | 8:53 AM

I desperately need something JUST like this. Pick me please!

Jesse | 8:58 AM


Priscilla Edwards | 9:11 AM

I could put one to good use. Very cool!

KellyDove | 9:11 AM

Love these!!

beanjelly | 9:16 AM

Love those! Pick me, pick me! :)

Kimberly R. | 9:20 AM

thanks for the chance!


Erin | 9:22 AM

Wow, those are really cool. I'd love one!

Anonymous | 9:23 AM

love these the most!


Fabs | 9:24 AM

So cute! Me would love one.

satiate | 9:24 AM

The ones with the straps are super adorable!

Emily A | 9:28 AM

Love them!

Heather | 9:29 AM

Yay! I have been trying to be very protective of my new MacBook Pro since I've gotten it. I am very prone to almost literally throwing computers around (lots of airplane travel and uni classes). I love the sleeves, they are so pretty and stylish! =)

Tara Vuono | 9:30 AM

The gray and orange one is to die for. LOVE!

maurahanlon | 9:30 AM

Pretty please! Lovely!

Whitney | 9:34 AM
This comment has been removed by the author.
Katie Lee | 9:34 AM

I love the more masculine one with the strap. Perfect for either myself or my husband to use. Yes please!

Whitney | 9:34 AM

woooo! Love IT!

keltrow | 9:47 AM

Love them. My old bag is getting worn and stained, so a new one in on the list for me

chantalart | 9:53 AM

I love these, love patterns,....

Marie M. | 9:55 AM

I have two laptops and zero sleeves. One of these would be fantastic!

stella | 9:55 AM

I need one too. Never had a fancy sleeve. Love them.

Kathleen | 10:04 AM

Oh, YES PLEASE! These are lovely. Thank you!

frankath (at) lino (dot) sympatico (dot) ca

Feministy | 10:05 AM

Oh, I love these!

Kikin Frick | 10:05 AM

Love. Love. Love.

Anonymous | 10:08 AM

These are fabulous!

Anonymous | 10:09 AM

NEED. Where have these been all my life?

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