TOTW: Laptop Sleeves by Zaum (& giveaway!)

I've carried laptops around with me (practically everywhere) for the last thirteen years, but have never until now, had a laptop cover sleeve(y) thing. Enter: ZAUM. A husband and wife team who design and create, among many things, (vegan) bags and sleeves to wrap your lap... top. All items are handmade with love... by people who love each other. Awesome. 

Some of my favorites are here (and below). 
(You can scope their full lineup, here, including customizable options.)

The lovely Kimberly at Zaum (who is AWESOME and kind and wonderful) has offered to give away a laptop sleeve (like mine! or a different one! you choose!) to one lucky reader.
To win? Just leave a comment below. I'll pick one winner via next Friday, August (whoa, it's already August? wtf?) 3rd. Thanks everyone and good luck!

UPDATED: Congrats to commenter, #215, Elizabeth! And thanks to all for participating! 

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amyunicorn | 10:11 AM

They're gorgeous!

Raija | 10:16 AM

LOVE them!

Katie | 10:20 AM

Those are so pretty!

Devon | 10:24 AM

Gorgeous! And perfect for the new job I begin in a few weeks!

Lyzzette | 10:27 AM

soo cute i love it !! and made with love!!

SDMueller | 10:27 AM

It's a laptop cozy! I have a one week-old Baby MacBook pro. It is sitting out in the cold. And that is just cruel.

Bree | 10:29 AM

I love that they're began!

JenW | 10:31 AM

They are beautiful! Thanks for the opportunity

Anonymous | 10:38 AM

Ohhh! These, yes! erinlhaley (at) gmail

The byrd | 10:39 AM

Gorgeous!! Great giveaway.

emily37 | 10:40 AM

Gorgeous! Would love one for my MacBook!

Sophie | 10:46 AM

I want one, these are so neat!

Jen | 10:47 AM

Very cool. My old back pack had a padded pocket in the back for a laptop, but then something spilled in the bag. Now I wrap it in a towel and stick it in my backpack behind magazines when I take it outside my apartment...

Elizabeth | 10:49 AM

Beautiful! And such a great idea. Count me in.

Lindsey | 10:54 AM

I've had a laptop for almost 2 years now and have yet to protect it in any meaningful way. Very cute covers!

Lola | 10:56 AM

These are so cute! I would love one of these for when I return to school this Fall :)

Lola | 10:57 AM

These are so cute! Would be perfect for when I start grad school this Fall :)

Unknown | 10:59 AM

They are beautiful!

Kari | 10:59 AM

Super cute! Also, I absolutely adore your bangs--wish my hair would cooperate so I could have them.

Allen | 11:01 AM

what exactly does one sacrifice to the god?

Unknown | 11:05 AM
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KP | 11:06 AM

Those are adorable! :)

SKhan | 11:07 AM

Love them!

Nasrene | 11:08 AM

Gorgeous! Love them :)

Warrior Woman | 11:11 AM


Renee | 11:18 AM

cool I need one these!

Karina | 11:26 AM

Love these! And would love to have one.

Bunny | 11:28 AM

Maybe having one would extend the life of my current laptop! I am so hard on laptops. Would love to win one! These are awesome!
kamberdawn at gmail dot com

Sammy | 11:29 AM

so cute! i use my laptop for work and could use one of these!

Amber P. | 11:36 AM

These are totally cute!

Abby H (in Portland) | 11:37 AM

Laptop sleeves FTW. I love these...

Michele S. | 11:40 AM

Awesome design & fabrics! Love to love one. Thank you!

Michele S. | 11:40 AM

Awesome design & fabrics! Love to love one. Thank you!

Anonymous | 11:43 AM

I think they're AWESOME!!!

Take Care,

Kacey Haffner-Bruce | 11:46 AM

those are the most beautiful covers i have ever seen!

Amy | 11:51 AM

Very nice! Thanks for the giveaway!

Michelle | 11:54 AM

These are fantastic! Fingers crossed :D

Anonymous | 11:56 AM

these are fantastic- I must have one!


Tanya | 11:59 AM

These are so lovely!

Andreva | 12:00 PM

These are awesome!

CP | 12:03 PM

I run back and forth between my office and home to bf my baby and usually have my naked laptop under my arm.

Blair | 12:22 PM

Your babies are getting even cuter every single second! I love all pictures of them!
I love the lap top cover too!
I hope I win!
Blairvigil at gmail dot com!

Greg and Alyssa | 12:24 PM

LOVE these!

Unknown | 12:28 PM

These are the cutest laptop sleeves ever!!!

Jordan | 12:30 PM

Oh oh L-O-V-E these! And um... well, I suppose we could say I am a wee bit obsessed with protecting my electronics. For some reason I feel way too much pride when I upgrade my technology pieces that the ones no longer being used look brand new. Yes we could analyze that all day, but instead let's think of how cute my MacBook Pro would look in these sleeves!
Me pretty please!

Julia | 12:30 PM

oooooh I adore these!

sugarsnap | 12:31 PM

Yes, please! This tired momma needs some excitement!!!!!

sugarsnap | 12:43 PM

Yes please!!!

Kathy O'Hara | 12:44 PM

Would love one for when I start "working outside the home" this fall. Super stylish and fun!

Jesse | 12:45 PM

I love these and August 3rd is my birthday, so that would be extra awesome!

Kim | 12:46 PM

I love the second one! (and products made by people who are their own company)

Jenn | 12:49 PM

Oh my gosh love! THey have some incredible style and would die for one of these!

jrmccormick1 | 12:49 PM


jrmccormick1 | 12:50 PM


Jenn | 12:50 PM

Oh my gosh love! THey have some incredible style and would die for one of these!

Anonymous | 12:59 PM

Love them!!

Kacy | 1:04 PM

i love your most recent post of the's curls are adorable and revi slays me with those eyes!!

Molly | 1:16 PM

Where have you been all my life, attractive laptop sleeve?!

me | 1:21 PM

ye old laptop could use some inspiration!

Kate | 1:21 PM

Ummm these are AWESOME! I love!

Virginia-Ann | 1:38 PM

What a great giveaway, thanks for both the offer and the most entertaining blog on the net!


Jillian | 1:39 PM

Love these! My current one is not so cute.

Clandestine Road | 1:39 PM

I love these. The Portabile Media - 15" MPM48 in chocolate and orange is my favorite. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.


Mary | 1:48 PM

Oooh pretty! I'd love to win one since I have a terrible habit of *ahem* dropping my laptop (accidents, I swear! I'm just crazy clumsy!)

Sarah | 1:49 PM

I'll take one please & thank you!

Rebecca | 1:52 PM

These are so pretty. Definitely need one as my little boy loves to open and close (or slam) the laptop when I'm not looking!?

Tracey R | 1:59 PM

Love how your picture shows they are great "on the go"!! Cute!
Tbalbo 19 @ hotmail

No Mommy Brain | 2:06 PM


Rachel | 2:33 PM

I've never had one either...till now? :)

Abbe | 2:38 PM

Am I the only one who would totally use any one of these as a clutch, sans laptop?

Anonymous | 2:42 PM

Oh cute! My little mac would like one!

sarah mciver | 3:01 PM

These sure would make an excellent birthday present. And my 25th is August 3. I should have my boyfriend get it for me. Because I LOVE THEM!

AUSAcara | 3:09 PM

There is always that second of tense silence after you hear a crash from the next room. Wondering what kind of crash it was....a toy crash, or a body crash. And then, the scream that signifies it was definitely a baby crash. And you enter the room to find your 10 month old sprawled out on the floor with your laptop next to him. When did he get tall enough to reach the top of the dining room table??? Maybe it is time to find a new home for the a gorgeous sleeve, perhaps?

Cass | 3:15 PM

Love these! I recently got a new laptop and my old case is WAY to big for it. This would be perfect.

GonzoVixen | 3:22 PM

These are fantastic!

BeP | 3:28 PM

Those are great! I love your blog!

Nikki | 3:29 PM

I want one....hope I win!

Justine B | 3:40 PM

Cute! Pick me!

Anonymous | 3:40 PM

Please I love these. Fingers crossed....Go me lol

Angela | 3:41 PM

Pick me! Pick me!

Unknown | 3:53 PM

These look great! I'm in need of a new one.

Unknown | 3:59 PM

Love that it's family owned and operated!

Laraine | 4:12 PM

Omg that orange and grey one!

Abby | 4:14 PM

Oooh those look gorgeous!

becky s | 4:18 PM

Oh, I love those. I have such a hard time finding laptop covers that I like and are functional yet CUTE.

Heather | 4:25 PM

These are beautiful! And so stylish. Please do count me in!~

Patty | 4:35 PM

beautiful! I could use a new cover...

Jenski | 4:56 PM

These are lovely!

Kristie | 4:58 PM

Wow, so it1

Ariel | 4:58 PM

I d love one:))

Jenice (Applied Eatables) | 5:01 PM


k.chap | 5:06 PM

Cute, would love to win one! Thanks!

Suzy | 5:20 PM

Love the designs!

Kristen @ | 5:20 PM

Gorge! Love those!

Laurenn | 5:32 PM

Pretty pretty pretty cool!

Anonymous | 6:01 PM

Yes, please!

k Foxman | 6:12 PM

Love these so much!!! (foxman.k at gmail dot com)

Kathleen Ojo @ Onward;Inward | 6:16 PM

I would love to win one of these! I've never had a sleeve for my laptop but lately I've been thinking that it would be helpful.

Anonymous | 7:00 PM

I love the EBC2, the red is soo pretty.
Jeannie Bruce

Anonymous | 7:01 PM

oh LOVE these!

Unknown | 7:04 PM

Oh, pretty please! I work from home and I'm always hauling my laptop around!

linuxgrl | 7:53 PM


Sharon | 8:09 PM

those are super cute! I refuse to schlep my laptop in a boring computer bag and instead use a former diaper bag (ha!). one of these would help protect my already on the fritz machine.

Nysha | 8:24 PM

These are beautiful!

Anonymous | 8:26 PM


Kat | 8:28 PM

pick me please!!

Ellie D | 9:17 PM

A laptop case would be SUPER for college!

Anonymous | 9:44 PM

I love the designs!! Super fun!!

Anonymous | 9:45 PM

I love the designs!! Super Fun!!


lk | 10:05 PM

Those are beautiful!

lk | 10:05 PM

those are beautiful!

kristi | 10:58 PM

these are gorgeous!

Stacey H | 11:03 PM

Ooh, beautiful! I want one. Pretty please ; )

Mena | 11:10 PM


Anonymous | 11:23 PM

Love thosE!!

lunafina | 11:59 PM

Gorgeous bags!!

VeraO. | 3:39 AM

Oh! :) That brown and grey one for me, please! \o/

Jamie | 4:51 AM

That would be rad! My laptop sleeve is boring, boring black *le sigh*

Jamie | 4:52 AM
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erin fay | 5:08 AM

These are awesome1

Caryn | 5:59 AM

I would SO love to have one of these, please!

Cole | 6:23 AM

Beautiful fabrics and lines, love!

Unknown | 7:23 AM

gorgeous! i've never had a laptop sleevey thing either

Jenny O | 7:42 AM

So I just need a laptop to go in it :)

lola + oliver | 8:12 AM

I have never carried a laptop sleeve either... but you have totes inspired me. Those are awesome!

dgm | 8:20 AM

Yes, please.

A.E. | 8:23 AM

I like.

Lisa | 8:30 AM

Love the fabrics, thanks for the giveaway!

Chantelle | 9:01 AM

Wow, these are gorgeous, i'd love one!

Cindy Corritore | 9:08 AM

I just became acquainted with Zaum products yesterday (via a google search for laptop sleeves and bags). Their products are amazing, and I haven't seen anything else on the web like them for laptops! I must have them - and plan to get my own very soon. Thanks for making such a great product, so we don't all have to carry black laptop bags and covers!
-- cindy

Unknown | 9:45 AM

Those are swoon-worthy, I'm crossing my fingers!

nikkicantwell at gmail dot com

PS The capcha for leaving a comment is cootello... I think I just discovered a new nickname for ladybits. So even if I don't win the sleeve, I'm still walking away with something.

Sarah | 9:55 AM

I'd love one of these!!! Pick me!

Sarah | 9:56 AM

Love this! Pick me!

Unknown | 9:56 AM

Yay, such cute babies!

Unknown | 9:58 AM

I love these sleeves! They are fashionably functional. . . pick me, pick me!


C | 10:07 AM

Beautiful - thanks for this

brown little bird | 10:12 AM

I hope I'm chosen. x

Stephanie Gilbert | 10:12 AM

I would gladly be the new mama to one of these sleeves!

Stephanie Gilbert | 10:13 AM

Love it!

Unknown | 10:32 AM

Yes Please! These are adorable!


Megatron | 10:49 AM

Ooh felty things! Love!

Caitlin | 11:25 AM

so cute!t

Saira | 11:50 AM

Awesome!! xoxoxo

Anonymous | 2:35 PM

I would love to win this!! It would be my first won thing ever in my life! And I'm kind of old, so thats a lot of not winning! - Brooke (

Unknown | 4:00 PM

Love these!

Jimmy Chan | 4:59 PM

Those sleeves are really gorgeous.

nyanko | 5:00 PM
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Julie | 5:38 PM

Yes Please!

Ali Tong | 6:26 PM

LOVE that!!

Erin | 6:44 PM

Those are really great! Love that green one.

gavintiegirl | 6:49 PM

Holy lot of comments Batman!!

colby | 6:53 PM

way cool laptop sleeves.

CallieAnnie | 7:11 PM

So pretty! Feminine without being annoying.

Erin K. | 7:15 PM

Oh I absolutely love that last blue and white one!!

Alt-Mama | 7:57 PM

Oooo me! I love Love, and I carry laptops. Come on now, destiny, let's do this thing.

Katia | 8:08 PM

Love the grey with loops.

Amber | 8:24 PM

With my laptop in one of these I'm sure I'll finish writing the next great American novel in no time.

dawn | 9:25 PM

Want want want! They are so perfect.

Sabrina | 9:28 PM

I love this!

Anonymous | 10:23 PM

Oo! So exciting! Beautiful things. :)

Aga | 2:29 AM

Pretty! I'd love one. :)

Regina R | 5:50 AM

My last google search was for "cool laptop sleeve"! These are beauties! :)

Jenn | 6:11 AM

Love these!!!!

Lindsey H | 6:40 AM

Those are some pretty fabulous laptop cases! I sure could use one!

gin | 7:42 AM

Ohhh those are lovely. And my sleeve just fell apart!!

Andrea | 8:12 AM

LOVE these!

Sarie | 8:53 AM

These are gorgeous. I've never had a laptop sleeve either.

srk32104 @ gmail

Keri | 9:29 AM

These covers are so darling! Definitely beats the black one I have! :P

Keri | 9:31 AM

These are so darling! Definitely beats the black one I have! :P

Unknown | 10:30 AM

I couldn't find a place to contact you directly, so sorry about leaving this in a comment. I love your original take on life - and I'd love for you to participate in a blog relay about HOPE, initiated by Melanie Crutchfield. If you go to my blogsite, you'll see what I mean... I would love to see a post about Hope from you. BTW I love the video you did on the question of whether or not to tell our girls they're pretty. I had a different take, but yours made me think!

Unknown | 11:26 AM

after 6 years of carrying nothing but a diaper bag or the equivalent around stuffed to the max with mama and babes x3 stuff around i would adore one of these!

Blahblog | 11:28 AM


Unknown | 11:35 AM

These are absolutely adorable!!

S | 11:38 AM

So beautiful! I especially love the soft look of the last one.

Germerican | 1:17 PM

How pretty, and handmade! Love the designs.

Analisa McCain | 1:22 PM

LOVE these!! :D

Rebecca N | 1:53 PM

I love Bo's leg rolls. Such cute babies!

E | 1:54 PM

Very cool!

awordartisan | 2:14 PM

I for serious like these sleeves more than any others I have seen. Zaum for the win!

Unknown | 4:08 PM


Nicole Francois | 4:10 PM

Love the bags, love your site. xoxo

Emily | 4:12 PM

Love the patterns!

beyond | 4:24 PM

fantabulous prints!

Lindsey Fyfe | 6:28 PM

sexy stuff!!! thanks!!!

Knit and Purl Mama | 6:46 PM

Love those!

April | 7:26 PM

Pick me! :D

Megan | 7:42 PM

These are awesome!

Anonymous | 8:16 PM


celinamin | 8:21 PM

Ooooh, pretty. Yes please!

leereed | 9:08 PM

I dropped my current laptop during some calamity with my then 3 year old. He is now 8 (today) and I still have the laptop whose crack during said calamity is held with ducktape. Time for a new laptop and time for a laptop sleeve!


Kate H | 10:04 PM

These are beautiful! I'm in love.

Lisa H. | 10:53 PM

They are so adorable. Pick me!

Anonymous | 10:54 PM

SO great! Hopefully Canadians are included in this sweet giveaway! -SUE

Anonymous | 1:32 AM

wow! beautiful! please pick me! I desperately need this for going back to grad school this fall!

The Pussycat | 6:27 AM

The one second from last is adorable :-)

Beth | 7:00 AM

Very cute!

Sarah | 7:11 AM

Thanks for the chance to win! Also love the clutches - so cute!

Jenny P | 7:28 AM

So pretty! It may even make going to work more palatable.

Unknown | 7:40 AM

I do believe I also need a laptop cover thingy doo-hickey. *crossing fingers*

Kaitie | 7:40 AM

Too cute! I'm tired of getting stray coins stuck in my disc drive!!

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