First off, thanks to all who participated in what I think is a very important conversation (that's still going on and I thank you. Please keep commenting! The thread is incredibly insightful. Eye-opening. Insightful.) Several people seemed to misunderstood my post at "blaming entertainment" which it isn't. I do feel very strongly that the violence we submerge ourselves (and our children by default) in desensitizes us as a culture and that we need to take personal responsibility for what happens because of that. Not just in Aurora but in Florida and California and everywhere else. We have some SERIOUS entitlement issues in this country and we need to address them, first in ourselves, then in our homes, communities...

Anyway, hi. It's been an intense few days so I thought I'd post something light and snappy this afternoon. I think this song does the trick. Enjoy. 

128. Ignore Moi by: Mélanie Pain