TOTW: Maggie Bogart Ruffled Ensembs (& Giveaway!)

Sometimes I see things that are SO incredibly somebody, I gasp. It happens often with Fable, who is in love with clothing, mainly clothing that involves rainbows and sparkles and pink. Who LOVES getting herself dressed in the morning and takes great pride in the layered ensembles she puts together. ANYWAY! When a reader named Maggie sent me the link to her etsy shop, gasp is what I did. Because Maggie's stuff looked custom made for Fable. I dee eye eee'd. I mean, layered rainbow leggings? Tiered skirts that twirl? Tees with pink striped bows? HELLO. 
Maggie kindly offered to custom make Fable her own ensemble with colors of her choosing and when the outfit came in the mail last week, girlfriend lost it. We had to pry the leggings from her body because she wanted to sleep in them. Not that I could blame her. I mean, if these came in my size? Game over. And can we please talk about these ruffled sweatshirts? Downright delightful! Maggie also makes and sells boy clothes. Dapper squared.
 IMG_6523 IMG_6543
Maggie's generously offering one GGC reader a $100 gift card towards anything in her shop. To win? Tell me something that brings your child(ren) or a child you love, joy. I'll be choosing one winner (via next Friday, July 27th. Good luck! Twirl on! Go team.

UPDATED: Congrats to picked commenter, #155 katiepie35! And thanks to everyone for participating! Have some more fun giveaways coming up! Stay tuned! 



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sullyjenni | 8:26 AM

my children bring each other joy!

mommaruthsays | 8:27 AM

My girls and I are over-joyed about welcoming baby #3 the first of next year! Poppa may want a boy, but we're all secretly rooting for another girl to join our trio :)


Kelly Utah | 8:28 AM

Joy for my Lorelai comes in the form of stuffed animals. We would have her diagnosed as a hoarder, but for now we just call her the crazy stuffed cat lady. I tried to reign in the crazy by giving her a wire basket with the rule of, "you can only have what fits in here," but she is crazy skilled at squishing them in to fit.

Adina B | 8:32 AM

Nola (4.5) loves the waves like nobody's business, and Clara (just 1) loses is when anything with a beat comes on, particularly her father playing music.

Kim | 8:32 AM

My niece brings me joy! She would die over all of these clothes. (She always wears polka dots around me because she knows how much I love them. :)

LindaB | 8:33 AM

Books bring both of my children glad I passed my love of reading onto them. Frog and Toad is in constant rotation which brings me joy as I remember my mom reading it to me!!

CP | 8:35 AM

music makes my little girl happy. she is 3 and loves to sing and dance to all of the cool tunes her teenage sister listens to. after a bath she picks up her guitar and serenades us naked - might be the most hilarious thing ever!

craftyashley | 8:35 AM

My twins have similar fashion taste to Fable. They would be crazy about that outfit!

Nasrene | 8:36 AM

My daughter Sadira (4 and a half) loves her BFF Sean more than anything else on this planet. So much so, that I'd sadly have to say her "Boo-Boo" brings her more joy than her Mama does. They are two peas in a pod, and have already planned their own wedding, and named their future children ("Maggie" according to Sadira, or "Cupcake" according to Sean).

The two of them together brings me (and Sean's Mama, one of MY own BFFs) SOOO much joy!

Jen | 8:36 AM

"Lovins" bring our boy Jack joy. He loves nothing more than scampering into our room in the morning and finding both of us still in bed. He squishes his body between us and demands his dose of lovins. He has done this since we put him into his big-boy bed three years ago, and while I know he will someday outgrow this stage, I pray it is a long way off. When my husband and I roll toward him and squish him in a Jack sandwich hug, he squeals with delight and alternates kissing us both. It brings him as much joy as it does us!

meekasmommy | 8:36 AM

My daughter has recently discovered a love of songs and twirling - giving her infectious belly laugh whenever we break into song ;)

Darcy | 8:37 AM

Bright, sparkly, twirly clothes bring my Ellie joy. This is right up her alley

Maria | 8:38 AM

Music brings my kids joy. I love watching them boogie to the beat, swaying their little hips and going for it, without even a hint of self consciousness.

Kristen | 8:40 AM

This stuff is the cutest!
Water brings Harper the most joy! Pools, sprinklers, hoses, whatever, as long as it's wet and she can splash in it!

Mary | 8:42 AM

My oldest loves everything to do with dinosaurs. His face as he watches dinosaur documentaries is just the most perfect example of joy.

Amelia | 8:42 AM

Being in the water thrills my friend's daughter to the core.

Abi | 8:43 AM

Anything pink, purple, and sparkly brings my Ayame (5yo) joy. Everything Thomas brings my Reeve (almost 4yo) joy. And anything Cheerios gives my Freya (10 mo) joy. :)

Grace Miller | 8:43 AM

Things that bring my 2 year old son Jonah joy: anything "Cars", his grandfather, berries

Habbala | 8:44 AM

My 8.5 month old looses his MIND for a stuffed giraffe we've named Watson.

Susan | 8:45 AM

I once asked my son what his favorite sound was, and this is what he said: "That sound the forklift makes when it's backing up." And, every night, I ask him what he's thankful for, and he says "firetrucks and firemen and fire." Little boys rock.

Leah D. | 8:45 AM

The Very Hungry Caterpillar! They are super happy when that book is out. They love the part where he eats everything and gets a stomachache.

Brandi | 8:45 AM

Water! The pool, the ocean, a sprinkler, whatever gives them a little splash time makes them overjoyed.

Dustin and Carrie..... | 8:47 AM

Our 2 cats, Darla & Calm kitty bring both my children joy!! They are such animal lovers!!

Kristy | 8:48 AM

Running through the sprinkler

~Kristina | 8:49 AM

Music connects my children in a way that leaves me in awe.

Rachel | 8:49 AM

My daughter, almost four years old, loves family hugs and family "pile on top of each other" on the bed. They make her laugh and laugh. And I love it.

olliegraphic | 8:49 AM

My 7 month old daughter loves our dog ... and for some reason MIA's Bad Girls.

Noelle's Mommy | 8:50 AM

My girl loves bubbles, I mean LOVES! Hours of fun at our house :)

atout | 8:50 AM

The sprinklers bring my nephews endless joy! Especially during these hot months.

Vanessa | 8:51 AM

Jack is obsessed with all things that move.. cars, boats, planes etc..

Haley Martin | 8:52 AM

Singing. My 21month old will sit on my lap and song twinkle twinkle little star over and over with the biggest smile on her face.

Jen | 8:52 AM

Art in any form: coloring, painting, chalk on the side walk, and on and on and on. My little artist takes her works very seriously. :)

Mary O | 8:53 AM

My kids are music lovers. I can pump up the tunes and they dance!

Sadie | 8:53 AM

My 5 year old is crazy about animals. He thinks he's an animal whisperer. It's super adorable.

Haley Martin | 8:53 AM

T.B. | 8:54 AM

My daughter is so happy when we paint her nails and she absolutely loves when we paint her toe-nails too. Thanks to you and Maggie for the awesome giveaway!

Issa | 8:55 AM

I love that outfit. It's so Fable.

Mine LOVE new books. It makes them all so happy. :)

brandi | 8:55 AM

OH. These are the best. My 8-month-old loves the TV remotes. They are seriously her favorite things in the world. We found an old one and took the batteries out for her, but she's on to us. Real, currently functional remotes only, please. COME ON.

Sara Laverty | 8:56 AM

My sweet "nieces" and "nephew" love when we have dance parties. I love it too :)

katie | 8:58 AM

These clothes are amazing! My 3yo step-daughter loves trains, and gardening, and dressing herself with tights over her shorts. She'd love these clothes!

Emily | 8:59 AM

My 2 yr old daughter (who happens to be named Maggie!!) loves pop songs, the stronger the beat the better. Her current favorites are "Moves like Jagger" and some new techno thing she heard on the radio and recognizes instantly every time it's on! She gets so happy whenever "her song" comes on. It's adorable.

Mommy Anderson | 9:00 AM

My daughter LOVES her unborn baby brother. We talk about him all the time. She wants to know what he's doing, what he's saying, if he's sleeping, if he likes what I'm eating, when he's coming, and how big he is. Last night, I told her that he was almost 5 pounds now. She wanted to know how big that was. I handed her a 5 pound bag of White Lily Flour, and she carried it around like a baby for 30 minutes - kissing it and everything. My heart could burst from the sweetness.

Ashley | 9:00 AM

Boxes. Especially mischief involving boxes. E.g., sticking a finger out of a hole in said box and then having someone grab it from the other side. Hysterical.

The big one? Bike riding and playing with friends are her two top joys of the moment.

Anonymous | 9:04 AM

Sparkly nails and pink make my 4 yr old VERY happy!

Arnebya | 9:05 AM
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christine | 9:05 AM

summertime brings my son joy!
christine cheatham @

BB | 9:05 AM

My son loves cardboard boxes, tents made out of sheets, slides, yogurt, friends who'll play Avengers with him, reading with mommy, reading by himself, hiking with daddy, cute little doggies that wag their tails far away.. I could go on, but I won't. Lovely things in her shop. I'd love to win.

sucker4acoustic | 9:05 AM

Dinosaurs and dragons and trains bring my 3 y.o. boy joy. In fact, he has a pretend dragon names George who comes most places with us. Even in the car. But don't worry--- my boy buckles him in. :-)

Arnebya | 9:06 AM

Win or not, I HAD to comment that that outfit is perfect for Fable. Kudos to Maggie for being able to read her so well virtually.

My girls love anything from Claire's and the boy gets joy from the slide at the park farthest from our house. | 9:06 AM

My kids both get very excited when they have cold ice pops on warm summer days.

MissMolly | 9:07 AM

My son is only 5 months right now so he isnt to into toys. He just LOVES his momma and daddy. :-)

Elizabethwi | 9:07 AM

My daughter loves teal at the moment. Anything teal. and matching. So adorable! Thanks for this giveaway!!

Unknown | 9:07 AM

The kids that I know are all obsessed with animals. Dogs especially.

Mrs. S | 9:10 AM

The splash park currently brings my boys joy, and the bonus of living in a small city is that even if we didn't make plans to meet friends we always bump into kids we know!

satiate | 9:11 AM

My best friend's little girl is in love with water... so much joy during bathtime!

Anna Aves | 9:11 AM

As a college student, I've been blessed to be "adopted" by a family here. Their two kiddos, Abbey and Liam, are overjoyed by music and the chance to dance. They have taught me so much about finding time and places to just break it down. :)

mmg | 9:12 AM

My kiddos are in love with nature and frogs... We have a great park with a lake and alota frogs - we spend hours there. Love it!!

Tatiana | 9:14 AM

My daughters heart explodes when she meets a new dog that licks her face.

Dranrab | 9:17 AM

How cute!! I'm expecting a boy in October!


evsmarie | 9:20 AM

Music brings a massive amount of joy to my tot. She throws her head back and dances with wild abandon to any song with a beat!

Mary | 9:22 AM

Haha, I was just taking a peek at the striped leggings that you linked to from Maggie's Etsy shop and my 3 year old asked if she could wear those! So, apparently striped leggings bring her joy. Also, music is in her soul. My 17 year old finds joy in being her boyfriend's shadow. The 13 year old finds joy on skates, with a stick in his hand and a puck at the ready. And lastly, the 8 month old lives for splashing in the tub like a fish on the banks of a river. The pool is great too but I think she drinks too much water from that. LOL

Cindy | 9:22 AM

Geography and Totoro bring my baby girl joy!

danizeye | 9:22 AM

my daughter josie absolutely loves anything dress-up ... & once dressed up ... it is quickly followed by asking us to 'introduce her' & she puts on a fashion show ... it is just plain awesome! josie & fable rock the same style sense ... it's really so fun!

danizeye | 9:23 AM
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Kate | 9:26 AM

Dinosaurs and Icee pops bring my son immense joy!

Rachel | 9:27 AM

My twins are about a month younger than Bo and Rev. Right now, they're getting great joy from learning to do new things, like standing, playing peekaboo, and clapping their hands.

MyMegan | 9:29 AM

my daughter finds joy everywhere. on our drive this morning she found a truck that looked like a boat, balloons at a car dealership, and tigers on a building. i love this about her :)

Maternal Mirth | 9:30 AM

My 5YO loves the escalator at the mall. Because we have 4 month old twin boys, our trips are rare and she has to stick pretty close to the doublestroller. Strollers (esp gianormous double ones) + escalator = no bueno and a possible video on the nightly news.

So, when she gets to ride while I wait at the bottom with the twins and I see her face as she descends... I literally swoon.

lunafina | 9:31 AM

My 4 yr old likes to make songs up..lyrics for whatever we are doing at the moment...i wish i could get them on vid.

Hannele | 9:31 AM

My niece (who is one and only representative of next generation in our family) is extremely happy and in bliss when whoever from the family can go on a trampoline and teach her how to jump higher.
Another joy for her is when she can help my Mum bake - cakes, bread, muffins - you name it.

Heather O'Neill | 9:34 AM

My niece Lucille loves her doll Mrs. This. She is named that because Lu would walk around the house with her when she was younger showing everyone her doll, pointing at it going, "This! This!"

Käthe | 9:34 AM

Stinkin' amazin'!

MJ | 9:37 AM

How cute is her little male model?!

My 18-month-old finds joy in the following:

1. Construction
2. Trains
3. Petting chickens at the Children's Museum
4. Alligator teeshirts

June1 | 9:39 AM

My little guy finds joy in so many things, but his famous one is BUGS! Or as he used to say everyday, "Bugs and worms and grubs." :D

SeasonalBaby | 9:40 AM

Nothing brings my children more joy than jumping on the bed right after bath. Giggles always ensue.

elizabeth | 9:42 AM

my niece brings me joy! and owls bring her joy.

Anonymous | 9:42 AM

3 year old Lucy finds joy in unconventional places--favorite color: yellow. Rock Star idol: the dentist. Wants to be a "dentist in the morning time and a karate master at nighttime" when she grows up. She would LOVE those clothes.

Shera | 9:45 AM

My baby's greatest joy has to be our cat, Fred, oh and ripping up magazines ...

Kacy | 9:47 AM

their mama, of course:)

Nikki | 9:57 AM

Both of my kids have special blankets and have to have them to be able to sleep.

Natalie | 9:59 AM

Um, WHAT?! These clothes are awesome! My daughter, Scout, would absolutely flip for one of Maggie's skirts. And, well, I cant lie, I'd flip to see her wearing one!

Scout, my 3 year old, is pretty much the princess/diva-type, much to my dismay. Despite never having seen a princess movie, she can spot a princess of fairy from a mile away and squeals with delight anytime she's near glitter. Also, unicorns. Need I say more?

Jasper, my 17 month old, loves anything that makes noise and every type of car, truck, or bus that exists. He derives the greatest joy, though, from swinging! Yes, boy loves to swing and kick his chubby little legs all around. Ah, the simple thing. :)

Lisa | 10:01 AM

My 8 yr old loves to be goofy and get her 4 month old sister to giggle (she's just starting to do this!). So, they make each other happy!

Stephanie and Matt | 10:03 AM

My son's favorite thing: crackers.

Mama Skates | 10:03 AM girls are such foodies...i love it!!!

Dawn | 10:04 AM

My girl loves her little pool. She has turned into a water baby!

Lissa | 10:05 AM

Music & Bugs & my little pony & puddle jumping (seriously, soaked inside of a minute) and her black converse sneakers... and curious george books and the beach and her BFFs Dan and Haley. All of these are the things that bring joy to my girl, and she brings joy to so many.

Sarah Hart | 10:05 AM

Books. A new stack of library books, or a book-shaped amazon delivery, whatever. Same as me :>)

Christy | 10:06 AM

My Girl (3.5) loves cats. I bought some pink flannel with cartoon cats all over it and tried (and failed) to make her a bib the other day. I sat it on my sewing desk just to show my husband how bad it was, but when Lily saw it her eyes nearly bugged out of her head and she breathaly told me how much she loved it because it was perfect for her, it was pink with cats all over. She has hardly put it down for two days.

jinxy112 at gmail dot com

Unknown | 10:08 AM

Nothing brings my two year old more joy than running up and down our hallway. She has wild curly hair and she likes to wear it "wild" so do nothing to it so it waves crazy. It's her favorite thing. The wind in her hair....what will that mean when she drives!! eek

Tilly | 10:13 AM

Balloons. Of any size. Those things bring out a special squeal from my 14 month old daughter. You'd think it was Disneyland in our home if you walked in :)

Abbe | 10:15 AM

My 10 month old is at the LOVE EVERYTHING phase and is more and more loving things LOUDLY. Balloons fascinate him - he gets a bit serious about them. And he loves when his daddy scares him. He jumps and then giggles. It is almost, almost too much to bear. abbesol at hotmail dot com

Warrior Woman | 10:19 AM

ELMO! We just checked out an Old School Sesame Street DVD from our library and I worried that my two year old wouldn't be into it because Elmo wasn't on the scene in the early 80's but she loved it. She would totally rock one of these outfits.

patty | 10:20 AM

Early morning surprise trips to the donut store delights my kids to no end. Because mom doesn't usually indulge in fast food, so this is the treat to end all treats.

Sarah | 10:22 AM

My son loves playing drums, he beats on everything!

Lindsay | 10:23 AM

Nothing brings Ethan joy like...RAVIOLI. He knows the sound the bag makes, the way it looks, the way it smells cooking on the stove. And when he sees his plate of ravioli? OH my. Kid goes nuts.

swatcher, polish-ranger | 10:26 AM

Right now, trying to get us to say "Gross!" brings my daughter joy. She'll do or say something and we say "ewwww, gross!" and she dies laughing. Then, she does it all over again. :)

Liz McCracken | 10:27 AM

Dancing. She loves to dance. She's 2.

Raminta Flynn | 10:27 AM

Currently, my 2 year old is getting a LOT of joy out of chasing a fly around the house... ah, summer :-)

Pepper Blossom | 10:28 AM

my daughter loves wearing twirly skirts over her pajamas. she will only be little for awhile and so i let her. :)

Shalyn | 10:30 AM

My 4 year old gets excited when I bring him new socks and my 1 year old gets excited when he see's cats :)

Andrea | 10:34 AM

For my nephew, it's trains. Nothing on earth makes him as excited as trains. His grandmother bought him an Amtrack ticket for his birthday, and his reaction was exactly what I'm imagining Fable's was with the leggings.

Andra | 10:35 AM

My oldest (she's 7) is entranced by reading... She can't get enough of it so we're constantly trying to come up with books she might enjoy. It's exciting for all of us :) My 17-month old loves cheese :)

Jen | 10:35 AM

My older son (5) cannot get enough of Rube Goldberg machines. He would build them all day and night if he could, and I think he dreams about them, too. My younger son (9 days) seems to love sleep. We're hoping it's not a fleeting interest.
Jennifer huff at
gmail dot com

Aliesha | 10:36 AM

The most joyful I've ever seen my 18-month-old daughter was last weekend jumping on the trampoline with her 3 year old cousin. I literally don't think she's ever been that happy. She was gasping for breath, she was laughing so hard.

Anyavieve | 10:41 AM

My five year old told me that I "must love her very much" after I gave her a kite. The three year old loves playing in the sand by Lake Michigan.

drt | 10:43 AM

My Mad girl (my goddaughter) has a love of trains, princesses, and me. She's amazing. (:

The Musings of Another Mama | 10:43 AM

I asked my 5 year old daughter what makes her happy and her response was "Dreaming about candy and sleeping with her Hello Kitty Blanket". Ha I guess my girl is like her mama and loves sleeping!

Sherrill | 10:44 AM

My kid loves to dance...and loves it even more if her Daddy and I dance with her. At 3, I know that this won't last for ever, so we dance our hearts out on a daily basis!

*jen* | 10:47 AM

Garbage trucks (and garbage and recycling and dumpsters and...) are the bees knees for my son. He's now 5, but has been obsessed with them since he was 1. My daughter (3 on Saturday) lights up with joy every time her brother enters the room. And both of them bring me insane amounts of joy. More than I deserve. :-)

Cory | 10:49 AM

Fable has got STYLE to a T. I love that you embrace her own choosing of clothes!

Holly | 10:49 AM

as simple as it sounds, laughing is what brings my daughter the most joy. she loves to make us laugh, she loves to make herself laugh. she's only 6, but whip smart and observant. whatever made you laugh 2 weeks ago, she'll bring up again just to get the giggles out of you. she makes up jokes and funny stories, and can turn any pop song into a laughable tune. she's such a fun kid to be around, i hope she doesn't change for a long while.

Cynthia | 10:52 AM

What brings my Isa joy is working with her hands - crafting, drawing, making costumes. She can sit for hours at her craft table, singing to herself and working.

Liz | 10:53 AM

Might just be the color yellow, his fav. Once I found a clearance kids umbrella at Old Navy, the only one left, and it happened to be yellow. He was totally overcome with joy.

Megatron | 10:58 AM

My 8 month old loves food! Every time I introduce her to something new she holds it in her hand and inspects it and makes the cutest little pleased noises. If it tastes good too then I get her funny two-toothed smile. I love it!

Diana | 11:04 AM

What brings my 5yo Lexi joy? Me acting silly and playing games with her. Being so busy with the hectic everyday work schedule, I rarely find time to actually play with my daughter. But when I do, she lights up and we laugh for hours.

dgm | 11:04 AM

The thing that brings both my kids-- my 14 year old daughter and my 9 year old son--lying on the bean bag chair, head in a book, for hours on end, uninterrupted.

Allison | 11:05 AM

Cooking in the kitchen with mama and papa is simply what brings joy to my four year old son. He absolutely loves it.


calgal03 | 11:06 AM

My baby boy LOVES water. He squeals with joy in the pool, and has recently invented a "water dance" when in the tub.

Kim | 11:08 AM
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Kim | 11:10 AM

My daughter loves swinging. She swings as high as she can, going as high as she can. We have an old chain in the tree from another old swing, and she yells "Kick the chain! I kicked the chain!"

kim rily at yahoo dotcom

Michelle | 11:10 AM

With Finnegan, it's anything Marvel right now. With Tate, it's her big brother. She squeals and laughs the moment he enters the room.

Ms. Melody | 11:14 AM

Right this very moment, anything involving water makes them happy, happy, happy! They have been spending many days during the week at the swimming pool and then our weekends have been devoted to boating on the beautiful Montana lakes. I wish summer lasted forever. ;)

chantalart | 11:15 AM

Making art brings my daughter Saskia joy: large scale projects, making items in multiples. And then she likes to give everything away.

MommyLisa | 11:19 AM

My daughter gets joy from finding "treasures" on walks and in the yard and when we name the fairy who planted the latest "fairy kiss" (freckle) upon her cheek or arm or leg. She also loves to pick her own outfits and play "fashion show".

Kwiksatik | 11:24 AM

My son loves clunky shoes with shorts and hats of all kinds. We have a collection of hats that keeps me from feeling like I missed out on playing dress-up with a little girl. We once scared the daylights out of our small town by running through the mall wearing Ninja Turtles masks. :)

CallieAnnie | 11:25 AM

My son, Sam, finds joy in his family. At five, he tells us almost every day. He's a big brother for the first time this year and loves being kind to Isaac, five months. They played soccer (sort of) yesterday. He made that soccer ball roll on a gentle curve. Great kids.

Mere S | 11:26 AM

Lately my girls have loved nothing more than tape & glue! They can keep themselves entertained for hours! I feel like I have uttered the phrase "we can't use glue without a plan" approx. 20000 times in the last month!

Julie | 11:27 AM

Playing in the sprinkler on a hot day!

Kerry | 11:29 AM

My oldest loves fairies. Right now her favourite thing to do is make them houses using leaves, berries, sticks, etc.

My youngest loves kisses: giving them, receiving them, blowing them.

TMW | 11:36 AM

I have three kids---and the reason behind having three (and one more if I can convince my hubby!) is so that they can enjoy one another. some days are more blissful than others. however what brings my youngest son joy these days is lining up all his matchbox cars. i think i'll finally invest in some cool car set ups like archer has for xmas this year.

Anonymous | 11:38 AM

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these clothes. I have a son now (7 months old) and I hope to have a little girl someday. Right now, I live vicariously through my nieces and their constant twirling. These skirts would be so darn superb for them. My contact info: lheltebrake@gmail(dot)com

elizabeth | 11:40 AM

animals give my girls so much joy!

Rachel_K | 11:40 AM

J's favorite stuffy, Poet the Monkey, brings her so much joy that it makes my heart swell to see her reach out and grab her in her sleep.

Amber | 11:41 AM

Our daily hikes, being in nature. My daughters like to call themselves "nature girls," as in, "We're the nature girls," and are fierce defenders of all things nature-related.

Julie | 11:45 AM

Our two year old loves Elmo (like she would seriously marry that muppet if she could), and the four year old loves to teach her little sister anything and everything about how to act. Kinda bossy, just like me!

Virginia-Ann | 11:47 AM

Has to be hands down her coming in the door and looking at the couch and office to see if her Grandma and Grandpa are in the regular spots. The look on her face is one of loss if they are not there, and once she see's them she beams and goes running to them for kisses and hugs. It is amazing how much she loves them and the pure joy seeing them gives us all!

Katrina | 11:53 AM

playing in the sprinklers in the back yard is great fun for my girls!

ykatrina at hotmail dot com

Mia | 12:00 PM

My 2 year old daughter loves to dress herself. Yesterday was a mermaid swimsuit and a tutu and gold ugg-style boots. These pieces would be incredible for her! Mia DOT cupcake AT yahoo

Heather Bauer | 12:01 PM

My three-year-old got so excited she started crying when we went to our local train station to pick up Grandma, and she got to see a real life train. Such a fun memory!

Heather Bauer | 12:01 PM

My three-year-old got so excited she started crying when we went to our local train station to pick up Grandma, and she got to see a real life train. Such a fun memory!

Suzanne | 12:03 PM

Fish! I've been taking both kids (3 and 1) to the aquarium since they were infants and now my 1 year old pushes her nose against the glass an scream "FIIIIISH!" Although I bet a ruffle outfit would also bring her tons of joy - she loves to twirl.

Martha | 12:04 PM

Children are so full of joy! My son loves watching Dinosaur Train, eating fruit of any kind, and seeing his grandparents.

Elizabeth | 12:07 PM

My 11 month old LOVES our cats. Whenever one comes into view, she cries, "Hi Kitty!" and a huge smile breaks across her face. Nothing else matters if a kitty is nearby-- it will get her complete attention.

Hot Stuff | 12:09 PM

Bouncing, books, seeing her dad, when I come home from work, and if we say BURRRRRRRP. Burp always gets shrikes of joy. LOL

Cabogirl | 12:10 PM

My girls love going to the beach....the same beach that I grew up going to....and playing with the children of the friends that I played with when I was a girl. This same beach has always been my happy place and now that it is theirs as well, the joy it brings me to see them filled with joy is beyond immeasurable. We go back there tomorrow....not soon enough!

DCD | 12:17 PM

My 2 yro daughter LOVES the color orange.

Stephanie Lux | 12:17 PM

My 6 yr old son and my 2 yr old son are into angry birds right now. My 2 yr old daughter has a bunny stuffed animal that she never puts down. She has just started doing the layered look.

Emily | 12:21 PM

Cars and trucks (especially orange ones) bring my son, Malcolm (2.5) joy ... While Pearl (4 months) is downright joyful with some cuddle time.

Anonymous | 12:23 PM

My girls bring each other joy! My youngest is 6 months (big sister is almost 4). Seeing them laugh together is pure joy for Mama!

Megan | 12:27 PM

My daughter, who I believe is just a few days older than Fable, is also a pink, glitter, layered, twirly lover. Oh and don't forget the stripes and polka dots. Love these sharp girlies with their own styles!

Anonymous | 12:29 PM

Her stuffed lamb toy and ice cream, of course!

Holly | 12:30 PM

We live away from my family and my twinnos absolutely freak out when they get a package in the mail. Even when it's so simple as a sheet of stickers. Makes them happy all day!

Unknown | 12:32 PM

Saying "Lulu, how much do I love you?" and without skipping a beat my daughter replies "soooooooo much!". I'm pretty sure it brings us both joy.

rachel | 12:36 PM

My girls recently love pretending to be baby birds, and I, as the momma bird have to drop berries, worms and bugs into their mouths. Your recent post hit home :) My son loves monster trucks and telling stories.

Anonymous | 12:37 PM

My niece, anything related to books, the color pink or sparkles!

Jeannie bruce

kateypie35 | 12:42 PM

splishity splashing in the pool brings my girl the most joy!

Tasha | 12:46 PM

My son (4) is in love with anything sports related. He just started T-ball and is in heaven. He recently discovered he and derek jeter have birthdays one day apart. Cue the happy dance.

My daughter(6 months)is in love with her brother. Kid lights up when he pays her any attention at all. So awesome.

ST | 12:48 PM

There's nothing my baby (well 2 1/2 really but still my baby) doesn't love ... she loves blowing bubbles, balloons, playing in water, her blocks, and books and even playing with my washer and dryer (thankfully, she doesnt know to step into it, so it's safe ... for now)

Leah | 12:48 PM

The bedtime stories I make up for them each night when we turn on their "Twilight Turtles" and look at the stars.

Anonymous | 12:49 PM

I have Three beautiful little girls ... 4, 3, and 1. Each very unique and interesting :) They LOVE being girly girls and especially Heidi who started dressing herself at 18months (she had big sister Taya to learn from) The brighter/bolder patterns and colours the better! Also, twirling is a MUST!!! with every skirt or dress

Their favourite part of the day is when Daddy gets home from work ... lucky guy I say! who would have thought? 3 girls!

Rebecca @ Sink or Swim | 12:51 PM

My 10 year old daughter loves sparkles and neon (back to school shopping has been Bright!) and ALL things arts and crafts!
My 4 year old boy loves math (what!?) and talking to me in depth about Mario Party DS.

Liz | 12:56 PM

My baby girl is only 5 months. The things that bring her the most joy are splashing in the bathtub and shoving any part of her clothes that she can, into her mouth. She's the best :-)

Sarah | 12:58 PM

Darling, darling, DARLING! Our giant, loving, fluffy golden doodle brings joy to (almost) every child she meets! :-)

Beth | 12:59 PM

When my son's grandma (my mom) comes to visit, he is so happy he shakes all over!

Unknown | 1:00 PM

My girls are both very girly. They love pink and purple and anything that sparkles. My three year old's current obsession is mermaids.

Love the twirly leggings too cute!

Beth | 1:00 PM

When my son's grandma (my mom) comes to visit, his whole body shakes with joy!

I'm Shannon | 1:03 PM

Things that bring my children joy (in no particular order):

swimming, swimming and more swimming
marshmallow fights
homemade playdough
pizza and a movie night
ice cream for dinner
that crazy bungee jump thing at our local mall
animals - any and all
and recently - building a flying car that my 4 year old little boy truly believes will fly us to Australia (haven't distinguished between fantasy and reality yet - how I wish I was still in that developmental phase!)

Sara Gift | 1:08 PM

My children are joyful about so many small things--matching shoes, finishing a K'Nex project, picking a flower--it teaches me to stop and appreciate the smaller things as well.

c | 1:09 PM

Her daddy
Her best friends
and picnics!

Aloicoius | 1:11 PM


Unknown | 1:13 PM

My 11 month old's favorite thing right now is to watch our crazy dog, a labradoodle, run around in the backyard.

Ann Lienemann | 1:16 PM

Penelope's favorite things are-
-The Fresh Beat Band
-Twirling like a princess
-Music- the girl has a knack for lyrics

Jano | 1:19 PM

The baby sister in our house brings joy to our older girl- so sweet :)

kati | 1:19 PM

Wearing her tutu to school brings my Penelope tons of joy. As does snuggling on her baby brother.

Ann Napolitano | 1:20 PM

The three year old lights up at the sight of soccer ball, and the five year old swims with joy.

Madeline Wilson | 1:23 PM

my little one loves to dance!

Stephanie | 1:24 PM

Legos. And more Legos. We probably need all the Legos.

Bean | 1:25 PM

My little one loves to dress herself everyday and if there is a purple choice, she's all over it with much joy!

Staci | 1:29 PM

My niece - everything about them is perfection!

Lin | 1:38 PM

Wow what an awesome store! And Fable is one stylish girl!

My daughter finds joy in most everything. Her latest love is her panties. She hugs them whenever she sees them and loves picking out a pair in the morning. Considering she potty trained at 20 months old... the panties bring me joy too!

Katie K | 1:39 PM

I'm expecting my first child (a girl) next month and the entire experience of being pregnant has brought me joy...even with the nausea and backaches!

CO & O | 1:42 PM

My two daughters love seashells. You would think they were millionaires when finding them on the beach. And they are the best kind of millionaire--rich with joy!

Unknown | 1:45 PM

My son is not terribly original, but he is only two. He loves bubbles, school buses, and any animal that licks his face. It's a wonderful world to live in.

caressa | 1:47 PM

My daughter asking for "Mommy kisses" -- which just means on the lips. And my son ... simply being my sun.

Unknown | 1:54 PM

Right now, the baby girl really likes boobs and milk. Jacob loves his Robot shirt and his p-canic shirt.

Danielle | 1:56 PM

My son and daughter have supremely bonded over My Little Ponies!!

Josh @ Live Well Simply | 2:03 PM

Then innocence and joy in a child's face has an incredibly calming effect.

katec | 2:18 PM

Dancing to The Clash.

Emily | 2:29 PM

Music. Our girls love to sing and dance to all types of music :-)

Risa | 2:30 PM

Nothing brings my daughter, Gaia, joy like making people laugh. She's 3 and she basically has a stand-up routine.

marcie | 2:36 PM

Bubbles... Old school, simple bubbles make all three of my babies laugh and laugh with pure joy!

Sarah Filchak ( | 2:41 PM

When I leave for work in the morning and my daughter runs to the window and waves and gives me the I love you sign. Makes me wish I could win the lottery and stay home!

trista | 2:45 PM

Reading brings joy to both of my daughters.

tristamj at hotmail dot com

Darkblue0729 | 2:45 PM

For Penelope, glitter and bunnies rock her world. If she can talk our lionhead Mr. Kitty into rocking a glitter tiara, all is right in her universe :)

Roxanne Dubier | 2:51 PM

My sweet almost 5 year old Lena loves ruffles and bows and glitter and zombies and dead bugs in ziploc bags and squinkies and polly pockets and skeletons and scooby doo and shiny rocks and dirty rocks and shells and buckets of sand. She is a study in contrasts and those contrasts bring her joy.

ec | 2:55 PM

the 2 biggest girls love reading, a lot. the littlest girl loves dancing & the baby boy? he loves his mama.

Priscilla Edwards | 2:57 PM


Amelia | 2:57 PM

Books books and more books for my G! Also tutu twirly skirts of course!

wowo | 3:01 PM

my awesomely amazing nephew Milo LOVES ice cream. he is my kindred spirit in that department. :-)

Awesome Mom | 3:04 PM

Well for my 10 month old baby it is me that brings a lot of joy. It is amazing seeing how much her face lights up when she sees me, she always gets a huge smile.

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