TOTW: Maggie Bogart Ruffled Ensembs (& Giveaway!)

Sometimes I see things that are SO incredibly somebody, I gasp. It happens often with Fable, who is in love with clothing, mainly clothing that involves rainbows and sparkles and pink. Who LOVES getting herself dressed in the morning and takes great pride in the layered ensembles she puts together. ANYWAY! When a reader named Maggie sent me the link to her etsy shop, gasp is what I did. Because Maggie's stuff looked custom made for Fable. I dee eye eee'd. I mean, layered rainbow leggings? Tiered skirts that twirl? Tees with pink striped bows? HELLO. 
Maggie kindly offered to custom make Fable her own ensemble with colors of her choosing and when the outfit came in the mail last week, girlfriend lost it. We had to pry the leggings from her body because she wanted to sleep in them. Not that I could blame her. I mean, if these came in my size? Game over. And can we please talk about these ruffled sweatshirts? Downright delightful! Maggie also makes and sells boy clothes. Dapper squared.
 IMG_6523 IMG_6543
Maggie's generously offering one GGC reader a $100 gift card towards anything in her shop. To win? Tell me something that brings your child(ren) or a child you love, joy. I'll be choosing one winner (via next Friday, July 27th. Good luck! Twirl on! Go team.

UPDATED: Congrats to picked commenter, #155 katiepie35! And thanks to everyone for participating! Have some more fun giveaways coming up! Stay tuned! 



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Ana | 2:55 PM

My two year old is head over heels in love with animals. From the elephants at the zoo all the way down to worms and bugs she finds in the yard, she loves them all. I adore that about her.

Niki | 5:06 PM

My children both burst with joy in the water. Pools, streams, rivers, the OCEAN!

Barb | 6:24 PM

My daughter loves anything magical. Unicorns live in the forests of Japan. Fairies are real and today, she sprinkled powdered sugar by her bed to capture some (ugh!) ... It makes me smile though, that at 8, things are still magical!

Mindy | 8:25 PM

Mine love going to the pool more than anything this time of year ... I can't tell them until we're about ready to leave the house :)

Missy | 8:40 PM

having a picnic :)

Unknown | 11:10 PM

Right now my Maximum Toddler Girl is rocking a whole collection of little animals (quarter sized wooden cut outs) that she keeps in various containers to hide from Elvira Gulch. (Wizard of Oz, of course!)

Kelley | 5:39 AM

My daughter loves the book "There's a Mouse About the House!"

Anonymous | 5:42 AM

Brings me joy: the perfect ice cream sundae.

Brings my daughter joy: splashing in the bathtub, making fart noises. ahh, to be seven months old.

Katya | 6:06 AM

My best friend had a baby on my birthday last year. I would want nothing more than to give my bad ass birthday soul sister some bad ass ruffles for her second birthday.


Thomgirl Jess | 8:06 AM

my 4th grader loves holing up in her room and creating her wacky 'collectible' series (she is up to vol. 13)of mini-books about a cool character named "Roach" that she sells for $1 to her friends.

Jenn | 8:14 AM

When I join my 3 y/o in his imaginary games, pretending to be cats/bears/alligators/pirates he absolutely adores it.

LissaCris | 8:32 AM

Waking up and "finding" each other after a nighttime of not seeing each other makes my kids happy. They both say good morning then immediately go find the other. It's the best!

Sarah | 8:45 AM

Tickling, they can't get enough. I personally hate being tickled but the sound of their laughter is magical.

Erika | 8:49 AM

My children are filled with joy whenever they are playing with water, be it buckets of water, a sprinkler, a garden hose, on the lake beach, or in the swimming pool.


Meg | 9:44 AM

So many many things bring my Lorelei joy. She's six months and is just starting to explore the world. This week's favorites: touching her puppies, bright colored things, standing up, sitting down, the sounds her papa makes at her, food (especially broccoli and nectarines), anything she can put in her mouth.

Kristy | 10:09 AM

For the little girl I sit for, reading about animals, even gross jungle bugs, bring a huge toothy joyful smile to her face. She is enthused by the simplest fact she can find about every lion, tiger and aardvark.

Emily Suzann | 10:21 AM

Our youngest-Claire just turned 5 on 7/18. She loves clothes of any kind and dressing herself in combos similar to Fable's. She is often adding either rainboots or "horse girl" boots (b/c cowgirls would ride cows, right?!?). Love the clothes, love your blog!

Alisha | 10:22 AM

It might sound terrible, but it's actually amazing. I love to jump out and scare my little 17 month old, Aspen. If I get her good and she has something in her hands, she throws it as she shrikes and crumbles to the floor in a flood of hysterical giggles. It is the best feeling in the world to see her collapse because she is laughing so hard.

Hailey | 10:36 AM

Clothes bring my three year old, Bug, joy. She, like Fable, loves anything pink and glittery.

My 6 year old goes for comfort over looks. Maggie's clothes would be perfect for her. They look comfy AND are super cute!


hetherington | 11:51 AM

Wow, so generous, thank you for the opportunity to win! My kiddo, like your Fable, loves to dress crazy-cool, and it would be such a blessing for us to score this happiness right now! Things that make my daughter happy: band-aids, her pink boots, finding a frog in the pond out front, getting to the next branch in her tree-climbing adventures.

Joanna | 12:26 PM

Elise lights up when she eats blueberries!

@sillydisguise | 12:54 PM

It brings me joy when my kids love on each other, and then on me! The love and bond they share is something I marvel at on a daily basis. So, hugs AND the word "underpants" is insanely hilarious in our home!

Leslie | 1:21 PM

Eating. Eating and delicious food bring all 3 of my kids joy!

jesse | 2:44 PM

My oldest son gets joy from spending time with Daddy, my daughter from getting dressed up with me and my baby boy from seeing his siblings play with him.

Rachel | 2:47 PM

Figs! Water! Smaller/younger babies (and pictures of the same)! My belly button!
She's 14 months, so it's the little things.

Anne Grimes | 4:57 PM

Our first love, Emma, who just so happens to be the cutest dog ever, has a way of making our daughter grin from ear to ear, giggling and flailing her arms about in sheer excitement. Our daughter's first word was actually "Emma!"

Whitney | 6:20 PM

There are these two adorable red-headed girlies that I babysit, and all KINDS of things bring them joy: dressing up like princess pirates, pretending to be mermaids, rolling around the floor being tickled - they are sweet little giggle monsters. And they are a JOY themselves. :-)

Love your blog! Thanks for offering up this gift card for such awesome clothes!

Christie | 7:51 PM

Playing in water and/or mud brings my kids (and me) so much joy!

Sarah | 8:16 PM

the moment bringing us the most joy this summer is when our 2 yr old ella sees me dragging out the hose to fill up the kiddie pool. "pooool!"

Brynn | 8:22 PM

My girls bring each other joy! I love that they each have a sister!!!

Unknown | 8:53 PM

Water- anything and everything involving water. From a water filled with cup and a straw to spill it---to the garden hose or a swimming pool. It's all smiles all the time.

Anonymous | 9:10 PM

Offering her baby brother's head for her friends to pet. "Go ahead, pet it, it's so soft!"

ashik | 9:11 PM

Offering her baby brother's head for her friends to pet. "Go ahead, pet it, it's so soft!"

Anonymous | 9:59 PM

This is a hard one, so many things bring joy to my kids! But, this week - the ultimate joy for my 5 yr old is making up dance routines to Taio Cruz's Dynamite for us (me, her and her dad!) to dance to!
arissamasi (at) gmail (dot) com

tnutt | 11:06 PM

Joy for my Gabby girl comes in the form of a handful of "M the Ms" (M&Ms) and going down her "swide" for the millionth time. :)

The Kellys | 12:54 AM

Music always brings my children joy. My daughter started singing before she could really talk and my son is my backseat music adviser. The last 2 songs he decided were "his songs" were Vivaldi's "Spring" and that "Call Me Maybe" song. :)

Alison W | 7:17 AM

Our yellow lab, Sophie brings our precious son so much joy! He loves watching her!

Berit | 8:57 AM

Trucks and books. It's all about trucks and books with my favorite little man.

Jeanentt | 10:01 AM

My five year old is obsessed with stuffed animals. She must sleep with tons of them every night and carries several with her everywhere she goes.

Margaux | 10:01 AM

Joy for my son is trains, any trains. And for my daughter, I'd have to say it's her brother. :)

cora d | 10:48 AM

Love! Such adorable clothing. Thank you both!

What brings my girls joy? For my one year old - her Papa, Elmo and kisses on the neck. My (almost) 3 year old - her grandparents, sprinklers and painted nails.

roni | 11:19 AM

my 4 yo daughter loves putting on her pajamas all by herself. she loves to check the waistband and brag that there's "no words" in the front.

Anonymous | 12:06 PM

My little lady is only 7 months but she truly loves music and dancing! Her favorite thing to jam to is the sesame street version of Fiest's 1-2-3-4.

Lick | 12:37 PM

What currently brings me joy is watching my six year old son ooh and aah over his newborn baby sister. My heart could just explode!!

Nicole | 2:08 PM

My babies love bugs SO 1 1/2 year old must stop and say hello to each bug she meets, which makes a nice walk in the woods considerably longer, but it's all good. :) I refer to my 4 year old as the bug whisperer...they seek her out and land for a bit for a chat, then fly away until another day.

BonJoey | 2:35 PM

Nothing brings my two boys joy like going swimming. That is absolutely the ultimate in happiness for then - a long afternoon playing in the pool. ;)

Jimmy | 4:00 PM

Our vacation home in WV brings us lots of joy!

alyssa | 5:41 PM

The beach brings my daughter and I so much joy. She loves splashing in the waves and being in the sand, and i love watching her be so happy and carefree

Lindsay Collins | 7:03 PM

Painting her toenails brings my two year old true joy. And me, too!

Andifoo | 8:41 PM

My almost 5 year old loves to hog up in the big bed with me and have a 'slumber party' with a movie of her choice and popcorn. It's our special Saturday night thing. Other obsessions: making homemade pizza; pedicures; golfing with her dad.

Sarah | 10:40 PM

2yo boy loves singing the cowboy song his grandmother just taught him today, and 9yo sister loves hearing him sing it! 6yo girl just loves that I came home from work. . .

rusticblue | 6:31 AM

My girls think joy = spinning... around & around & around!

erin bauer | 8:37 AM

playing on the floor with her daddy when he comes home. So much fun!

Laura Ingram | 10:03 AM

Joy comes to me from my baby girl, right when she latches on and gets that sleepy/drunk's like her eyes are saying, "pure bliss"!

Mia | 10:26 AM

Right now, I bring my 8 month-old son great joy just by walking into the room, and it's the best.feeling.ever.


Jennifer C. | 11:27 AM

My little girl is still in utero, but it appears to bring her much joy when I am sleeping, because that's when non-stop kick fest begins!

ewhatley | 1:19 PM

We live at the beach and the beauty and fun here brings all of us enormous joy.

mybeachylife at gmail dot com

Mena | 1:51 PM

Sophia becomes insanely joyful when painting, or playing with our cat, or making pound cake with her Nana, my mother. My joyful girl.

JP | 2:03 PM

Construction equipment lights up Tot's world. He is elated each morning when he sees backhoes and bulldozers and dump trucks on our drive to daycare. He dies if they are actually "working".

Megg | 4:15 PM

running! She will run as far as she can and then run back to me yelling, "DO YOU SEE MEE RUNNING!? ARE YOU WATCHING MEEEEEE!?!??" It's rather adorable.

Megg | 4:15 PM

did that post? Running. I have a runner on my hands/.

Deanna | 4:30 PM

My 22month old daughter Cecilia has been separated from her Daddy (Coast Guard) for 6months this year (6months last year) and the thing that brings her the most joy is a DVD of him reading books to her. She Loves Books, so to her there is nothing better than seeing daddy, and sharing a bedtime story.

Jaime Y | 5:10 PM

My daughter loves looking through all of our records and listening to them - especially Let It Be!

Anonymous | 7:05 PM

Life! Today I watched my son in the swing on the playground stare up at the 6PM sky and smile at the moon. He finds joy in all of life's wonderful moments, big and small, apparent and subtle.

Donna Jenkins | 8:28 PM

Any mention of her cousin (who is the same age) gives so much joy to my three year old. Her little eyes light up so much and she squeals "My friend!" It always brings me joy too.

Liz L. | 9:02 PM

Looking at other peoples' smiling faces brings joy and lots of her own smiles to my 7 month old daughter's face.

Hyatt | 9:05 PM

Splashing brings joy to my son.

Anonymous | 9:27 PM

Lego. My boys LOVE LOVE LOVE lego. Little engineers:)

Meagan | 10:41 PM

My 3 and 5 year old daughters are overjoyed by ruffled and princesses and everything on the world of make believe .

JachiCue | 1:15 AM

Music. My kids love them some music. He drums and she sings. Or he sings and she claps. Or they sing, clap and we all dance. It makes us happy.

Lola Rain | 8:19 AM

My baby girl lights up when her papa plays his guitar for her, or when she first wakes up in the morning and sees her mama's face right beside her.

Brighid | 10:04 AM

Evie lights up when our westie Oz comes around and if he cozies up close enough her to latch on to his fur, game over! Happiest child ever!

AWS | 12:32 PM

My kids love to catch animals (bugs, frogs, fish, crabs) together and study them...

Unknown | 3:18 PM

Bubbles always bring joy! Nothing in their world is so bad that bubbles don't make it better.

chisparoja | 5:28 PM

EVERYTHING brings my son joy. He is one of those "I'm just happy to be here" kind of kids. :)

chisparoja | 5:29 PM

EVERYTHING makes my son happy. He is one of those "I'm just happy to be here" kind of kids. :)

bostonmama | 7:24 PM

My daughter is in love with pink & any dress that twirls, that girl could spin for hours in her fqvorite dress!!

Anonymous | 7:31 PM

Her kitten, Chloe, who was the only survivor of the litter! She thinks she is just the cats meow.....get it(?).....yeah :)


Thanks for the chance, looove the blog, congrats on the house, I showed hubs and we ooohed and awwwwed, you rocked it on that rad score!

Amy | 8:55 PM

We are about to spend a week on a lake with my parents & grandparents - people that dote on my 2 year old son and make his every wish come true. He could not be more excited for the joy of the coming week!

Jessi Gerak | 9:29 PM

Me! Me!

jessi elizabeth at gmail dot com

Bryn | 10:31 PM

my one month old baby girl loves being carried by her daddy in her ergo! :-) And I love ruffled leggings

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