TOTW: Maggie Bogart Ruffled Ensembs (& Giveaway!)

Sometimes I see things that are SO incredibly somebody, I gasp. It happens often with Fable, who is in love with clothing, mainly clothing that involves rainbows and sparkles and pink. Who LOVES getting herself dressed in the morning and takes great pride in the layered ensembles she puts together. ANYWAY! When a reader named Maggie sent me the link to her etsy shop, gasp is what I did. Because Maggie's stuff looked custom made for Fable. I dee eye eee'd. I mean, layered rainbow leggings? Tiered skirts that twirl? Tees with pink striped bows? HELLO. 
Maggie kindly offered to custom make Fable her own ensemble with colors of her choosing and when the outfit came in the mail last week, girlfriend lost it. We had to pry the leggings from her body because she wanted to sleep in them. Not that I could blame her. I mean, if these came in my size? Game over. And can we please talk about these ruffled sweatshirts? Downright delightful! Maggie also makes and sells boy clothes. Dapper squared.
 IMG_6523 IMG_6543
Maggie's generously offering one GGC reader a $100 gift card towards anything in her shop. To win? Tell me something that brings your child(ren) or a child you love, joy. I'll be choosing one winner (via next Friday, July 27th. Good luck! Twirl on! Go team.

UPDATED: Congrats to picked commenter, #155 katiepie35! And thanks to everyone for participating! Have some more fun giveaways coming up! Stay tuned! 



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oh, jenny mae | 3:05 PM

molls says her favorite things are: mommy, swimming, valentine's day, chairs and daddy!

i'd say her smile comes when she's dancing.

Christina | 3:06 PM

For my two year old son, trains bring him joy. For my four year old daughter it's her brother's nap time! lol.

Jess | 3:23 PM

My daughters bring each other joy. And bubbles. And rainbows. And pancakes. Not necessarily in that order.

Casey | 3:41 PM

My twin boys (4mos) Lourve to hear their daddy laugh! They light up like little fires and giggle!

Angelique | 3:42 PM

My 3 and 5 year olds love to dress themselves, often to my dismay. I need more mix and match items.

Lisa LaPlaca | 3:49 PM

My girl is like Fable -- she finds joy in clothes that express her personality. And I find joy in seeing what she's decided to wear each day. My favorite this week: cupcake-printed dress over cutoffs with argyle knee socks.

Mondocurio | 4:18 PM

Veggie sticks! MY 10 months old goes nuts for them!

RSilvies | 4:26 PM

My baby girl squeals with delight when her pup Luna does anything in her line of vision...walk, shake, toss a toy, brush her tail across her face, etc.

Heather | 4:30 PM

Poop jokes.

Ashlie | 4:34 PM

My 9-month-old son Milo loves TV remotes and a "baby" sock monkey with red yarn hair that he can stroke/suck as he falls asleep. These clothes are amazing, thank you for such a great giveaway!

Isahrai | 4:34 PM

In the heat of summer, Darling 10 month old Elby squeals with glee every time I open the freezer hoping that I am going to give her another lime juice ice cube! The little things bring such great joy!

KristineLacefield | 4:34 PM

My seven year old son brings my new baby girl joy. She just giggles and giggles at him. Legos, Legos, and more Legos bring him joy.

Megan | 4:39 PM

My four year old son loves the ocean and lakes, and swimming in general, like nobody's business. My six month old daughter loves everything but getting her diaper changed.

Liz | 4:44 PM

Our new baby brings my 2 kids so much joy and that, in turn, brings me immense joy.

Anonymous | 4:48 PM

Bedtime stories and snuggles. And Dr. Seuss books turned into impromptu lullabyes. "Sing the Lorax, now."

Courtney | 5:02 PM

The dog brings my kiddo joy. At one year he squeals the name Chester while still only periodically saying least I know where I fall in the pecking order

Tanna | 5:10 PM

Joy for both my boys joys comes in the form of water! Bath, swimming, outdoor water fight, water park, you name it they love it!

Maria Francia Pérez | 5:13 PM

Magic brings joy to my 7 year old's soul. She has a very rich and colorful imagination and there is nothing that brings her more joy than believing that magic exists in her life. Her paintings and her dreams come alive, because they are inspired by all the magic that surrounds her. They are beautiful and inspiring, just like her magical self.

Medr1e | 5:15 PM

Ruby Tuesday, ancient Egypt, Puss in Boots, Leonard Cohen, dinosaurs, crafts.

Adelines Mom | 5:24 PM

Painting brings my child joy. It brings joy to us all to watch her paint and hang her works on the wall.

Kristen @ | 5:30 PM

My 23-month-old twins girls love fire trucks and garbage trucks. Whenever one drives by - the looks on their faces? Pure joy. Gotta love a girl who loves trucks. :)

erin | 5:32 PM

What will bring me joy is meeting my baby girl next Friday the 27th! :) (or hopefully not too over due!)

Graham | 5:35 PM

Love when my boys get together and dress like spies!

Yoga Susie | 5:38 PM

My 2.5 yr old son loves the song Bolero, by Maurice Ravel. We found an excellent version of it on YouTube that highlights each instrument as well as the conductor. He delights in conducting (with a chopstick) and naming all the instruments every morning. Beautiful clothes! Susiefishleder (at) gmail (dot) com

Tara | 5:41 PM

My little girl is another lover of pink and ruffles and sparkles. But the thing that truly brings my children JOY is with their family!

Jenski | 5:45 PM

My 1 year old loves pots and pans, he carries our little butter warmer pot around the house trying to put things in it.

Heather | 5:48 PM

My son LOVES blueberries, the sesame street theme song, and "head shoulder knees and toes".

Amanda | 5:59 PM

My boys both love sweat pants! Ha! And they make me exceedingly happy.

CSB | 6:08 PM

When their daddy hasn't shaved and kisses them under their neck!

Jessica Aldin | 6:19 PM

candy, playing outside especially with water, working out with mama, etc. :)

Kristin | 6:21 PM

Ironically, my daughter LOVES being naked. But I would love to force her to wear these adorable outfits!

texmimi | 6:35 PM

I could say ice cream or going to the park make my 3 yr old really happy, but her special happy place is making art or any kind or craft project!

Giulia G. | 6:35 PM

My daughter loves to go out looking for neighborhood cats to pet and play with. If a cat appears in our backyard, well, that's joy right there and then.

Both my children bring joy to each other - the way they find each other every morning when they wake up, and everyday when my son comes back from school, ready to play with his sister.

lillian | 6:46 PM

my three year old loves her people--her collection of playmobil 1.2.3. figures. she actually told me the other day that I could get rid of all of her toys but not her people.

beyondconfessions | 6:49 PM

Daddy coming home from work :)

linuxgrl | 6:50 PM

My daughter's 2 aunts bring her joy! They are drastically different people but she loves them both passionately!

S i a c í | 6:54 PM

When I sing my 6mo fairy-god-nephew "Little Bird, Little Bird," he lights up like a gazillion suns.

(For those interested in this very cute song, it is performed by Elizabeth Mitchell and available on YouTube.)

JR Morber | 6:54 PM

My little boy swoons at anything with wheels and a siren. He is ALWAYS pretending that there is a crash or a fire and the EMS, fire, and police have to come, call a tow truck, and take everyone to the hospital. Child LOVES a good accident.

Melissa Faye | 6:56 PM

Parks with swings and swimming pools

Julie M. | 7:00 PM

I am a nanny to a hilariously wonderfully genius 4 year old gentleman. I love him more than I ever imagined I could love someone else's child. His greatest joy is our daily swimming lessons at the community pool. Each day he gets better and better and his smile grows with every splish-splash!

Heidi | 7:10 PM

My daughter is most joyful marching down the street, waving and smiling at passers-by. My husband and I say that she's in full-on politician mode, campaigning for votes!

Tirzah | 7:18 PM

I am with the first commenter--my children bring one another joy. I can't even begin to describe the feeling of seeing them interact and making the other laugh and smile. My daughter also has a huge fondness for animals... Or creatures, in general. Bugs included.

Renee | 7:23 PM

cute cute cute!

Renee | 7:23 PM

so adorable!

Jody | 7:27 PM

Cupcakes. They do it every time!

Myssie | 7:29 PM

Music! Thank goodness they have great taste.

TLR | 7:30 PM

My 3 yr old loves her rain boots. They go with everything - bathing suit, shorts, party dresses,...and she prefers them on the wrong feet.
My 6 yr old loves "cool cars" and jumps all around at car shows or seeing hot rods pass by.
Thanks for the contest!

Jen | 7:46 PM

Love Fable's style and energy! My girl loves "punky brewster" outfits, dogs, riding the train to the Academy of Sciences!

Mollie | 7:50 PM

My 21 month old son loves to dance. Like, LOVES to dance. Took him on his first trip to Disney last month. Everyone's favorite part? When Sam entertained crowds during a rainstorm by dancing smack dab in the middle of Magic Kingdom. He was soaking wet and exhausted by the end of the evening, but I've never seen a bigger grin on his face! (or my husband's!)

Candace | 7:57 PM

OMG my oldest would die for those clothes. She is obsessed with rainbows, textures, layers and anything that makes a statement. She is the same age as Fable and takes so much time and effort to get dressed in the morn. Would LOVE to get a hold of these!

Sarah | 8:11 PM

Tickling. My two girls (3 and 5) love tickling each other.

Nicole | 8:14 PM

My 9 month old lights up whenever she sees me walk into the room. I think it's a toss up between me and her bubby with who gives her more joy right now. :)

Jen | 8:14 PM

My Avery, 5 months old, gives me so much joy when I walk into her room in the morning and she has a giant, toothless, ear to ear, shit eating grin on her face. Just her pure excitement on what the day will bring makes my heart melt into a a puddle of goo.

fo reals. | 8:35 PM

23 month son joys in "man, hat, cut"(referring to tree cutter).
5 year old daughter is riding her bike.
8 month daughter joys the boob.

Margie S. | 8:39 PM

So many things give my kiddo joy (which gives me joy!), but these days she is feeling especially happy about jumping off the edge of the pool into my arms WITHOUT holding my hands. It's awesome.

Unknown | 8:40 PM

Our big orange tabbi cat, Buster, always brings a smile to our daughter Sloan's face. She is the only one who has successfully tamed this wild cat :)

megan | 8:46 PM

The dog sneezing...

alyce | 9:04 PM

Former teacher here popping in to say that a sense of wonder in a child always brings me joy. Yay learning!

ehennagin | 9:17 PM

Climbing the stairs brings my one year old much joy right now, it's the simple things...

ErinFaye | 9:21 PM

Books about animals and telling jokes bring my two kids joy. They love learning and laughter.

ErinFaye | 9:22 PM

Books about animals and telling jokes bring my two kids joy. They love learning and laughter.

Cat | 9:24 PM

Oh man. Too cute! Long dresses bring my daughter joy, I have my eye on that toddler maxi dress on her website, in particular! Her doll, Daisy, also brings her joy. She's very attached to that particular doll in particular, these days.

Nicole | 9:30 PM

Adele is joyous in nature. We walk our dog through thick west coast forest every day - have since the day she was born. Since she was a baby, no matter how cranky and tired she is, all we have to do is get out into the fresh air among the lush green ferns and evergreens, with the sound of the river, and she's relaxed and at peace.

Lacey Jane | 9:47 PM

My daughter's right foot brings her joy, because she just found it and she holds on to it all day long. Also making her smile or laugh right now are:

Me yawning.
Me sneezing. Real or fake.
Me singing. ...Real or fake.
And her dad. Doing anything.

And nothing brings me more joy than to spend time with her. AH! I love her so much. 4 months old today. I can't handle it!
LaceyJane413 at Hotmail dot com

Anonymous | 9:50 PM

Oh my gosh. So cute! I will have to shop there soon...

My baby Alma finds joy in my boobs. Without fail.

Red | 10:06 PM

Seeing my nieces and nephews giggle and joyfully laugh. Particularly my amazing niece Maggie! These clothes fit her through and through!

Megan | 10:07 PM

Her daddy:

Melissa | 10:13 PM

My 20-month old daughter loves airplanes. She has so much joy when she sees one flying over head, which is often since we live about 10 minutes from the very busy Las Vegas airport. She says "airpane!"

Anonymous | 10:22 PM

My five year is obsessed with Jake and the Neverland Pirates and singing in the car. My 8 month old can't get enough of broccoli.

Pick meeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Kari Beth | 10:25 PM

Shamefully pictures on my iPhone and D-D-DORA D-D-DORA

kristi | 10:47 PM

my 10 month old Brady goes nuts for anything the color red, loves that he can pull books off the shelf & flip through their pages, & has the best times just opening & closing doors!

Unknown | 10:53 PM

My 5 year old is in bliss when he's playing with Legos. My almost 2 year old follows her brother and the dog around with a level of glee I didn't think possible.

Barbarian Librarian | 10:54 PM

books! and doggies!

Anonymous | 10:58 PM

We're happy as can be (1, 6 + 30+!) with bubbles, sand, water, rocks, sunshine and popsicles. Darling clothes!-- Our little one would love the sweet sweatshirt with ruffles... Gorgeous and playful too!


K | 12:11 AM

What brings my daughter joy is when I read a story all wrong and she gets to correct me in a bossy voice.

Melissa | 12:32 AM

I love it! Thank you!

Samantha J. Bird | 12:49 AM

My niece is enamoured with animals and when she's around them, her face lights up, her beautiful personality goes into hyper-drive, and she seems at home. It's the best!

Anonymous | 2:22 AM

Playing with each other and seeing the grandparents :-)

MamaD4 | 4:03 AM

My girl loves our family dog, Elsa. She's an eight-month-old German Shepherd. We give her lots of love, but I'm pretty sure Annika gives her the most...they are inseperable!

Kelli Tipton | 4:40 AM

Family time brings my children joy. To have all four of us in the same room? Priceless to them.

Tara | 4:49 AM

My four-year-old daughter gets joy from TWIRLING.

17 beats. | 5:02 AM

our dog ... isn't that always the way ? she is currently licking my squealing daughter's hands, though maybe for the wrong reasons. they are covered in cheese, after all.

Kere Win | 5:06 AM

It's brings me AND my Niece joy to cook together. She stirs and mixes like no ones business!!!!

Katie | 5:21 AM

Tickles. He will wake me up in the middle of the night sometimes saying mommy, tickle!!!!! And his duck rain boot and beer cozies. He calles them his football gloves. We do not play or watch football so I do not know where he gets that from.

Anonymous | 5:26 AM

Organizing books brings my OCD daughter joy. It is a little crazy, but I hope she will have a clean room later.

paula | 5:27 AM

my 6 year old cousin absolutely loves getting dressed up, wearing make up and nail polish!
there's something in our DNA

Anonymous | 5:39 AM

My daughter Ella just loves,loves,loves getting new clothes and shoes and jewelry and hair accessories and... she is just such a girly girl and all that brings her joy.

beyond | 5:48 AM

right now a big rubber ball brings my 11 month old joy. he giggles and squeals when we roll it to him.

kimalli1 | 5:48 AM

My littlest finds joy in newly discovered jellybeans at the moment. She is 20 months old, and we recently took a trip to Ireland. We took a bag of jellybeans in case of fussy emergencies. She now regularly requests, "Two jellybeans mommy!" So cute!

Anonymous | 5:49 AM

My son needs some dapper! His current joy is soccer.

Anonymous | 5:50 AM

My son needs some dapper! His current joy is soccer.

Kara | 5:51 AM

My Lucy (4) loves her blankies...the softer, the better. When I wash them she stands at the dryer waiting for them to come out. Leslie (6) loves dancing. The day's not over unless we've had a big dance party in the living room!

veronique | 6:07 AM

Jackson our dog brings our son some joy but the real winner are his magna-tiles :)

Cari | 6:12 AM

my kiddo loves all things dollhouses. she can't say away, and is mostly concerned about the "baby" in the house.:)

Alisa | 6:16 AM

My daughter (2.5) goes nuts for anything with polka dots. My son (5.5) is a huge fan of anything mechanical -- elevators, clocks, what have you.

Anonymous | 6:21 AM

I think getting to play on a playground brings my kids joy!

Jenny | 6:30 AM

The sprinkler, hands down.

Sarah Gonzalez | 6:36 AM

My son is all about water. Playing in the water is his true joy. We went to the splash pad at the local zoo, and he lost his mind with laughing and happiness.

TaraMW | 6:48 AM

So adorable!!! Books for one, music for another, and her big brothers for our sweet baby girl.

Nicole Horzempa | 7:02 AM

My nephew lives about an hour away and whenever he and my sister come to visit me I let him plan the dinner menu. (I love to cook and I love to read your Mom's posts, Go WWW!) Our last dinner was "salmon in the pouches and that stuff that looks like rice (quinoa). I told him that we should have a vegetable with our dinner. He had to think really hard about that one. "Broccoli, but cook it in water so I can suck the water out of it. And tomatoes, those little ones. I like to burst them in my mouth!" So while we are fork deep he is making "Mmmm" noises and exclaims to everyone at the table "This is the most delicious salmon I have ever had! And this rice tastes sooo Yummy! I think I made a good dinner, yup, yum." Letting him plan our dinner made him feel very proud. And we made a big mess making chocolate chip cookies after. My batch was oatmeal chocolate chip and his was "the ones without oatmeal, because i don't like oatmeal. I love the ones that are soft and warm when they are ready..." I think this kind of quality time makes him really happy :) I love him to bits!

FSURia | 7:10 AM

My baby is only 9 months, so things like my hair and necklaces bring him lots of joy. :)

Ellen Finch | 7:12 AM

my niece, Hazel's current things of joy are dolls. She carries at least two of them with her wherever she goes, and she is constantly chanting "my be-be" Adorable.

read this mommy | 7:19 AM

Joy comes when the big girls (5.5 and 3) get the little one to laugh (1). They are so good at it!

It is amazing how easily we (the parents) can bring them joy. Funny voices and games of monster seem to be the most popular at the moment!

amanda dot r dot jamieson at gmail dot com

Milo's Momma | 7:38 AM

The boys wedding outfit she has is ADORABLE! & I wish the ruffled leggings came in my size!


Elise | 7:57 AM

The way my 2 year-old pronounced recorder "decoder", it gets me every time.

Anonymous | 7:58 AM

The sound of a large truck backing up.

clairecaudle at gmail dot com

Wendy | 8:23 AM

Baths and singing bring the best smiles to my 3 mo, Vivian's, face. But she's probably too little for the clothes in this shop, so my 5 yo niece, Evelyn, loves tutus and polka dots and anything slimy and slithery (like lizards).

Bad Rebecca | 8:37 AM

Seeing my 1 1/2 year old daughter's face when she realizes we are at the park.

Lindsay | 9:19 AM


gnfrentzel | 9:25 AM

My little Lucy (grandaughter) loves music, always has. She also loves the "anticipation" of anything scary fun like hide and seek or someone pretending to be a monster and clomping up the stairs...her whole face lights up!

The Curtii | 9:45 AM

Ollie loves BUGS. of any kind. they bring him the most joy!

Stephanie Green | 9:58 AM

Holy crap I am dying over the boys vests. But I would have to share this with one of the little girls in my life, too. When the two of them get together and dance to the music (any music from the radio to the sound of the faucet) it is pure joy for them and their mamas and papas.

DSquared | 9:59 AM

Dougie joy comes from daddy and their mega-Lego building. Seeing their similarly brilliant minds at work sends chills through me. I mean really, life does live on through your DNA and it W.O.Ws me to no end.

Melissa | 10:01 AM

My daughter loves to pick flowers (dandelions) and when she closes her eyes to make a wish, it's for a rainbow...every time. Pure joy.

stella | 10:10 AM

I suspect that Mahalia and Fable would get along fabulously. When my daughter changes her outfit, it brings her so much joy and she will come out of her room to whomever is around and say 'Cute!' I guess she has heard me say this about people's outfits and has adopted it for herself. Love it and love this Etsy find.

Madsgramma | 10:10 AM

Wildlife of any kind, bugs and butterflies, tadpoles and frogs, bunnies and deer. Just being outside makes my Granddaughter joyful! And she would rock one of those outfits!!

Amy K | 10:18 AM

My 3yo is into swimming, dancing, Dinosaur Train and bedtime stories at the moment. Oh, and pink. Anything pink.

Francesca | 10:37 AM

My 4 year old son is seriously hooked on calculators. Home boy acts like they are video games. Numbers! Plus Sign! Minus Sign! Can we make it to 900? We shall see!

dixie | 10:41 AM

For both my son and my daught there is little as joyful as bath time. My daughter (3 years old) gets quiet upset if we skip bath night for any reason! And my son (9 months) can hardly contain himself when he sees the bath tub ready to go!

Unmadebeds | 10:50 AM

Dance any kind of music. Something about shaking your booty just makes us all smile!

shelly | 10:52 AM

Mail! Anything, but especially cards and letters from grandparents or friends. It has even convinced them to write more of their own!

KC | 10:56 AM

My 8yo daughter Reilly LOVES dresses - the fancier the better! My 7yo daughter Avery loves dresses, too, but her style is much more flashy. Fashion is their passion! :) Hot Wheels are my 2yo son's current obsession - nothing brings him more joy than a toy car and a surface (ANY surface) to push it on!

Unknown | 10:57 AM

Running and running and running and running and running...especially if she is wearing those very same Hello Kitty shoes that she (joyfully) talked me into buying.

Sarah | 10:58 AM

Lovely! It may sound cheezball, but snuggles bring me + my little one joy. As do fun + beautiful clothes. ;)

Brandy H | 11:01 AM

My daughter LOVES rainbows and fancy skirts. She esp loves dressing in the same color from head to toe.

Amber | 11:02 AM

It's construction equipment that thrills my little guys, Levi and Milo. Before my SAHM days, I was a structural engineer so I can't say I don't enjoy a good excavator spotting myself.

Janel | 11:06 AM

Horses bring my Bella joy. For Phaedra, it's fancy party dresses. Surrey adores a good ol' fashioned ball.

Christine McIntyre | 11:20 AM

For both my kids, Popsicles (of any sort) bring a level of joy I can only dream about.

Barbara | 11:22 AM

Eleanor (4) loves all things girly - twirly skirts and dresses, glittery shirts, lots and lots of pink. Edward (2) is really into music.

Tara | 11:35 AM

My 4 yr old LOVES pink and sparkly. She just had her birthday last week and was given pink sparkly Toms. She loves them!!

Megs | 12:26 PM

I have three children...and their joy is ever evolving! Right now, my 4 year old Max's joy is playing Star Wars on the wii with his dad! My 11 year old's joy is texting her friends on her iTouch and my 8 year old's is her love of soccer...Love the ensembs :)

Piper | 12:28 PM

My daughter is obsessed with butterflies. And they are obsessed with her... finding her, following her, landing on her dresses. When I say, "Is Lulu my favourite girl?!" She responds with, "I'm not Lulu. I'm Lulu the pink butterfly!" And i always stand corrected!

me | 12:30 PM

ice cream cones with Grandma :)

Nikki Alvarez | 12:36 PM

Both of my daughters joy is in singing! They could sing all day and dance in circles the whole time!!

Melanie | 12:47 PM

my babes lights up at the sight of any puppy or furry friend for that matter! She also loves bubbles and hugs from mommy and daddy!

Anonymous | 12:51 PM

My daughter gets joy from rainbows, spinning in circles, dancing, swimming, pink popsicles, sunny days, and her brother.
Mu son loves trucks, climbing up every conceivable surface, jumping "weally weally high!", songs at bedtime, his pillow pet, and his sister.

Meg | 12:57 PM

My friend's daughter Katie loves bubbles! She could blow bubbles and chase those suckers all day.

Erin | 1:14 PM

I don't have child of my own, but my "niece" (a close friend's daughter)is just the sweetest thing! Everything makes her happy and brings her joy! But I would say the thing that brings her the most joy is people. The kid loves people, and at 2 and a half, speaks like a 6 year old. Gotta love her.

Rachel | 1:35 PM

Muddy puddles bring my toddler joy and her joy makes up for all the laundry! :)


CML72 | 1:40 PM

The squeals of excitement from my 5 year old twin girls when they see their father come home from work!

leah | 1:58 PM

Yoghurt. We all love yoghurt at the moment. Cooling on the gums of my teething twinfants, and soothing on my mouth ulcer.

Heather R. | 2:41 PM

Joy for my girl is making her baby brother laugh, and joy for my baby is being tickled :)

haleyhd | 2:52 PM

Elinor, my "niece" aka my best friend's daughter is in LOVE with books...just like her mama.

Keely | 2:54 PM

My son loves to play with cars a lot like Archer does, only he's just 2. He sits on the edge of the couch and drives them all day, he wakes up and says "cars." He totally loses it when we pick a new one out of the 88 cent bin!

MargotinCA | 2:57 PM

Watching my 4.5 year old try so hard to crack up her little sister (who is about to turn 1!) brings me IMMENSE joy. This is why I went ahead and had another baby. And knowing the joy (and frustration) they will bring to each other in their lives is so cool for me, an only child with no context for sibling stuff.

Natalie | 3:14 PM

doing puzzles together brings my kids joy!

Magdalena Edwards | 3:58 PM

My little monkeys love to celebrate birthdays. They love to have people over and have a meal all together at the table. The night routine brings extreme joy when they turn on the music in clean pajamas and do a dance routine for us (if it's robot pjs, it's the robot dance; crocodile pjs, the crocodile dance, etc.).

Love the ruffles!!!

xo Magdalena

Momlarky | 4:21 PM

Books bring my girls and I joy... but rainbow-colored clothes would have to be a close second. I would be absolutely thrilled to win this for my girls!

Candice L. | 5:02 PM

Holy macaroni, are those leggings the definition of adorable. LOVE them! My daughter can't look at any animal without and audible "awwww!" We call her the cat whisperer because any cats seem to just adore her. My's books, books and more books. He always has his nose in a book, inside or outside...I love that about him.

JosiePosie | 5:23 PM

My niece loves making art for others, and seeing them light up with a smile for something she's created makes her face explode with joy!

Nicole | 5:29 PM

Oh popsicles, no doubt. My girls freak JOY whenever they have one!


Jenny O | 5:58 PM

Something that brings my three year old joy? Well, currently she is naked, running in circles on the living room rug, singing a song about rabbits. So I guess just being alive.

Autumn | 5:59 PM

My son loves the ocean. He used to be terrified of the waves, but today I had to threaten him to get his body out of the water and up to the blanket to eat lunch. He played until his lips were purple from cold and his entire body crusted with sand. He was rolling in the sand like a dog and then back in the water and then back into the sand. I remember loving it that much. Now, I'm wincing every time sand gets into my bathing suit!

Leslie | 6:12 PM

Every time my 9 month old smiles and laughs it brings me such joy!

Libby | 6:44 PM

My 3.5 year old loves skirts that 'swish' and twirl. She will not wear pants of any type. Dresses and skirts only, with leggings or stockings underneath for the winter.

Libby | 6:48 PM

My daughter (3.5) just love skirts and dresses that 'swish' and twirl. She will not wear pants of any type (aside from leggings underneath a skirt/dress). She adores putting together outfits (that never match in the traditional sense).

Emily | 8:03 PM

Bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles. My 3 1/2 year old Luella and 1 1/2 Sam would have me blow bubbles all day.

Laura | 8:12 PM

My girls love animals- in particular ones that will lick them, fly around and land on their heads, or generally make them squeal.

Jessi Gerak | 8:40 PM

The best thing in the world to my son is other kids. He loves pretty much everything, but other kids send him to the moon. He also loves to sit in laps, talk, wave at strangers, etc.

jessielizabeth at gmail dot com

Rachel | 9:03 PM

My nephew was toddling after me in a store today, "finding" me as I hid one aisle away from him at a time. His glee each time he found me was infectious!

Amy | 9:33 PM

My daughter is 17 months old, and this is a magical age where almost anything brings her joy. She laughs when you laugh, she loves to be read to, and she has just recently begun to 'read' to herself, which is the cutest thing ever so help me GOD! She loves to smell and pick flowers, play with sand at the beach, and just watch people. Dancing is most definitely a favorite as well - we have dance parties daily.

Emma | 9:42 PM

My 11 month old niece loves motorcycles. She calls them " mo" and wants to touch any one she sees or hears. She can't quite stand on her own yet but fenders are just at the right height.

Melt Momma's Heart | 10:21 PM

Snuggling at night!

Melt Momma's Heart | 10:22 PM

Snuggling at night!

Allison | 10:29 PM

My little finds joy in imagination and creating an amazing world for us to live in.

stargazermama | 10:32 PM

yesterday as I was putting my 3 year old son Calix down for a nap he stopped me at his door and said:

"Mama? I love you & daddy & Muzzy (our dog)and the Red Sox for always! for all the days!"

he's such a joyful, loving little soul AND he loves the Red Sox! what could be better? :)

Cindy | 11:18 PM

Black olives. Yup. My 3yr old gets so much joy out of black olives it's crazy.

Anonymous | 11:39 PM

My daughter loves babies!! Her brother just turned 4 so he doesn't qualify anymore so now she scopes out the newborns when we are out and is super cute with them!

Anonymous | 4:13 AM

The dog we just rescued from the shelter is bringing our children lots of joy!

I need a nap | 5:12 AM

My kids get excited when Daddy calls, when he comes home and when he comes back into the house after being outside. What can I say? Daddy rocks!

Nicole Lauren | 6:32 AM

My darling little 5 month old, Rosie, is overall a very happy baby. But hands down, all she needs to do is see her papa and she's squealing with delight.

Home Girl Decor | 8:13 AM

For her, mani's and pedi's....with mommy. For him, anything electronic (boring stuff)....with daddy.

Bailey | 8:23 AM

My kiddo is living her bliss when we're in the pool, bobbing along on a boogie board, pretending to be fishing with a pool noodle. And her uncle is a shark. 8^)

megan | 8:39 AM

My oldest (6) loves playing the piano and writing her own (very simple) music.

Kristen | 10:01 AM

My your Fable...loves expressing herself through "costume changes" and dancing and twirling and making up songs...latest one titled "I Wish We Could Be Quiet" which she screamed from the top of her lungs!

I am Sarah. | 10:41 AM

My daughter Sofie is nine months and has just learned how to play the "So big!" game. She loves it so much that she does it all the time now, pretty much anytime anyone addresses her. And she wrinkles her nose and does the little snort with it that just kills me, I love it so.

Laurah | 10:42 AM

Anything and everything outdoors brings our daughter so much joy! Playing, walking, skipping, exploring, creating are all favorite things.

Becca and Jordan Duvall | 11:51 AM

My girl, Charlie, and my boy Teddy are joyful about ICE CREAM! And me too!

Anonymous | 12:37 PM

A few of her favorite things:
Lady Gaga
Saturday morning cartoons and sugar cereal (once a week guys don't shoot)
sandcastle (making and destroying)

jess_ackermann | 12:53 PM

My two-year-old son is absolutely delighted when we sing his favorite songs to him. We've been singing "The Book of Love" by Peter Gabriel (or the Magnetic Fields, depending on which version we're feeling) since my sister sang it to him his first night home. Also a favorite: "Lover" by Devendra Banhart. Whoops!

Andi | 1:26 PM

My daughter's favorite things are her grandma and bananas.

Lindsey H | 2:47 PM

Splashing in a pool brings my daughter joy. She has been a water baby since birth. She loves bath time and the pool. We call her our little mermaid!

Stephanie | 3:03 PM

My little 13month old nephew loves cars!! Or as he calls them, "buh!"

eliza | 4:22 PM

For my 4 year old: singing and playing guitar with his dad.

KellyDove | 5:00 PM

Garbage trucks! My boy loves garbage trucks. :)

Kathryn | 5:55 PM

We here are in the desert. Afternoon rain is a joy for our children!

Anonymous | 6:32 PM

Animals bring my daughter Asher endless amounts of joy. When she is upset, she seeks out our dogs and comforts herself with their company.

Shea Fileccia | 7:47 PM

My son Hud has his imagination. He amazes me every single day at how creative he can get anything he finds. :]

laura | 8:13 PM

Nothing brings my nephew Jullian more joy that BOOKS! Big books, soft books, picture books, ELMO books, books to throw, books to chew, books to pretend to read :) He is a book devourer, or at least, will be once he can grab the book away from mommy and daddy and read them himself. He is quite the dapper gentleman himself and I would love to see him in maggie's vests!

Rachael Heiner | 9:13 PM

My kids can be pretty dang joyful. Lately it's been bubbles and bouncy houses. I love seeing their smiles.

Anonymous | 9:38 PM

I have 3 boys. 10 months, 2 and 7. We LOVE our dance parties! I put Pandora on a random station of my choice. And it's ALL freaky, fun dance moves from there. AMAZING FUN!

Anonymous | 9:40 PM

Anonymous above. Dance party is

J | 9:55 PM

Trains, oh my goodness, the trains! We've been train obsessed over here for at least a year -- way longer than the truck, digger or car phases. I wonder whether our (4 m/o) daughter will also be obsessed with all things vehicular since she'll be surrounded by them, or whether she'll naturally veer towards pink, ''girly'' things.

kdk | 10:38 PM

Anything sugar coated, pink or frozen.

Ashby | 4:07 AM

my best friend Ella brings ME joy. I'm going to miss her 7th birthday party next month, which is killing me. but nothing brings her more joy than dressing up like a princess...and a gift card sure would be a good birthday present.

Michelle | 5:06 AM

baking with me. That is what brings both mydaughter and I joy!!!

Sarie | 5:36 AM

My kids bring each other joy. They make each other giggle like no one else can.

srk32104@ gmail

Dianne | 8:05 AM

My 3 year old loves puzzles!! I love to watch her put them together and take them apart over and over again!! And my 8 month old finds joy in anything!! He is the most content, happy boy!! They are the lights of my life :)

ACB | 8:10 AM

Nothing brings my 2-yo more Joy than playing and laughing wiht his "Daddaw," my husband's father. They are kindred spirits and best friends, and I hope they always will be!

Sarah | 10:49 AM

Watching me sew! She will sit for hours and watch me fiddle on the machine, hand me pins when I need them, and of course take a turn once in a while. :)

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