let's send some kids to camp!

My Internet is finally up and although I have a thousand posts in the works and photos of our new home I'm just now uploading, stories I'm dying to share, my mom sent me an email this evening regarding something far more pressing. As some of you may know my mother has been the music director (and composer) for a children's theatre group in my hometown of Encinitas for over a decade and in that time she and her partner have become close with a man named David who started a non-profit organization called Responsibility, whose sole mission is to educate children who live and work in garbage dumps in (Tijuana) Mexico and Nicaragua.

His website is terrible (dude is old school and needs some SERIOUS help in this department!) but his heart is pure and he has done more good in his life than is fathomable. A few years back my mom's theatre group put on a production based on his life called Armando and The Blue Tarp School and all the proceeds (of the play) went to Responsibility.

Anyway. All of this to say that David is struggling this year to send his kids to summer camp and could use an extra boost of funds right about now. $35 to send a child to camp for a week. $70 for two weeks. $105 for three weeks and $140 for four. The program includes classes in art, sports, computer and dance as well as tutoring. This is life changing stuff for these kids and I can't think of anyone more deserving.

You can check out Responsibility here and email David directly with any questions, comments, concerns, etc: lynchdavid@aol.com. To make a donation (thank you!) go here.

Thanks in advance for your consideration and happy 4th to my American friends!