I remembered this morning, barely awake, that there was more to add to yesterday's birth story. The cherry on top of our little three day stint "in the hospital". A greeting card. A welcome gift. Another hilariously apropos sign that was dropped, quite literally, on our doorstep the day after we moved in.
And just like that, we have a tree man. Even though we only have one tree.



LoloMyDear | 12:16 PM

I love your blog. I just adore that you love sharing with us all of the awesome (and not so awesome) things that happen to you and your family. It feels like we're long lost friends.

You've inspired me and my blog, too:

Red Stethoscope | 12:36 PM

Esteban lives!!!

Emily | 2:13 PM

WHAT??!! No way! You couldn't plan this stuff if you tried ... ;)

Katie | 2:34 PM

This is my FAVOURITE part of the story of Esteban! When the picture of it showed up on your instagram I immediately explained the whole story to my Mister and we both agreed that your house is the COOLEST on the block for sures!

Angelica | 2:50 PM

Wow. That is a serious sign, this house is so meant to be.

Jennifer | 4:29 PM

Best. Post. Ever. (Okay, not ever, because you have written some amazing posts, but this was still pretty great!)

Steph(anie) | 4:47 PM

Now that is a sign that NO ONE could ignore.

Anonymous | 6:24 PM

Your front hedge is Ficus nitida, which actually is a tree, several of them planted like a hedge, and your ficus hedge is as tall as a tree. If ever it gets TOO tall you can hire Estaban tree service to top it to the height you want. Nana

glenda | 10:58 PM

It was meant to be. Best always to your beautiful family. And Esteban is oh so handsome.

Bless with a Boy | 9:39 AM


I can't wait to see all of the rooms when you are finished with them. I love you style. The furniture you find is fantastic!

Do you still find your stuff at resale shops?


@Jackie Hall - mostly, yes! But I also have several awesome new things, many of them repurposed from old. And thank you!

Kate | 1:11 PM

That is freaky-deaky!

I've loved peeking into your new home in these posts. It looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Random question: are all these sqaure shots Instagram? How are you getting such AMAZING close ups of your babies? I mean, are you just in their faces with your iphone, or do you have some kind of special add-on lens or something funky like that? Inquiring minds want to know!

Eryn Marie | 3:02 PM

Oh my god. I love Nana.


@Kate Just an iphone+ insta! I don't even use a camera anymore. No need, right?