Gone (Postpartum) Style: Swimsational

Last summer I was blogging about maternity swimsuits which is a whole lot more fun than trying to figure out what to wear after the fact, and even though it's been ten months since I've given birth, my body is still clutching the extra weight like it's its job. Yes, I'm STILL talking about baby weight. Because my belly still looks a little pregnant and this is something I'm still wrestling with. So? Let's make postpartumade, shall we?

The last time I bought a swimsuit was 1984. Okay, so two years ago, more like. But a bikini is a hilarious joke ha ha and post-twins, I'm 1piece4lyf. Which is fine. Still. Swimsuits aren't my favorite thing to shop for. Which is why I have bought two of them in nine years. Which is why I'm writing this post because I know zero women who are like, "WOOHOO! Let's go bathingsuit shopping! How fun does that sound?!" 

Okay, I know one woman who's like that. And if I had the same smoking ass bod, I'd be a professional bathingsuit shopper. I'd also be naked right now and always and that would be my life. Naked life bathingsuit professional life naked.

Back to the reality of bathingsuit shopping four babies later...

At the end of the month I'm taking my kids to my parent's house for the week to hang by the pool and take a thousand pictures of sandy babies in the matching swimsuits I just bought them. (I guess I do love shopping for bathingsuits. For babies.)

Anyway. Since I've spent a good part of the last two days narrowing down my top five favorite one-piece bathingsuits on the Internet, behold:

Red & White Stripes from Esther Williams
I went ahead and bought this one. Because I have the same suit (polka dots) and minus a little butt squeeze weirdness it's the most flattering suit ever ever. I actually feel sexy in it, which is muy importante. P.S. I'm currently weighing 158 at 5'8 and I ordered a size 10. 

Polka Dots: J Crew
I adore this suit and will quite possibly purchase it also. Would love to hear if any of you own this puppy? How does it fit? Also, how 'Merican am I today with my color scheme. Yankee Doodle went to town.

Only Gull in the World: Mod Cloth 
gull power
I chose this suit for the name alone, actually. It's also sexy as hell but I'm afraid my D cups would runneth over. Or at the very least, my scars. Totally hot suit, though, don't you think?

Felicity Print, Esther Williams:
This is perhaps the most awkward shot of all time. Which makes me feel like this is the perfect swimsuit for me. Nothing like an awkward pose on a docked boat with a bunch of rudders in the background to make me feel confident about a purchase. I feel like every woman in the world could wear this suit and look adorable doing it.  Regardless of whether the boat she's posing on its docked in a murky bay. Let's all buy it and be twinsies. Ready? Go.

Plum Posy via: modcloth
Do not be deceived by the lack of childbearing hips, this suit is perfection and would look gorgeous on any and all shapes, sizes, skin tones, et al.


Care to share what you're wearing this summer? Anything fabulous I overlooked in my reluctant little search? 



Lindsey | 1:03 PM

I don't know about that particular suit from J Crew but I ordered one this year and it was pretty much a crap shoot. I think the one I got ran a little big but they do offer D cup which is nice! I just ordered different sizes and took back what didn't fit. The guy in the store said people do that all the time because the sizes are so wonky. Hope that helps!

Kate | 1:08 PM

I veer a little toward the sportier side in swimsuit shopping, so I've been rocking two different tankinis from Athleta.

What say you of the tankini? Awful?
I haven't tried the one pieces yet.

Lisa | 1:09 PM

I'm pregnant and just ordered this one from J Crew:


I was totally dreading a one piece, but it is gorgeous and well-made and I actually feel quite foxy in it! I think it is the perfect bathing suit for all sorts of bodies!!

Thank you for this post, by the way. Your honesty and candor are much appreciated.

Robyn Devine | 1:11 PM

hah! i was just thinking "man, i want to take owen to the pool, but the only swim suit i have is a tankini that's pre-baby."

this is perfect for today for me! am off to buy the awkwardly-posed one so i can be twinsies with you!

Lindsay Schultz | 1:11 PM

I love these. I can't spend $74 though. I'm looking at JC Penney instead; they have one or two like this for under $30.


@Kate To be honest? Tankinis are not my favorite. They make me nervous.


@Lindsay Great tip! Thanks!

Unknown | 1:21 PM

Ok, well, I am post 2 babies and I own the black Esther Williams! It is CUTE! But warning to all, runs small. I am a 5'4" woman who is 115 lbs or so and I'm in a size 6. so WARNING! Don't despair about the sizey things....
But I love the retro suits as I feel not so sexy but comfortable. Ahhh, comfortable!

Kim | 1:24 PM

I bought a bikini and a tankini top (to match - maximum swappability!) from Athleta last year that I plan to wear forever...even though it's DD cup is slightly too small for me.

I love love love these Esther Williams suits, but have yet to justify a purchase (because of said bik-tankini situation). But I always kind of look, uh, slightly postpartum, even though, uh, never been preggo?

I almost peed my pants with your comment about no woman ever in the world ever ever loving bathing suit shopping...because...yeah, kill me. Even though I'm from Los Angeles. No way no how shopping for a bathing suit can suck it!

Marianne | 1:33 PM

I just found this suit in the most perfect blue at TJ Maxx for $50: http://www.neimanmarcus.com/p/Carmen-Marc-Valvo-Sunny-Isles-Swim-Dress-Swimwear/prod141820061/

I tried it on and angels sang. I love and have the Esther Williams suits, but I wish they had the ruching in the back as well. This suit has it all the way around and it's super sexy.

Sarah | 1:40 PM

I'm glad I'm not the only one obsessed with bathing suit shopping in the middle of July.

Randomly enough, I found a cute stripey number at Old Navy the other day. (Not sold online for some reason.) Usually their suits are a little too wonky for my taste, but this time I figured I'd give it a shot. And at 30 bucks- Sold! Literally!

And I have ALLways wants an Esther Williams suit but have never gotten around to buying one. Maybe next year. I'm thinking Yellow.

Jenrobburton | 1:41 PM

I used to swear by MiracleSuits because the super-powered lycra really does make you look 10 pounds slimmer.

But post-baby, I have switched to tankinis. It is soooooo nice to be able to go to the bathroom without taking the whole suit off. I may never go back to a 1-piece.

Lands' End has some great swimsuits that you can order in 2 pieces and mix and match styles. I actually have 2 tops and 2 bottoms in the same color scheme so I can mix and match and have different looks.

They also carry D and DD cup tops, which I find is a necessity to hoist up the flotation devices that lost a lot of air after nursing.

They're having a big clearance sale right now too.

Happy hunting. (It does suck for everyone!)

April | 1:44 PM

Lands End is really great for swimsuits. They have some cute ones that look similar to what you're looking for, and everything is on sale right now. Plus they have free returns to Sears stores, so you can buy a bajillion suits, try them on in your own home, and then return them without having to pay for shipping. Only works if you live near a Sears though!

MJ | 1:50 PM

I am looking for something to wear to a workplace water park outing...oy vey. I do not want to bare all. I came upon this blogpost in my search:

Would love to see you do something similar :). Please?

Kara | 1:51 PM

I have this one in red http://www.victoriassecret.com/swimwear/tankinis-and-one-pieces/ruched-one-piece-dkny?ProductID=24048&CatalogueType=OLS

It shows cleavage so I feel uber sexy but it's got the ruching (which you can scrunch lower or higher) to hide any lumps (which I have aplenty) Also, you can adjust the back coverage. It's super flattering and comfortable.

Arnebya | 1:59 PM

Oh, Lisa, WOW! That J Crew suit is fabulous, my goodness. But. I can't pay $118 for a swimsuit. I am straight up and down so I can pretty much (sadly) shop in the damn teen section (bathing suit makers must think all teens have curves. Or are practicing for sluthood because WHOA are some of them right trashy). Anyway, I'll look around a bit more for something padded up top and ruched (too lazy to look up the correct spelling) at the middle to hide ole' Poochy Rolls.

I do really like the first one you posted, the red/white stripe.

Mary | 2:00 PM

I really like the striped suit you chose. It's not one I'd wear until I shed a few lbs because of the horizontal stripes but it looks lovely. I actually ended up with a tankini by asking the sales lady what she had that would make me appear less ginormous and would contain all the stretched skin I'm left with after 4 kids, the last one being 8 months ago. I'm 5'4" and 155 ish which is the same weight I was when I gave birth to baby #2 :( My last 2 killed me in the weight dept. Anyhow, I ended up with this because I could pick and choose between several tops and bottoms that all had the same pattern. It does indeed make me feel less fat while keeping everything where it belongs, which it probably should at just shy of $100.

Mix & Match Halter String Side Tankini

Abilew-who | 2:17 PM

I just ordered one for the first time since giving birth to two singleton babies - the oldest just turned 4. So I don't love buying suits myself. No way. But. That said. I love my new suit.


This whole site has a bunch of insanely cute suits - I got the Jantzen Vamp Bathing Suit. Please do not be deceived by the stone cold fox in the photo. This suit looks good on - and I've carried multiple lives and have the extra skin to show for it. S'cute. Really.

Sharon | 2:22 PM

I totally struck out with a similar J Crew suit, I was falling out the top but got a fantastic retro red suit w/ white polka dots from White House Black Market and a very supportive tankini from Athleta. I also HATE suit shopping and mainly shop online...

Tracey r. | 2:28 PM

I LOVE Esther Williams suits. I wore my black w/ red polka dots out from 2 years ago (even up to mid second trimester last year!!) and I totally bought a new one this year. This time I went with the Checkmate.

unfounddoor | 2:34 PM

I love the Esther Williams suits too - I have the black one (and a What Katie Did royal blue and white 'sailor' one in a similar cut)... AND I bought them a couple of years back when pregnancy and postpartum bodies weren't yet a twinkle in the Dude's eye -- my lissom (harhar) young self just thought the retro stylings were cool. And I felt (and - 8 months pp) still feel) quite slinky in them.

So, I guess I don't think one pieces are frumpier by nature!

I cannot endorse the tankini though. I just find them ugly. (Like kitten heels I guess - go big or go flat... Go bikini or go one piece!). And I fear the top riding up.

(and to the commenter above who mentioned needing to take a whole one-piece off to pee... pro-tip from an ex-swimmer: you can just hold the crotch of the suit to one side to pee. Simples:)

Entwined Essentials | 2:40 PM
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Entwined Essentials | 2:41 PM

Ohh, I'm writing about my new swimsuit on my blog today too!

I love that red and white stripey number. Can't wait to see what you got the girls and all the pictures to follow!

Katie | 2:44 PM

i love these... one pieces are just so awkward for bathroom trips!



Mandy R Simon | 2:49 PM

5'4" tall, thick legs, 138 lbs and no boobs here.

Though I wanted a 1 piece I opted for a tankini this year that is long enough that I can pull it down my short torso to LOOK like a one piece if self-conscious. Yes. I got this in electric blue at TJ Maxx: http://www.lordandtaylor.com/eng/womensapparel-mayextraordinarysalespecials-_25offselectswim-Sweetheart_Tankini_Swim_Top-lordandtaylor/216313/?utm_source=GAN&utm_medium=Affiliates&utm_campaign=ShopStyle.com&utm_content=Ban&utm_term=na&cm_mmc=Affiliate-_-GAN-_-ShopStyle.com-_-Primary&tag=GAN&ctcampaign=221&gan_clickID=0004bfe0e1a15c5c0ae06ecd5be47004&gan_affID=k108283&gan_affName=ShopStyle.com

It was about $35 or something.

Annie | 2:51 PM

I own the JCrew polka dot suit and love it! It fits my D+ chest very nicely and the underwire is great. The torso of the suit doesn't have any ruching. It is very flattering while giving you a full fit feel...meaning nothing is going to pop out of place while chasing after kiddos. (I'm a mother of 3 wee ones running around 130 lbs / 5'6")

Shannon | 3:22 PM

J.Crew is hit or miss for me. I got a very similar striped suit last year with the D cup and it was enormous! More like a G cup! I exchanged it for a C, but it still fits weird.. I ended up with a bikini top from j.crew that I paired with a high waisted bottom from American Apparel. And ditto, swimsuit shopping sucks!

Mama D | 3:22 PM

Mmm, love me some Modcloth. They're local, so I like to have friends who work there get me their kick-ass discount whenever possible. It's lovely.

I love the first one, but probably wouldn't do the stripes. Dots are much more acceptable on this body. I'm 13 weeks with baby #3, so I bought a too-small swimsuit this year before I was sure and will now probably never wear it.

I HATE swimwear shopping because I'm so disproportionate. 5'0", 25 extra lbs., DDD (F) boobs, perpetual mom-gut, and no hips. WTF?! Who thinks that was fair? So honestly, I'm just looking forward to being able to get that maternity suit back out of the attic. :-P

S | 3:33 PM

I love the very old school classic style of those Esther Williams suits. I may need to buy one.

As for suits, last year, the Curvy Girl Guide did National Swimsuit Confidence Week with Land's End, so I bought two Land's End suits and loved them. My mother stole one, but they were super flattering, not to mention comfortable for my already-overweight-before-having-two-kids-in-the-last-three-years body. I actually bought them end of season, and got two gorgeous one-piece suits for roughly $50.

CP | 3:35 PM

If you like a bit of the vintage style you should check out unique_vintage: http://www.unique-vintage.com/swimwear-piece-swimwear-c-417_419.html?osCsid=05d6ea76814f2365483fd0bca0b03bc3

They have a store in burbank with seriously fabulous dresses. I'm not sure if they carry swimwear in the store as well, but you could call and ask. It is worth a trip over the hill.

(PS - I like the red/white stripe one the best from your choices)

Hip-Baby Mama | 3:36 PM

I hate tankinis, too, but I bought this suit and I love it!
It's baggy so it covers up my 2-years-postpartum-pooch.
I also love this one-piece I got last year:

Hip-Baby Mama | 3:37 PM

I hate tankinis, too, but I bought this suit and I love it!
It's baggy so it covers up my 2-years-postpartum-pooch.
I also love this one-piece I got last year:

Sarah | 3:39 PM

So, I had just decided to never swim again after having my son, but well two years later I'm finally giving in. Since I hadn't bought a suit in years I decided to just bite the bullet and spend some money. And you know what? I actually really like the suit I bought. It's a Tommy Bahama V-neck style so there's still cleavage so I don't feel all mom jeans in it. Plus the shirring is really flattering. Check them out...http://www.tommybahama.com/TBG/Swim_Womens/One_Piece_Swimwear.jsp

Julie | 3:47 PM

I have a suit that I love that's a lot like most of these: halter, sweetheart neckline. Makes the boobs look fab and the belly not look quite so enormous.

However... the halter straps on mine are just a little too far apart. It looks great, but I have to be careful when horsing around in the water that I don't fall out of it.

Kacey Haffner-Bruce | 3:59 PM

j crew is great! but if you have a long torso .. get their long torso bathing suit.. or else it pulls down your chest and you look like a hunch back.. haha

lillian | 4:02 PM

I have this one which I picked up in two colors on sale last July (because I figure once you find the perfect swimsuit you buy extras). I love it! and I especially love that it came in long torso. I tried it in D-cup as well (since post baby mine grew from a B to a DD, but I actually found the D cup was too roomy on top)


Anonymous | 4:02 PM

Diastasis recti could be the cause of your tummy ish. Happens very regularly, especially with c-sections and is the cause of "mommy tummy".


I'm eight months pregnant so...yeah.

I've been wearing a seven-year-old mismatched Target bikini to take my kid to the pool. Not cute.

I love love love and want to kiss that red-and-white striped number! Next summer, yo!

Shelly Pfeffel | 4:48 PM

That Esther Williams suit looks amazing! I am 165 pounds and 5'10 (so I'm assuming we have similar shapes). Do you think a size 10 would fit me? Maybe you can tell me if it fits roomyish on you or if I should try a size up? I am busty (36C) and my problem area is definitely my lil ring around my stomach - side roll can go eff off anytime now.... :) Any thoughts would be appreciated since I may as well go buy that suit right now! Thanks in advance!

alexis maia | 4:54 PM

I have had two different J-Crew suits and both lasted for over 5 years. The elastic in the bum started to thin, but the rest of the suit was fine. I always buy the D-cup size (which I LOVE as an option) and it works well for me.

I just have to say: I'm only two inches taller than you and 158lbs. is my ultimate-probably-never-to-be-reached-goal weight. Seriously.

Juliet | 6:19 PM

American Apparel has high-waisted bottoms that cover up my post-preggo fat uterus area. So cute and I don't feel super matronly!

Goth, Hippie, Baby | 6:20 PM

Ugg swimsuits. I moved to San Diego from Seattle in January, had my daughter in February, and I'm still wearing my prepregnancy suit and it ain't pretty. I try not to look in the mirror or look down when I'm wearing it. I so need a new suit. One I can breastfeed in too. Loving the Ester Williams suits!

Kate | 6:29 PM

Appreciate the honest tankini feedback. Seriously, and I mean this without sarcasm, you are objectively about 1,000 times more stylish than I am, so I ought to heed your advice! I think I have a fear of these hip-hugging one pieces. Seems they'd highlight my widest parts. But if you say they're magically flattering, then...maybe I gotta give one a shot.

Unknown | 7:40 PM

OK -- I, too, have had twins -- after a singleton. And at 5'10" and 167 pounds, I'd say we're probably dealing with some of the same issues. UNFORTUNATELY, my twins are going on EIGHT (ahem...years). I've lost enough of what I gained for it to have become ABUNDANTLY clear to me that even if I got back to pre-baby weight of 140, I'll NEVER look the same. Let's face it -- my twins weighed in at 7 pounds+ each so I stretched!

Here's what I am wearing -- from Old Navy...and I bought mine during some crazy early-morning swim suit sale I took my kids to last year -- all the suits were $7 from 7:00 am to 8:00 am or some such craziness!: http://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=52005&vid=1&pid=898516&scid=898516012

And, I can honestly tell you that I love it as much as anything I'll ever wear. AND, I actually bought it in a size SMALL. I was so shocked that I tried three of them on -- they all fit in a size small. Go figure.

Melysa | 7:51 PM

Check out Shabby Apple - I love their suits! http://www.shabbyapple.com/c-55-swim.aspx

Michelle | 8:26 PM

I'm rocking my third summer in my size 14 Emerald Green Esther, which I bought through ModCloth. Gals, do not quail at the cost of these suits--they are an honest-to-God investment that fit beautifully, look incredible and HOLD UP. Pick a color or print you won't get bored with, hold your breath and take that plunge. I promise you'll be glad you did.

Anonymous | 8:57 PM

I bought this suit (see link below) for $42 at JC Penney in May, at the last moment before a trip to Fort Lauderdale. I'm 5'4", a disgusted 200lbs, and a 14 miraculously fit like it was made for me. It's been nice to have a suit to wear that makes me feel good about how I look for a change.


Anonymous | 9:03 PM

Red stripe or polka dot.

Anthro has good ones

Gina Ellison | 9:37 PM

Totally love figleaves.com. They have cup size swimsuits for 34DD girls like me/you/us. (I order a 32 GG in their suits because they are UK sizes) Which is a downside to the site, they are in the UK which means longer ship times and bad news if you have to return it. BUT they are SUPER affordable! Just got this one and it fits like a dream!


Jesse | 10:00 PM

I just wanted to chime in that you should give yourself 18 MONTHS to get back to or near your pre-twinsies weight! 2 babies = a grace period twice as long!

You look great.

Unknown | 11:03 PM

1piece4lyf...love it!

Jessica | 4:56 AM

I am a big fan of "The Miracle Suit". It holds everything in nice and tight and it has underwire for the girls. Zappos has a nice selection and shipping is free both ways. Love it!

How about your rockin shades. What brand are they? Love them!

Thanks for all you share!!!!

You look bang-a-ranging btw!

Just me. | 6:13 AM

I am weighing in at 156 at 5'8, so we are in exactly the same boat, although Im thinking My belly is probably bigger than yours, cuz Im not quite as blessed in the chest department. I RECENTLY LOST ALMOST 50 LBS, so I guess its like I had twins, minus the birth, and the two adorable tots, and much less sleep deprivation... Okay, so nothing like having twins, but ya, i am not all that confident either. You know what you should do? You should ask your readers to send in pictures of themselves, and post them, as proud beautiful women. I dont know a single normal woman (read, eats normally, and doesnt train every available moment, baisically somone with kids. lol)who is proud of her body, but together, we could see that beautiful has soooo many different faces, shapes and sizes. You and your familly are beautiful, you are a very lucky woman.

meghanb | 6:15 AM

I am all for one pieces, mostly because I'm extremely pale. But after having my son 8 months ago, I love them even more. They hide the jiggly parts, hold in the 'girls' and I don't have to use as much sun screen. I LOVE j.crew suits. They are comfortable, pretty and last for years. We are headed to the beach in 2 weeks - so I got these 2 one pieces:

I got this one in sutton purple:

And the Ruched crossover halter tank in festival green (it's on SALE)

I'm 5'8" 165lbs 38C and got 14s in both.

Jen | 6:32 AM

I am on the Land's End wagon with swim suit shopping. I've purchased three suits from them now and swoon over the quality and fit every time! Now that they offer free returns to Sears (and there is one only a mile from our house) I ordered the two I liked in a few different sizes and had my own private fitting room. I ended up with one that is a black one-piece that looks similar to the red and white striped one you featured. It has massive tummy control and holds up the girls fantastically. Once we hit the beach, I donned my giant straw hat and felt like the southern woman I was in a former life...and dead sexy.

Ana Petree Garcia | 9:32 AM

I recommend the Natalie One-piece from Anthropologie, its similar to the Esther Williams one but gives better support and more crotch coverage.

Unknown | 9:40 AM

The retro style is a mom's best friend. For years I pined for this retro look (its cuter in person, swear), but it was more than I wanted to spend and, lets face it, it was a "slimming suit" from Land's End - only mom's (you know, the ones that wore mom jeans) shopped at Land's End.

Then it went on sale and I finally bought it and the cute wedges and giant sun hat to match it - and then the next summer I got pregnant. Turns out "mom suits" are created for a reason. It looked cute when I was 145lbs and a G cup and still fits at my post partum 165 and a (ahem) HH cup - and its flattering.

Luckily Land's End now has their "canvas" line so I can pretend I'm a hip mom.

julie | 10:02 AM

So I have wanted the Esther William suit for about three years since you first posted it, but i couldn't bring myself to spend the cash until this year. Way hard for me to spend money like that, especially on myself, but wow, the suit is awesome!!!! i got the b&w stripe in an 8. I'm about 5' 8" and 145. I think i could have gone to a 10, but the 8 is ok too. I wouldn't want anyone to see my wiggling my way into it, but once its on, it looks great and is very comfortable too. Its the first time since high school swim team i feel like i look good in a suit. My ONLY complaint is that i hate the halter. I am very long in the torso, and i feel like the halter is digging in. I want to tack the straps onto the back in a criss-cross, but i am not sure i could still wiggle in!

I did also last year buy the high-waist tankini bottoms from Lands End, which are also great. I got them on clearance but cannot for the life of me find a top. I always avoided the tankini because of the long torso thing -- it always gave me a bad belly show, but these high bottoms are great and very slimming. I just need a top that's not hideous and flattering for small boobs. The only tops i can find that are nice all have v necks which are terrible when both side of the v are empty...

Jenna | The Eighty Twenty | 10:05 AM

Oh you're going to look gorgeous in any of these. I think I love the Felicity Print most.

Virginia-Ann | 10:43 AM

May I be the first to welcome you to the moms that never quite get the body back after children club.
I am the proud owner of a post 3 baby body, OK so the baby will be 21 (years not months) in August! I was gifted one of those once you have a child bodies that holds the 90 lbs of baby and other bumps never left. I have (at least I think) have tried every type of swimsuit on this body (come on we lived in So Florida and I spent weeks each summer at my parents near Myrtle Beach) I once found myself in a Walmart at 3 AM trying to find a swimsuit to wear on a school field trip to the local water park. Talk about stress, I found one that was not bad and at a not bad wear once or twice at most price. I got the the waterpark and I looked like the mother of a killer whale... Granted I did look better than some of the other moms there, but I still was not liking it.
I personally like Lands End for bathing suits the last one I got lasted 5+ years and the only reason I dumped it was the concrete pool deck at my parents snagged the rear end in several spots.

As far as your choices I understand the Gull suit, but think that the color might not be to good on a non-tanned body. I LOVE the suit that the model is on a docked boat and you can see all the motors up out of the water in the background too!! Good luck with your search and let us know what you decide, and have a rocking good vacation.

colleen | 10:45 AM

I've only had one J.Crew one piece that was a major wtf, and that was a seersucker version--shiz does not stretch at all. You need the jaws of life to get out of it wet. Otherwise I love the two others, both properly stretchy, with underwire. The underwire is the secret sauce.

Emily | 11:02 AM

I am 32DD, and I recommend the French brand Huit. (Several online retailers stock them in US.) I have a two-piece and a one-piece by them, and they are very flattering. They have underwire support, which is mandatory for me.

Also, side note, I really want a reduction, but I'm worried about recovery/breastfeeding. I'm 30 yrs; no kids yet. Free thoughts? After having these puppies for 12 years, waiting 'til I'm done breeding seems like forever.

Elizabeth | 11:07 AM

You have to check out www.bodenusa.com--they have adorable suits, especially their one pieces. The best part? They come in their own little bag made out of the same material as the suit so you can always find it and when its wet you can store it in the water friendly bag. Perfection. And they are on sale!
Here are the two I bought (now 11 months post-baby #3):


The Polar Bear | 11:30 AM

congrats on your new home- it looks awesome!

Sascha | 1:15 PM

I have post twin stomach too, and with a long torso means I wear a tankini because I haven't found a one piece that will get over my shoulders! I do drool over one-piece at www.popinaswimwear.com suits that are retro and @Hollywoodhousewife Laura Tremaine loved this suit from J Crew http://www.jcrew.com/AST/Navigation/Sale/AllProducts/PRDOVR~62704/99102580612/ENE~1+2+3+22+4294967294+20~~~20+17~90~~~~~~~/62704.jsp
Happy suit shopping!

karen | 2:38 PM

i have the jcrew suit in navy and I love it!

Very Bloggy Beth | 3:10 PM

Thanks for this. These are so cute! I too loathe buying suits. I had a great bikini that looked awesome on me, even for part of the year after I had my first, mostly because I was breastfeeding I suspect, as I ballooned up and gained 30 pounds after weaning. So then I got this black semi-flattering not to momish 1 piece that I wore TO DEATH. I wore it all pilled up and stretched out all weird and super faded on our trip to HI this year just so I wouldn't have to go swimsuit shopping again. LOATHE. I'm a few months from having my second babe, and I'm hoping that since I've only gained 10 pounds so far this pregnancy that my body will bounce back kinda easy. I will be looking at styles like these, they are fantastic.

Overflowing Brain | 3:44 PM

I think you already bought one, but I have this one from Land's End in red: http://www.landsend.com/pp/womens-floral-beach-halter-one-piece-floral-swimsuit~237282_593.html?bcc=y&action=order_more&sku_0=::UU5&CM_MERCH=IDX_swimwear-_-women-_-shop-by-silhouette-_-one-piece-swimsuits&origin=index

It hides the 17 post baby pounds that my body is clutching onto for dear life. And hello vanity sizing- I'm pretty much a 12 right now, even a 14 in some things (waaaah), but the suit is a 10 and fits great.

Sandy | 5:00 PM

I am wearing this one is a gorgeous teal. Almost a one piece, and the top does come down far enough to cove the tummy. It has been a perfect suit for my postpartum x 3 body.



Heather | 5:13 PM

Oh, I love all your choices! I bought this swimsuit from Lands End: http://www.landsend.com/pp/womens-floral-beach-halter-one-piece-floral-swimsuit~237282_593.html?bcc=y&action=order_more&sku_0=::UU5&CM_MERCH=IDX_women-_-swimsuits-_-shop-by-silhouette-_-one-piece-swimsuits&origin=index

And it fits along the lines of the Esther Williams look (I got the one with the red, not the B&W) and I HATE bathing suits as well, but I love this one. I love the look of the sweetheart neckline and I'm just overall in love with vintage style suits. They make you want to wear red lipstick and heels ;)

cait_R | 5:08 AM

GGC, You are super hot and cute the way you are. rock your post 4 kids bod! Are you trying to get more hip coverage? as a hippy girl myself (who has tried every last suit on the planet), i find a higher cut on the leg makes my hips look slimmer, and legs longer. you have long legs, so why not a higher cut one piece? you have the bust to balance it out. the girls in those suits are probably 2/4s and look bigger on the bottom because of the low wide cut of the bottom. of those posted, love the jcrew, and the one with the cutout under the bust. good luck with your new suit!

monica | 6:17 AM

Another vote here for the Jantzen Vamp- I have it in pink with white polka-dots and black- and it's supportive, flattering, and looks hot even on my postpartum body. Their sizes are also not accurate to your actual dress size- I am a size 6 in dresses/jeans (5'4" and 135 lbs), and a size 10 Jantzen is workable but tight on me!

KimKiesewetter | 3:17 PM

Can we see some of these suits on, you know, actual moms?? I am still rocking my bikini post-baby, but think it's time to consider a one-piece and would love to see some of these options on normal people and not on a model.

Jess | 4:23 PM

This summer I'm sporting the always flattering burlap sack. Son of a shit bag, I loathe bathing suits.

freckletree | 5:22 PM

I love coco rave, they are sized by your boobs and have nice, long torsos. I'm 34 D and these are PERFECT (they're also affordable). I have these.



Amy E. | 12:29 PM

I got the J. Crew rushed one piece halter suit in a charcoal gray color. Super flattering, reigns the postpartum tummy and boobs in, AND it's comfortable. We went to Florida for a family reunion in June. I spent pretty much the entire week in it and it was fabulous!

robina | 8:32 PM

I got this one from Anthropologie last year and it is the absolute bee's knees.

I've seen some similar ones around and highly recommend the style!

SaraMinerva | 8:36 PM

The Marilyn from PinupGirlClothing.com. I love it so very much. So does my husband. It's got control in the tummy and flatters childbearing hips and DDs. I also have their cherry printed halter suit and love it, but it doesn't have as much support for huge boobs. Their dresses are fantastic as well.

Laura Holskey Chavous | 1:02 PM

I love all of these of course. I have been looking for the perfect retro style swimsuit for yearssssss. This season I found this at......are you ready for this???.......http://www.walmart.com/ip/Suddenly-Slim-by-Catalina-Women-s-Shirred-Halter-Swimsuit/17804493 Walmart.com!!!
Yea. And it is adorable and comfortable and incredibly priced. I would never have in a million years guessed that I would find something like this at walmart! I personally have the black/white dot version but it also comes in red, turquois, grape and solid black.

Janey | 3:17 PM

I wasn't ready to give up on a two-piece after baby, so to pair with the black bikini tops I have (it's always only been black) i decided to get the shape-ups extra high waisted bikini bottoms they sell at target. Just after baby, at 5'3 and 135 lbs I wore a large (I carried a lot of weight in that ol butt) but a year later I'm back to 125 and fit comfortably in a medium. I have a solid speedo triangle top with wide bands that tie around the back and neck and cups large enough to hide stretch marks on my once-again DDs and keep them totally in place that works great with them. The two pieces belong together. They make a nice modest but sexy retro suit, plus the shape wear helps with a bulgy belly. Totally recommend.


Kim - I'll post photos in the two suits I ordered! Share sizes, etc. And invite readers to do the same. I agree! It's hard to tell what's going to look good on a post baby bod when everyone wearing said swimsuits is... well... yeah. Stay tuned!

court | 7:19 AM

Totally already own the awkward stance bathing suit -- I love the way it fits due to my post prego body. Twinsies!

Swimsuit shopping is the worst -- I'm so glad the more modest swimsuits are coming back into style though.

oh, jenny mae | 4:15 PM

i go the strapless one-piece route every year. i can't stand tan lines, and have no boobs, so i don't have to worry about an ill-fitting top. the suit i bought this year is from h & m and i can only find the green one online: http://compare.ebay.com/like/290709188631?var=lv&ltyp=AllFixedPriceItemTypes&var=sbar

i got it in black and it was only $25. score.

my problem is finding something that isn't $100 and doesn't include ruching or underwire.

if i would spend the money, i'd buy an esther williams

Nicole | 9:19 PM

I really liked the suits you posted, but I always have trouble with a halter top. If I pull it snug enough so I don't look saggy in front, it starts to pull on the back of my neck--that was made worse when I was carrying a baby on my chest, too. I like the way they look, but can't wear them for more than an hour without a neckache. I hope you find something great! My kids love it much more when I get in the water with them!