TOTW: Laptop Sleeves by Zaum (& giveaway!)

I've carried laptops around with me (practically everywhere) for the last thirteen years, but have never until now, had a laptop cover sleeve(y) thing. Enter: ZAUM. A husband and wife team who design and create, among many things, (vegan) bags and sleeves to wrap your lap... top. All items are handmade with love... by people who love each other. Awesome. 

Some of my favorites are here (and below). 
(You can scope their full lineup, here, including customizable options.)

The lovely Kimberly at Zaum (who is AWESOME and kind and wonderful) has offered to give away a laptop sleeve (like mine! or a different one! you choose!) to one lucky reader.
To win? Just leave a comment below. I'll pick one winner via next Friday, August (whoa, it's already August? wtf?) 3rd. Thanks everyone and good luck!

UPDATED: Congrats to commenter, #215, Elizabeth! And thanks to all for participating! 

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Lindsey | 8:03 AM

yes, please! this would be a major improvement upon the black sleeve that came with a purse I bought 5 years ago. :-/

Melissa | 8:14 AM

Love these!!

Amber | 8:55 AM

These are beautiful! I want one.

Caroline | 9:30 AM

Oooo! Yes please!

Solotherapy | 9:34 AM

These are the coolest!

Life's a Potty | 9:35 AM

I love the Eco Busta EBC3. I also love to buy things made with love!

Life's a Potty | 9:36 AM
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Adelines Mom | 9:47 AM

Ohhh man!! Pick me! I want it! :)

Adelines Mom | 9:48 AM

Ohhh man!! Please pick me! I want it!!

Adelines Mom | 9:49 AM

Hope I win!!! These are awesome!! I want one!

Adelines Mom | 9:50 AM

I want one! Please pick me!!!!

Lindsay | 9:51 AM

So fun!

shokufeh | 10:08 AM

These are lovely!

Courtney | 10:38 AM


Petey | 11:08 AM

Winning this would make me happy. :)

Anonymous | 11:20 AM

love a laptop cover that looks like a cute purse!

siobhan | 11:56 AM

love these sleeves!

constance blizzard | 12:13 PM

I'm coveting it already and it's not even mine yet. We need to fix this.

Leah | 12:20 PM

Oh please! My laptop is chilly. :)

Jessica | 1:29 PM

They are made of awesome homemade love. I covet!

Hailey | 1:48 PM

These are awesome!!


nicole | 1:54 PM

These are so great! Thanks for the chance to win. xo.

Unknown | 2:14 PM

Can't find sleeves this pretty at a store... I've looked!

- Aveleigh

Unknown | 2:37 PM

Such cute patterns, love them all!

Gigi | 4:14 PM

These are adorable, I'd love one!

Kirsten | 4:23 PM

Ooh! yes please!

Hip-Baby Mama | 4:36 PM

I got a new laptop and one of these would be perfect! You have such great taste.

funnelcakesforall | 4:45 PM

I have a lonely laptop that needs a sleeve!

Your babies are adorable by the way.

Thank you!

Leigh M | 5:05 PM

Please let me win! My laptop needs a hug.

Unknown | 7:41 PM

Nice. Would love to add a little beauty in my life.

Mairead | 7:50 PM

Ooohh. LOVE these! Pretty please...

Jasmine | 8:24 PM

I wants one PLEASE!

Carin | 10:01 PM

Fabulous! Want.

Emily | 5:55 AM

A laptop sleeve would be way cooler (and prettier) than the bag I'm currently sporting ... So, I'd love to win this one! :)

erica @ expatria, baby | 6:30 AM

How amazing are those felt laptop bags?! Love love love.

Kate | 7:14 AM

LOVE these!!

Jen DB | 7:18 AM

oooooooooh, very nice!

Jennifer | 7:48 AM

I love the second one down - looks just like the doodles I used to make in my notebooks in high school/college!

Jennifer | 7:50 AM

I love the second one down - looks just like the doodles I made in my high school/college notebooks!

Unknown | 9:12 AM

Gorgeous!!!! I want!!!!

Unknown | 11:14 AM

I'm in and out of meetings all day at work and carry my laptop all over the huge building. Maybe a pretty sleeve would make it a little more bearable!

norah | 1:45 PM


K | 5:02 PM

Oooh, how great! I don't have one of these and would love one!

Deb | 7:30 PM

Beautiful!!! Want want want!

Meghan W | 7:01 AM

YES PLEASE! Swag for my lap top is appreciated!

Donna | 7:54 AM

Those are gorgeous!

Sara | 8:35 AM

Since I have the world's most boring laptop sleeve, one of these would be am-ah-zing. Thanks!

a Girl Called Kim | 10:34 AM

those are so cute!

mandorama | 11:32 AM

The gray with big white loops is my personal fave!

LegalEagle | 1:52 PM

Faboo! I would love one!

WendyM | 3:20 PM

My poor MacBook is sleeveless! Thanks for the giveaway.

Anonymous | 5:34 PM

These are amazeballs - and so are you!

Anonymous | 5:36 PM

These are amazeballs - and so are you!

Susan from San Diego

Cathy | 8:28 AM

Love the one with blue swirls!

Cathy | 8:28 AM

Love the one with blue swirls!

Reticent One | 1:11 PM

love these! Actually I love anything that is functional in use but artistic in design - way better than some plain black neoprene sleeve.

Mariana | 6:13 PM


Amy Krull | 8:38 PM

me!! Ive been perusing etsy for weeks now for something to put my sweet new macbook air in :P

frans rilea khaous | 11:09 AM


cora d | 11:43 AM

I hope I'm not too late!

Thank you!!!

Love these - we finally have a laptop we care about and could use one that I didn't jerry-rig together.

Michelle | 8:49 PM

Beautiful designs

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