A Few Quick Things

Happy Friday! Today marks day one of our four day weekend. Because nothing says acclimating to a new schedule like a four day weekend followed by a two-day week and then another vacation day and then back to school for one day and then, like, ten more vacation days before the month is over.

Anyway, here are a few quick things:

1. Tomorrow, the 31st of August, is the last day to donate vaccines via comments a la A Shot at Life. One comment = one vaccine. One share = one vaccine. One like = one vaccine, etc, etc, infinity. There are some AMAZING posts, here, all of which are open and ready for comments vaccines, shares vaccines, and likes vaccines. You can comment multiple times on one post if you want, hey! And as of now we're about 15k away from our goal of 50k vaccines so LET'S DO THIS READY GO! (And thank you!)


2. Tomorrow night, Morgan of The 818 and I invite you to join us for a screening of Jill Soloway's new film Afternoon Delight. (Afternoon Delight was written and directed by Soloway and won the Best Directing Award at Sundance.)

I got the chance to attend the premiere last week, at which point the film punched me in the throat (in a good way) and I would like to punch you in the throat (in a good way) now, too. Afternoon Delight is a wonderful albeit painful-to-watch film about the paralysis that occurs in a seemingly aspirational life. It's about the power of sex and the monotony of marriage, motherhood, forced friendship... It's about sisterhood and one woman's quest to save someone who doesn't really need to be saved actually, but thanks...  Afternoon Delight is beautifully acted (Kathryn Hahn is unbelievable), hysterical and heartbreaking, bleak and hopeful. It's also an uncomfortably accurate portrayal of (many!) Los Angeles parents. No offense to (many!) Los Angeles parents.

So what do you say, LA friends? Meet us at The Landmark theatre on Pico/Westwood for a screening tomorrow night? Writer/director Jill Solloway will be there to do a Q&A with Kathryn Hahn and it's going to be awesome. Please join us. We can all get in a circle and hug.
(Click to enlarge. Bomp chicka bow-wow.)

Let's celebrate independent film! And storytelling! And women in Hollywood! And women who make independent film in Hollywood! Thank you and hope to see some of you tomorrow night.


To RSVP, please do so here via our eventbrite page. 

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!