Gone Style + Substance: Dani, Week 13

So a very exciting thing is happening. My friend, Danielle is pregnant. Danielle who will make such an incredible mother I have been jumping out of my skin with excitement for the last two months because I love when amazing people breed. It is very good news for humanity.

I've known Danielle since 7th grade and she has always rocked her own "Dani-y" style. Here's a girl who wears sequined pants with tee-shirts and makes it look like an obvious choice for throwing something on NBD. Dani is a designer, art director, and all around creative dynamo. She's also one of the most wonderful friends a girl could ask for. She's Auntie "Daniel" to my kids and when I was in labor with the twins, came over at 2am to be with Archer and Fable while I gave birth. She has held my hand through every major life event, supported my every choice, and played an integral role in the lives of my children. I am so grateful for our friendship and so excited to share her with you because SHE IS AMAZING.

Anyway. Here is Danielle, thirteen weeks pregnant and ROCKING the style (and substance) as per usual.

Danielle: Week Thirteen
So! Thirteen weeks! You are officially in second-trimester mode. Knuckles, sister. How are you feeling? What's the haps? 

Dani: I feel fantastic! Man, it feels so great to have reached that first milestone. Now I feel like I can be totally open and excited about this pregnancy. I feel huge relief. This week I also started connecting - I guess you could say - with the tiny babe in my bod. Just some light one-sided conversation, like, "what are you up to in there?" Feels nice though. 

What was your first trimester like? Do you notice a change in energy and well-being now that you've crossed into the second act?

It began with some serious fatigue in the afternoon. I work in an open office and was wishing I had a place to hide and nap. But that seems to have passed by now and I feel I have most of my energy back. Change for me has been more emotional, I guess. It's been very helpful leaning on a few key people for support along the way. (Especially those times when you feel hyper sensitive and alone.) It's just so nice to have friends who get it. That's been really helpful.

I was fortunate enough to become pregnant when I wanted to become pregnant and I don't take that for granted. I'm at a good stable place in my life with a great husband, endless possibilities, love all around. I feel very lucky and am extremely pumped. 

Any particular cravings? 

BLTs and red vines. I actually had a dream about red vines the other night. 

Biggest surprise so far? 

I get to partake in the miracle of life! There's a little body inside my body! It's pretty wild and I'm fully embracing this adventure. 

Tell me about your dress/two piece situation? 

It's from the California Select line at American Apparel and can be found in a few other amazing vintage patterns, only in local stores, I'm afraid. Such a great summer outfit on hot days like today.


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