8 Days of Play Clothes. With Pockets. For Adults.

photo 1-1 relaxed t-shirt dress in stripes (size M) + NSF Jeans + Osborn Shoes.

This post isn't sponsored, by the way. Not that it would detract from it if it was, but I just want to put that out there since everything in this post is (pretty much) from GAP -- a place I often shop for Archer's jeans but seldom for myself. 
in 1969 Jacket  (M) and Pure Body long sleeved T (M) and Citizen jeans

A few weeks ago, I went to GAP to pick up some jeans for Archer who outgrows jeans every three minutes. (He's now wearing a size 12 jean, which is the last size before he has to shop in THE MEN'S SECTION, DUDE. WTF.) His legs are so long that he wore a pair of my skinny jeans to school the other day and somehow didn't know that they were mine and then I was like, "Archer. Those jeans are HUGE on you, what in the... " and then... I realized they were mine.

"You're wearing my jeans!" said I.

His response? "Oh."

And he wore them for the rest of the day.

Anyway, tangent o'clock. Archer needed jeans so I went to GAP on a day everything in the entire store was 40% off, so, naturally, I went hunting for spring essentials and in doing so, collected a sort of "capsule GAPsule wardrobe" I didn't realize I needed until it was hanging on my closet door.
This is the relaxed t-shirt dress, size M.
(Everything I purchased has pockets. Pockets are important.)

I bought four tunics/dresses, a pair of overalls, a jean jacket and a much-needed black T. Apparently I was desperate for wardrobe staples because these clothes have been game changers for getting dressed in the morning.

GAP, I am glad for your sale. Thank you, sale. 

This is what my last several weeks of outfits have pretty much looked like. I have mixed a jacket here with a dress there and, depending on the weather, jeans under tunic-y dresses, but all in all, these are my staples at the moment as told through eight days of wear. 

Day One: Overalls and Moto Boots

I was still recovering from a back injury on this day so overalls were where it was at. I had a heating pad on lock in these pictures and you would never know. Overalls are super sneaky like that. 

I invested in the moto boots years ago. (BY FAR the most $ I've ever spent on shoes. They are NOT cheap. However. They were worth every penny. I wear them with everything. Flowy dresses, cut-offs in summer, skinny jeans in the winter... They are the most worn item in my closet hands down.)
ED: Hal was making fun of me for wearing these because overalls are LOL but I love them. I loved them at 16 and I love them now. They make me feel like a twelve year old ninety year old man. In a good way.  


Day Two: Denim on Denim + Black 
IMG_3883 1969 Jacket (M)
Jeans are "Rocket" by Citizens of Humanity (my fave cut)
Shirt is Pure Body long sleeve T
RBF by: accident
IMG_3879 ***

Day Three: Throw-on Dress + Sandals
Tencel shirttail dress (on super sale for $35 + 50% off that)
Sandals are from Target

It was hot as balls on this particular day which is why I went bare-legged. I usually wear this dress over distressed jeans and my cork shoes.

And a hat.

And marker all over my legs.
IMG_7893 (Thanks, kids.)
IMG_7895 Osborn Shoes.**

**I have loved these into the ground and my toes stick out the top and I don't even care because I like them like that. Although, these are on sale and very similar, so.... hmm... 


Day Four: Black Tunic + Jeans
IMG_4390 Relaxed t-shirt dress in black (size M)
Sandals - Sam Edelmen Gigi
 Brass Triangle necklace - Handmade/Giusta
Jeans - NSF


Day Five
IMG_4219 relaxed t-shirt dress in stripes (size M)
Scarf: The "Mona" by Krochet Kids 
Shoes: Osborn
Tamales - Tamale Stand, Melrose Place Farmer's Market


Day Six: Overalls (Again) + Stripes + unwashed hair

black denim overalls (M) 
Shirt: Zara from 2008? 2009?
(I found this one which is similar, although not striped. But fit appears to be the same.)
 with Bo, who yesterday said, "You're a pain in the food truck!"
IMG_7469 I love her. She makes me laugh and laugh.

Day Seven: Crisp white dress + a hair wash
photo 4 Seersucker dress (M)
photo 2-1
Necklace(s) - a gift from my pal, Rachel 
photo 2
1969 Jacket  (M)
Sandals - Target

Day Eight
 Relaxed t-shirt dress in black (again)
Rag & Bone moto boots (again)
Hat (vintage, purchased here)
garbage bins - Los Angeles Waste Management
Annnnndddd that's a wrap. This was fun. The white dress and the black tunic I think are especially fab now that I'm looking at all of these these pictures together. Definitely the most flattering, I think. Jean jacket, too. What about you guys? What are some of your go-to Spring essentials? Are you into the whole capsule thing? (My friend, Sarah ROCKS the capsule thing and is super amazing and inspiring at it.) I am a maximalist FOR SURE, don't get me wrong, but having some simple throw-on dresses has been lovely and easy and helpful. (Please feel free to share your spring essentials as well!)