The Vegetarian's Guide to Cooking: Beer and Apple Chicken (and a dinner salad for yourself!)

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Okay. SO! This week I'm going to post my go-to chicken recipe that I make (in some variation) once a week, thanks to the Jidori chicken from my local Farmer's Market, some beer (or wine) and apples. Or onions. Shallots? A clove of garlic or five. Etc. It's the easiest recipe that exists and you'll have to forgive my vague directions but just know that it's pretty much fail-proof.
photo 2-2 jidori chicken, fresh from the Farmer's Market 

And so. Without further ado... 

Bec's Beer + Apple Chicken
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You will need:

- Olive Oil
- 1 beer or one cup of white wine
- 1 Green Apple, diced
1 sliced onion, red or white, and/or a sliced shallot
- Some garlic (you don't need it so if you're out, no problem)
- Organic Chicken Breasts from humanely raised Chickens (skinned)
- Everyday Seasoning (or whatever seasoning you're into)
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1. Drizzle a bit of olive oil and garlic in the pan. Also add apples, onions, etc...
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When it heats up (smells delicious), add the chicken AND the beer or wine AND seasoning:
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Cover the pan and, with heat on medium high, cook for 15 minutes, flipping every five until it looks something like this:
photo 3
Cut into tiny pieces and serve to kids and/or place on a plate beside a salad and/or serve on a bed of rice and/or quinoa and/or pasta and/or... whatever your family is into. (You can also throw it between two toasted buns and do "chicken sandwich night.")
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Now. Because I do not eat chicken, I had/have to make myself something and that something is usually a humungous dinner salad complete with multiple proteins. 

I call this one: 

Burrata Be Kidding Me and its ingredients include:

Trader Joes "Herb Mix" Greens
Pre-cooked Quinoa
Balsamic Vinegar
Fresh Basil
Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar
Fresh Burrata from the Farmer's Market
photo 3-2
ED: I buy fresh burrata once every two weeks as a special treat. It is legit my favorite thing that exists.

1. Throw all ingredients in a bowl and then BAM. Dinner is served, self! Dinner. Is. Served.
photo 5-2
Burrata be kidding me with this action. SO GOOD!
photo 4
(And I hear the chicken is just as delish. Clean plates all around can I get an Amen?)



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