The Month in Moments: March

I did a Spring Clean this month and got rid of an entire toy chest's worth of artifacts -- most of which were broken... remnants of Archer's infancy, Fable's infancy, Bo and Revi's infancy... Even the little ones aren't babies anymore so I did what I've bee meaning to do for years -- I took a breathe and dumped the contents of the last ten years of toys in the hall, pushing things around until most everything ended up in one of four garbage bags, to be donated, given away... thrown out. Memory: Broken Toy Edition, except, instead of turning over cards to find their match, it's a doll without her dress and a music box without its ballerina and a dozen empty puzzle boxes with pieces at the bottom of the drawer. 
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Like all break-ups, spring cleaning is a heartbreaker. I don't want to part with a single moment when I'm staring the years in the eye. I want to hold onto all the things. And yet... what a relief to say goodbye. To let things go.
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We were at a party over the weekend where a homemade piñata swung from the branches of a tree. It was the most beautiful piñata I had ever seen. I mean, it had EYELASHES, and when the kids got out their baseball bats, I cringed. When I asked my friend how she could bear to see her masterpiece destroyed, she smiled like her sun...
"...It is incredibly affirming to make something beautiful for the sole purpose of letting it go..."
Godspeed, March. So long, old toys. Thanks for the memories, moments big and small... 
IMG_3590 IMG_4167 IMG_4124
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photo 4 IMG_3903 IMG_4082 photo 1-3 photo 4-1 IMG_1975 IMG_3999 IMG_3863 IMG_4018 ...May your April(s) be full of sun and shine. 
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