And just like that (ha!!) no more diapers

This week on, I wrote the last chapter (AKA "caboose") of The Potty Train. Yes, it's true. The day has finally come. I have waited ten+ years for this day and now, here we are... in a house full of not-so-small independent people. It's refreshing and liberating and, yes, a little bit sad:

I have waited several weeks to write this post because I didn't want to jinx anything. Because sometimes that is what happens when one writes about their successes, or in this case, the successes of their children. And, yes. A poop in the potty is a success. AFTER TEN+ YEARS OF CHANGING DIAPERS/PULL-UPS, THIS IS A MAJOR SUCCESS. THIS IS A MILESTONE. THE LAST OF THE BABY MILESTONES, REALLY.

It's over, you guys.

It's all over.
No more babies. No more diaper bags. No more bottles. Or strollers. Or diaper changes in the back of the van... Which, come to think of it, actually makes me feel a little sad.
I don't have babies anymore. Bo and Revi turn four in two weeks. They dress themselves and use the bathrooms themselves. They write their names and draw portraits of each other with extremely long eyelashes...

Anyway. In case the first paragraph wasn't hint enough, the girls are out of diapers and fully potty trained like whoa.

And whoa...

It has...


You can read the post in its entirety, here. 
IMG_0520 Potty on, team.