Bunny Slope DIY: Make Your Mark

Hi. And Welcome to another episode of Bunny Slope DIY - for parents who are kind of a little bit shitty at crafts but really good at other things.

For those of you just joining us, past episodes include:

3.  "Fairy Fashion" (This one is actually wonderful.)

Today I am going to teach you how to make amazing rainbow footprints all over your driveway on accident that you can later take pictures of and print. (PRINT!)

OR! You can just leave them there. On your driveway. Until they wash away...

For this project you will need: 

1. Feet
2. Paint
3. Sidewalk.
4. Camera.

First of all, can we talk about washable paint being the best? I mean, chalk is cool and all but Washable Paint is the greatest music video of all time
Finger Paint is also awesome for driveways and paths. And it washes off just like chalk. 
We started painting the fence with the kids when we first moved into our house and now, every few months, they put a fresh coat of paint on and it's awesome. So is painting the ground we walk on. (I buy the Crayola paint from Target.) The finger paint is also from Target. Everything is always from Target. Target forever. (I have been there 17 times this week and I will be back there tomorrow because I forgot the ONE thing I went there to buy and my entire life is spent at Target pretty much this is not a sponsored post, p.s. On the contrary, I am sponsoring them. Every day. Every single day.)

...But let's get back to the DIY, shall we? 
Last week, Fable channeled Jackson Pollock for this piece of art titled "RAIN" and put it aside to dry... smack dab in the middle of the sidewalk path in our front yard. 
Meanwhile, being that the subtle art piece blended in so well with the cement driveway, Bo walked right through it, slipped like a cartoon on a banana peel and became covered head to toe with very thick paint. She then got up and walked around the driveway and into the house where rainbow prints followed her all the way to the bathroom. Here is one such print. Isn't it beautiful?
In Summary: 

1. Take a posterboard and have your kids splatter it with rainbow paint.
2. Trip and fall and/or walk around the painted poster board. 
3. Track rainbows where e'r you go. 
4. Take a photo. Frame it. Give it away as a gift. Turn it into a greeting card. Etc. 
P.S. Handprints are also very fun. Very "Blair Witch Project Chic."
Have a great weekend, everyone!