Notes from Rhode Island: Came for Providence, Stayed for East Greenwich

IMG_8126 Sunset in East Greenwich, RI

We had big plans for Providence. Not really, actually, We just heard it was beautiful and decided to spend a day exploring... but sometimes it. just. doesn't. hit. We got extremely lost and then got in a massive fight and then we ended up at Brown University (which was beautiful) and Bo won with the best line of the trip.

We were parked against the railing of the Brown Campus, checking the Internet on our cellular devices for "child-friendly things to do in Providence" when Bo pointed to a group of students picnicking on campus and said, "I know! Why don't we just go and chill with those students over there."

Someday, Bo. Someday you shall chill with the students. For now? We are going elsewhere to party.

And that is what we did. After driving around for an hour looking for child-friendly things to do, we left Providence to find  the Holiday Inn Express in Warwick. (Hal REALLY wanted to go to Warwick because-- NERD ALERT -- he grew up in Warwick, NY and always wanted to check out Warwick, RI.)

Anyway. We arrived at our hotel and, thanks to the woman at the front desk learned about East Greenwich, RI which IS AN ABSOLUTE GEM, you guys.

I mean, SOLD, right? 

We fell in total and complete love with East Greenwich. I wish we had more than a few hours to tour the town. Fortunately, we ate at Finn's Harborside  (check their event calendar! It's such a party! Bring your kids, man! GET ON UP!) and spent the evening dancing with strangers who could not have been more accommodating to our crew. IT WAS SO FUN.
So fun.
Also, I'm just realizing that I should have written this post tomorrow and posted TODAY about Mystic because we went to Mystic last before we went to New York. We left Maine, went to Rhode Island and THEN went to Connecticut. Ahhhh, yes. WELL. Rhode Island was beautiful. We will definitely be back.
IMG_7772 IMG_7773 ***
IMG_7771 ***

And speaking of bands from Rhode Island...