(What's so funny 'bout) Peace, Love and Punderstanding

The following post was sponsored by Hallmark's Shoebox Cards. Thanks for making us all laugh, Shoebox! Laughing is the best. 
At an early age, the "funny card" was something I latched on to. I was my father's daughter, after all, (my dad wanted to name me Peter Andthe if I was a boy) and I grew up learning the ways of the pun. For holidays, my dad would buy us the funniest cards he could find and we would do the same for him, until our ability to be funny out-funnied the cards available. It was the puns that sold us. Simply put, we always punderstood one another. We had a punderstanding that was punderappreciated by pretty much everyone but each other.

Anyway, with that in mind, I recently did a little card shopping with friends (and my father) in mind and here is what I picked for everyone on my/your list.

1. This one is for your dad who loves letters/Larry Woolf. (The guy on the card looks exactly like my dad that's why.)
2. This one is for your friend who isn't on Facebook AKA/ you always forget their birthday(s) and you are sorry/really good at making excuses:
IMG_9039 IMG_9040
3. This one is for absolutely everyone, even small children. (Especially small children)
4. This one is for all of us. We can share it:
IMG_9054 IMG_9055
5. This one is for a total stranger you think is cute at the bar. Because, wishful thinking:
IMG_9033 IMG_9034
6. This one is for someone really special who gets you:
IMG_9052 IMG_9053
7. This one is for your grandmother: 
IMG_9050 IMG_9051
8. This one is for your child on their 10th birthday: 
IMG_9063 IMG_9064
9. This is for your child on their 3rd birthday: (I just gave this card to one of my three-year-olds who JUST last week joined the potty-pooping club. AMAZING NEWS, RIGHT? I know it. More on that, soon.) 
IMG_9056 IMG_9058
10. This one is for your dog:
IMG_9059 IMG_9060
11. This one is for your cat:
IMG_9031 IMG_9032
12. This one is for the good people of Shoebox Cards:
Thank you, Shoebox for sponsoring this post. P.S. Your new website is AdorabLOL. Oh, snap! I'LL BE HERE ALL NIGHT! So please let me know if you're hiring because I like to write cards! And puns are my life! And just like Kenneth, I always have a pen. And a child's plastic stethoscope around my neck. 
13. Lastly, this one's for you. (Thank you for reading this post. And all the other posts as well.) 


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