Bunny Slope DIY: Sunglasses Glasses

Hey there, guys. SO. This isn't really a DIY (not that the others were, either) and maybe everyone knows this about glasses but I've spent much of my vision-impaired years confused about which frames are worth investing in and realized, recently, that when it comes to glasses frames, the options are ENDLESS.

Literally, endless -- and not in a literally, you guys sense but a LITERALLY literal sense. Literally. Because while eyeglasses tend to have a similar look, size and shape, SUNGLASSES come in every which way design OMG forever.

And so.

When I went in for my eye exam last month and it came time to pick a frame for my new prescription, I went with sunnies sans... sun..niness.

I had been heartbroken for months because Bo Destructosaurus'd my favorite pair (which I bought at a novelty shop for $10 and had fitted for my prescription lenses years ago.) Because they were made of the cheapest plastic ever it wasn't hard for them to break. I superglued them every week or so and then one day the glue just wouldn't hold. (So I taped them. And then one day the tape wouldn't hold either.)
photo 1 (34)
Anyway... when I found these Stella McCartney sunglasses at the sunglasses store, I thought HEY! THESE LOOK JUST LIKE THOSE OTHER ONES I BOUGHT FOR TEN DOLLARS THAT ARE HELD TOGETHER WITH GLUE, TAPE AND MY DIGNITY, So I purchased them, had them fitted with my prescription and the rest is history!

Anyway. To reiterate, for this DIY, you will need:

Any great pair of sunglasses
An optometrist/prescription from your optometrist
A week

And, then, BAM!
photo 3 (18)
New glasses. That do not look like anybody else's glasses because they're actually sunglasses. (You can do this with cheap glasses from 7-11 too. They just break... easier.)


Here are some more great frames that would rock as all-day spectacles:

Lou/Moorea Seal/I love her lipstick
photo 4
Whatever you're into/put a prescription on it/Happy Spring Break for those who are Spring Breakin. May your glasses be filled with sun.