The Week in Moments: Spring Break

Last week the kids were off for Spring Break. We spent half the week at home and half the week at my parents' house in Encinitas. (And my Nana's Del Mar garden wonderland. Linking to all posts by/about Nana in three... two... one, zero, etchere's a guest post Nana wrote once ...) Last Sunday, we surprised the kids with a bounce house just because and it was one of THE greatest ideas I have ever had in my life. (We are going to make this "surprise! there's a bounce house in the front yard!" a thing in our house, we've decided. Because this is the stuff memories are made of and sometimes, you just have to jump jump for your love, jump in...)

Other week highlights include watching butterflies mate (heyyaaaa!) at The Natural History Museum/forgetting to bring a change of clothes/forgetting that there was a water feature/driving home with naked children, visiting Quail Gardens San Diego Botanic Gardens and forgetting ONCE AGAIN to bring a change of clothes, beach days, finding a perfectly symmetrical heart-shaped kelp float that seems to be a genetic anomaly and felt like one of those magical heart-shaped signs... of what, I don't know, but even Fable agreed.

"This is an amazing sign, Mama!" she said.

"Right!?? I was thinking the same thing!"

All these years of being my daughter are starting to rub off on her. Also, Yoga. (Fable is taking Yoga after school and it has changed her life. And mine because I was never a Yoga person but now that Fable is so into it, I have become her Yoga student and am learning all sorts of amazing things about mindful eating and peaceful warrior...ness.)


As for Archer, I bought him Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone on Tuesday and by Thursday morning he was on book two.

He had no intention of reading them because everyone else is reading them and then, last night he turned to Hal and said, "These are the greatest books of all time."

My parents have a pool and kindly heated it for the kids so they could swim. Bo is literally diving off the sides into the deep end and giving us all a heart attack even though she has her trusty Puddle Jumper floatation device strapped to her everywhere. Meanwhile, Revi refuses to go anywhere near the pool but will happily float around in her fishy raft in the jacuzzi, so long as someone is very very close to her.

We managed to survive our first candy-free Easter. Mostly everyone ate eggs and my Nana's French Toast. And bacon much to my chagrin. Bo called Bacon "meat chips" and asked for "ten more, please" after trying one when I wasn't looking.

And then I sobbed in the corner and my Nana was like, "but they come from happy pigs! Sustainably raised!"


Anyway. We had a really lovely week. Lots of adventures and sandy scalps, skipped naps and skinned knees.

These photos were taken from the other side of this post. Totally worth the unpleasant moments because, man, is there ever some beauty up in this piece. Post-it notes, abound.
IMG_4935 IMG_4228 IMG_4928 photo 2 IMG_4509 IMG_4264 IMG_4287 IMG_4998 IMG_4776 photo 1 IMG_4232 IMG_5177 IMG_4942 IMG_4936 IMG_4930 photo 3 IMG_4170
IMG_5212 IMG_4267 IMG_4169 IMG_4759 IMG_4634 IMG_5206 IMG_4789 IMG_5125 IMG_4772 photo 4

IMG_4344 IMG_4792 IMG_4929 IMG_5208 photo 5 ***
IMG_5207 IMG_4297 IMG_4945 pairs IMG_4625