Goodnight Moon Game, etc

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This is really weird because I'm not even really a fan of Goodnight Moon. A thousand years ago I wrote a really snarky post about my utter DISDAIN for Goodnight Moon which STILL gets comments all these 7897829 years later and I always feel mortified because who hates Goodnight Moon? What the hell was my problem? Anyway. The other day Archer and his friend were playing chess and Bo and Revi wanted to play chess with them and there were lots of tears when I had the boys set up outside. Bo and Revi pressed their faces against the window and sobbed because they wanted to play games, too.

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I busted out the Goodnight Moon Game that the girls received on their birthday last year but weren't quite old enough to play. It was unopened so it felt very special ripping through the plastic and setting it up for its maiden voyage. Here is a video I cut down from a VERY LONG video of Bo and Revi playing the game. (They played for TWENTY MINUTES which might be a record.)

Anyway. I have lots I want to write about the last two weeks and the results of no added sugar + no dairy + no dyes. (We don't really buy anything with dyes but we do occasionally buy treats when we're out, and sprinkles, etc... do have dyes, so....) Because several of you have asked, the upshot is that we have had ZERO night terrors since cutting dairy + sugar. (Bo was waking up with a terror AT LEAST every other night before we cut these things.) There is much more to write about on this subject and I will absolutely do so when time permits for me to ruminate on all of the recent happenings in this regard. Thank you all so much for your comments and messages, by the way. It's been SO helpful for us and countless others I am sure.

I do feel very strongly that food has A LOT to do with our behavior/well being and I'm slowly weaning my kids off of sugar as much as I can without ruining their lives. Anyway, this is not where I wanted to go with this post but here I am, rambling about sugar and things that have nothing to do with the Goodnight Moon board game.

Which is an awesome game for twos. Parties of two. Two year olds. Two legit two quit.
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I mean, who needs an iPad when there are cards to place on top of each other/throw across the room when you're totally over it? Goodnight Moon Game, man. Who knew?