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Liz, a reader and frequent commenter here on GGC, recently lost her son, Maksim. Liz is a stay at home mom and the financial burden on the family has already been immense. From what Liz has shared with me, Maksim was a magical child with a heart of gold and through her words and photos, I have fallen in love with baby Maks and the whole Lazear family.

In Liz' words:

He was always "Sweet Baby Maks." It practically became his full name, we always referred to him that way. He was bright eyed and full of giggles. He loved being held. He loved strawberries...

I am reaching out to you guys, today, in hope that we might be able to rally around Liz, Maksim and the rest of the Lazear family. Thank you in advance for anything you can donate and any words of love and support you can lend Liz and her family at this time. Love and light to all. 

200. Heart of Gold by: Neil Young