Mizy Dolls = Love (Giveaway!)

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When it rains it pours giveaways, apparently, but I so enjoy featuring indie artists/creatives and their work and Mizy is ace. Today I am beyond thrilled to highlight the whimsical and totally adorable, Mizy Dolls which are SO completely special and would make killer keepsakes, shower gifts, collectors items for children and adults and children who will someday be adults.

In Mizy's words:

After graduating from Parsons School of Design and working in the industry for brands such as Nautica, Nine West, Seven Jeans, and American Rag, I decided to leave my position as head designer to start my own company. Mizy.me is a Fashion Doll Company. I never imagined I would be designing dolls, but something about creating fashion in a small package excited me. I also wanted to create cute, heartwarming, high quality products that would brighten up everyone’s mood.
joy 1 "Joy"
love full "Love"

It's funny because after posting what my mom wrote yesterday I realized how BADLY I want to learn to sew, myself. I mean, I did a little sewing when I was pregnant with Fable (my mom helped me, ahem) but now that Fable is learning to sew and I see Mizy's dolls, I feel compelled to be a better maker. (My mother-in-law got her this machine which is AMAZING for beginners like FableShe can do it all on her own which rules. She's also taking a fashion design class so LOOK OUT RAINBOW GOWN WEARERS OF THE FUTURE!)

I spent a few days with Rachel of Handmade Charlotte in DC and was so completely inspired. I mean, girlfriend has crafting supplies on her person at all times and busts them out during dinner. We literally made bracelets over drinks because she was like, "here are some beads. Go on and make something!") You know that feeling when you meet someone and it's like, you KNOW them from another time? Rachel has a twin sister named Rebecca and I have a sister named Rachel and it felt very... well... sisterly up in there.


Speaking of sisters.

And twins.

And little hands that break my heart.
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(If eyes are the windows to the soul then hands are the maps of the spirit. When Revi was born, the first thing I noticed flailing about were her hands. She was this tiny little peanut with the longest fingers I'd ever seen. Delicate and expressive and even now, they kind of take my breath away which might sound totally weird but there you go. I am a hand person. I love hands. They are my spirit animal? If spirit animals are still a thing?)
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When we received the dolls, Revi went straight for the darker-haired olive-skinned sister (Jaime is her name) and hasn't let go of her since. Which worked out because Bo was all about the red shoes. (I'm with Bo. Lana is my fave.)
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Mizy's dolls are breathtaking works of art. If I was a collector, this would be my jam. They are impeccably made and totally huggable and absolute treasures. Except for my Raggedy Anne doll (which my mom made for me) I was never much of a doll person growing up. But these? THESE would have been my everything.
priscilla fur
hazel "Hazel"
Esther white


...Not that there's anything wrong with the plastic kind of dolls. We have those in spades around these parts but Lana and Jaime? Are lifelong. (I feel the same way about these costumes which several of you have asked about since this post. Another small business maker I adore.)
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Mizy has kindly offered to give away one handmade doll to a GGC reader. To win? Tell me about a keepsake/doll/toy/item you have kept all of these years. I still have my baby blanket and my stuffed wolf, "Woolfie" who looks like hell after 32 years but in my arms? In my arms he feels like heaven. (I'll pick one winner at random next Thursday, April 10th.)
photo Me + Woolfie #tbt

P.S. Revi's armwarmers have become a thing. It's pretty awesome to witness her realize her own quirky style. Go, Revi. Go, Jaime the doll. Go, Mizy!
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UPDATED: Congrats to commenter, Nicole/Blog Happy for winning the doll! And thanks to everyone for commenting and sharing your wonderful stories! Much love!