Story Time: I am a Pizza

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Over the last couple of weeks, Fable has been working on books in the back seat of the car.  Every morning on the way to school, Fable asks me or Archer to help her spell the words she wants to include in her books - some of the stories are about princesses and weddings and volcanos. There is a book about fairies and another book about fairies, but this particular story is about pizza. I didn't know anything about it until it was finished. She's like me that way. (NOBODY CAN READ THIS UNTIL EVERYONE CAN!)

She took it to school to share it with her class before bringing it home to show us.

The book is called I am a Pizza and it's about, in Fable's words, "Being yourself even when people want you to be like them. Like cookies or hot chocolate or mushrooms. Mushrooms might want you to be mushrooms like them and cookies might want you to be cookies like them but you're not cookies, you're a pizza. And at the end everyone knows that you are pizza because you told them. And then everyone is friends. That is what my book, 'I am a Pizza' is about. "

And it's perfect. One of the greatest children's stories ever written I think. 
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I had something in my eye on the last page because, hello. I mean, the whole crew is there, intermingling, rallying around pizza with acceptance -- the hot chocolate and the lettuce and the french fry and they're all just hanging out being their rockin' food selves. (When I asked Fable why she didn't color the last page she told me she wanted it to look different because it's the most important part of the book.)
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Because you're not cookies, you're a pizza. Go get 'em, pizzas of the word! And hot chocolates! And mushrooms and lettuce and cookies... and whatever food you feel like being today! If you accept yourself firmly and unapologetically, eventually, those around you will too.
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(It's like her name is Fable or something.)