Another Adventure Begins

Am packing up the car for a road trip up the coast starring Archer Sagebrush, Pirate of the Snails (Felix, for short) and my Nana (since childhood, I have called her "Nana the Banana") who appropriately came to the door dressed like this:

"I'm all ready to go!" she said.

And I cried because I have never seen anything more adorable.

Gawd, I'm grateful. Good people everywhere I turn...



Scar | 5:39 PM

hello nana banana. Have a safe trip!

Mom101 | 6:20 PM

That is absolutely awesome. Have a great trip with your beautiful boy and your shiny new left arm.

Binky | 7:04 AM

How could you be anything but as amazing as you are with family like that? You struck gold with that gene pool.

Phoenix | 5:41 PM

That is freaking awesome. Enjoy your trip.

ps. just found your site, through BMC. Love it, will for sure be back. And the new Tat, fuck Dickhead 2.0 if he doesn't get it; I got my first and only ten years ago...have ideas for more, haven't gotten too it yet; love, absolutly love the book cover.

Anonymous | 5:50 PM

i'm insanely jealous of the women in your family right now. cool. super cool. you're blessed.

Trenting | 9:10 PM

This is refreshing, glad you are cherishing these times..

Shannon | 1:03 PM

I keep checking back hoping for updates on your trip with nana the banana, lol.

happy2scrap | 9:41 PM

Girl's gone child,
I want to thank you for your blog and your honesty about raising a child. I discovered your blog through (awesome!) and loved it. You inspire me to write, write, write in my own sorry blog. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I will definately be buying your book and look forward to reading more of your journey.