Twenty Pencils, Zero Paper

Meet my every day bag. It's big enough for everything including Macbook, diapers, snacks and whatever the hell else I stuff within it's pen-stained interior.

I love me some purses but hold the softest spot for my old standby LV tote that I have been lugging around day after day for the better part of six years. I still remember our first day together-- we eyed another through a window on Rodeo Drive and much like any lovesick lovah, I was unable to resist her charms no matter the price.

Anyway, the bag. It may not look like much but this baby has been full of all kinds of shit in its day, traveled the world, been soaked by the rain and smeared with dog shit (on accident.) It has fallen into pools and been lost and then found. It has been filled with love-notes and manuscripts and cigarettes, stained compact mirrors, condoms, mix CDs and dozens of pairs of plastic sunglasses. Cameras and favorite books, tabloid magazines and airplane peanuts. All in all, this bag and I have a history and every day it's innards are unpredictable

Today, this is what I found:

1. Makeup Bag
2. Three lipgloss taken from the table of my cousin's wedding. (I guess I stole two of them.)
3. Madeleine cookies and almonds for Archer snack sesh.
4. Old photo of Archer from Thanksgiving
5. Shower cap taken from Best Western Pismo Beach
6. Two pairs of sunglasses
7. Eight pens and nothing to write on. (Better stick a Moleskin in that bitch on the double.)
8. Lip gloss pouch (mama loves her makeup)
9. Hand Sanitizer, the only thing in the Blogher swag bag that I kept.
10. Headphones to plug into laptop when working at the coffee shop
11. Makeup brush for, um, makeup.
12. Blackberry for all contact with bitches and hos13. Receipt pouch for tax purposes.14. Band aids just in case one of us skins a knee while out doing errands
15. Facial paper for oily days.
16. Cough drops, cold eeze and a mint that's probably three years old.
17. In case of emergency binky
18. Brand new wallet/ gift from BMC.
19. Other people's business cards (Lindsay's card is on top.)
20. Receipt from recent purchase, button that says "excellent" (wtf?) and a guitar pick in case of rock-out sesh on the road.
21-23 Ticket stub from Knocked Up from recent trip to Memphis, old receipt of said bag and authenticity certificate in case authenticity of bag is in question. (and I need fast cash a la ebay.)
24. True Mom/True business cards
25-27. Small body lotion, Aleve for chronic headaches and personal business cards.

...And now, (because I only MeMe when I can HeHe for BaBy)

Archer's everyday bag is only a year old, a gift from Archer's East Coast Granny (button also care of BMC. The girl is full of goody goodness.) This bag lives most of its life in the car for just-in-case occasions:

And this was what was inside:

1. Three diapers, three different sizes (doh!) one of which is a "little swimmer" for (woops!) little girls (hence the Little Mermaid.)
2. Two pairs of red socks and one lonely white sock. (Aw, shame.)
3. Baby legs used as sleeves when it gets cold out.
4. Ticket stub to this week's Hollywood Bowl presentation of "Greece." (the country, not the musical.) ed: If you are an LA parent, check out summer sounds. Next week Appalachia!
5. One of Archer's all-time favorite books.
6. Wet wipes.
7. Rebe changing pad. Awesome.

Ah, this was fun. Thanks, HBM for the inspiration. And now it's your turn! What's in your bag, baby? Post a lil some'some and give my friend a shout when you've posted.

Happy bag-emptying, peeps!



Mme | 2:11 PM

How do you find those things in that cavernous bag? I'd be endlessly digging and pulling things out of it trying to find the pen/lipgloss/receipt envelope.
Won't you let me in on your organizational secret?

Scar | 3:04 PM

lol thats amazing. Also.. I looked through my purse and found the ticket as well. Except my entry on things in my purse would be 50 pages long because I'm a packrat. But then again.. maybe it'd give me something to do.

motherbumper | 5:34 PM

I love that you did Archer's bag. I did mine end of last week and the contents, while boring, are my some of my staples.

Jonathon Morgan | 5:46 PM

Add some stale Cheerios, and that looks a lot like Edan's bag/my entire car.

Suburban Turmoil | 7:57 PM

You kept my card?! Dude!

Maternal Mirth | 10:17 PM
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Maternal Mirth | 10:17 PM

Last time I stuck my hand ALLLLL the way down into my bag, I think I felt something bite me.

I am not going back in for a while... :)

Kelli | 6:59 AM

ONG, I LOVE that Piggies book! I bought it several years ago solely because of the whimsical, imaginative artwork, and I don't even have any kids. Go Archer!

Anonymous | 9:38 PM

awesome. never thought of using babylegs as arm-warmers. thanks for the idea


you're missing the 54320543209 business cards i took from your bag at blogher by accident. i will send them back forthwith so they can take their rightful place in your louey.

Loukia | 7:31 PM

Hahaha... this is a great post! I totally want to do this too. My diaper bag is insanely insane right now, argh. And I love your LV. My LV is one of my great love's, too. ;)