Things That Make Me Smile

I interrupt this week's me-being-sensitive-fest to bring you something funny via Flight of the Conchords, fantasy boyfriends extraordinaire. Oui? Ah! Voila:

And if you have a minute, my girl, Scarlett is having major surgery tomorrow and is very much in need of virtual hugs and kisses on the forehead.

Thinking of you, Scar.



Scar | 1:08 PM

lol. I love that. My nurse and I have watched it a total of 7 times now. And you lots! xox

Anonymous | 2:12 PM

Scarlett, a tight virtual hug and some seriously good vibes being sent your way. You will be in my thoughts,

motherbumper | 3:34 PM

I love this - and it made me unusually happy.

Sending positive and loving thoughts your way Scarlett.

Whit | 4:45 PM

love that show

Anonymous | 9:35 PM

love ya scar... hugssssss your way


JamesMommy | 8:15 AM


Please let us know how Miss Scarlett is doing.

Debbie | 4:07 PM

good things for Scarlett.

things like Bret and Jemaine.

(and Mel as Liv Tyler - her blog is KILLING me ; it's on the HBO FotC page.)