Photo of the Week

...Attitude, the one you got, oh baby!
Attitude, the one you got, oh baby!..


EDITED TO ADD: 100% organic tee c/o Blirt Shirt.


Anonymous | 11:56 AM

i miss him!!!

Scar | 10:43 PM

too much cuteness.

leahpeah | 11:04 PM

what a cutie. and love the shirt.

BOSSY | 7:21 AM

Yummy small kid knee. Chomp comp.

Anonymous | 9:55 AM

Archer has the greatest expressions! you can tell he is up to no good and loving every minute of it. Eat him UP! yum yum...

Love that shirt, mind if I ask from whence it came?

Anonymous | 12:05 PM

ha, he looks freaked the fuck out by something, yet ready to take whatever-it-is ON, no questions asked. a perfect attitude for archer :)

Anonymous | 12:35 PM

he's dressed pretty stylish, must have a cool mom :)


Yes!! Check it!

Emery Jo | 2:56 PM

Hi archer bean! You're the coolest kid ever invented!

PunditMom | 7:33 PM

I LOVE the attitude. So when are we setting up a date for Archer and PunditGirl? I'm assuming he's into "older women?!"