Bunny Slope DIY: Fairy Fashion

I am about as DIY as a hangnail so I decided to start a little section called "Bunny Slope DIY" for those of you, like me, who aren't the craftiest/don't have a local craft store/are intimidated by local craft stores/crafts in general/etc. 
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Today's post features a little craft I did in Fable's class last week that came out totally amazing, cost zero dollars and was fun for all involved/nobody cried.


1. Plant life from your yard/neighbor's yard/nearby park/etc etc (I didn't have enough flower petals for the whole class so I went with leaves. We have many, many leaves.)
2. Glue
3. Paper

I brought in this book for inspiration and we talked about what kinds of materials we would use to make our clothing if we were fairies. Or elves. Or just super tiny humans that could wear pistachio shells as clogs.
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We talked about the things we find on the sidewalk, in backyards, parks, beaches, forests, mountains that would make for good hats/shoes/buttons... What would we make for ourselves to wear if all we had were the natural materials found in our communities? Seed buttons? Grass suspenders? Earrings made of rose thorns?
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And then I dumped a bunch of leaves/sticks/various plant life on the tables and the kids built their own shoes and dresses, pants and scarves, socks, a fairy boat, a house, designs, faces, whatever they wanted to make there are no rules.
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Fable's teacher passed out felt flowers to anyone who wanted to add one to his/her design and they all turned out fairy awesome, the end.
photo 2

fairy clothes pictures via the pages of Fairy-ality