"What about the dads?"

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"Do they have a commercial for thanking dads?" Archer asks.

"Not that I know of, no."

"But what about the dads? Why aren't they thanking dads, too?"

"That's a really good question. How does that make you feel?"

"Kind of sad and mad. Dads take care of kids, too. Like Ryan. Ryan's dad takes care of him and Dad takes us to swimming lessons every week."

As a mom, I appreciate the props. I actually thought the commercials were beautiful before Archer's commentary, not that they aren't STILL beautiful. Mothers are special and awesome, but wouldn't it be amazing if all caretakers were represented? If fathers who woke up at the crack to make their kids' breakfast and ice their kids' shoulders and celebrate with tears of joy were featured as well? So that the future fathers and caretakers could get the message that their contributions also matter. That they can and will contribute to their children's dreams as well.

Clearly this commercial was trying to reach me - the blogging mom who works from home and wants her children to GO FOR IT! GO FORTH! DREAM BIG! But watching it with my son who is as excited to become a father one day as he is to become an architect, and my husband, who is AS involved in our children's caretaking as I am, I am once again reminded of how men's contributions as caretakers are often blatantly disregarded.

How does that make them feel?

Kind of sad and mad. 

A father is just as capable of supporting and guiding and participating in helping his kids realize their dreams. And for those who don't have fathers, for those whose dads do not guide and support, watching a profound and beautiful campaign that puts all of the emphasis on the mother is potentially hazardous to the boy who will someday grow up to be the man. The father.

If we're going to change to story, shouldn't we be doing all we can to rewrite the bylines?

"Do you want to write the company a letter?" I asked Archer.

"Okay. And then maybe next time they can thank dads, too?"


"That would be cool, right?"

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