Places to See: The Arboretum

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The great thing about life is that while some days are complete and utter disasters, others are fluid and magical and surprisingly sane. This post is the yin to yesterday's yang because Saturday we took the kids (and ourselves) to the Arboretum for the first time and it was amazing and everyone was awesome and no tantrums happened and it was the first time we ever went on a big day trip sans stroller and I actually turned to Hal at one point and said, "this might be the most successful family outing we've ever taken in our entire lives."
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There were no meltdowns.

No tripping and falling into water. (Bo fell into a stream at The Huntington back in January and then my dad dove in after her and scraped his leg which poured blood and then I had to MacGyver a bandage out of a diaper and a shoelace. I think maybe The Huntington was not designed for our family maybe.)

There were no fights.

No lost shoes in a forest.

No lost sweaters in a forest.

No lost children in a forest.

No blood. No accidents. Or injuries. Everyone stayed relatively together and the kids took turns hitching a ride on my back and Archer bonded with Canadian Geese and the girls followed a peacock into some kind of storybook fantasy world and everything was 96.8% awesome.
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We only explored a small part of the Arboretum before packing it in and heading home (I've learned to stop while we're ahead. Four hours is typically our limit for day trips. Especially since we skip naps when we go on afternoon adventures which... yeah. You win some, you lose some.)

Anyway, this was a big win for us. High five, universe.
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For more on the Arboretum go here
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P.S. Have you ever heard of the Reciprocal Admissions Program via the American Horticulture Society? Our membership at Descanso gets us in free at The Arboretum as well as 250 other botanical gardens around the country. Check it out! I had no idea this existed until last week. Radical.
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