9 of the Hottest Cards for Fall

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Holiday season is right around the corner. I mean, literally... Halloween is NEXT WEEK MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY EVER HIGH FIVES DOWN THE LINE.

But also there's Thanksgiving.

And Christmas.

And Hanukkah.

And Kwanza.

And New Years.

And also other things that happen in the Fall, like for example:

1. Unexpected Hair Lice Outbreaks
I will never forget the Family Lice Outbreak of Thanksgiving '12 that affected five out of the six of us. And it wasn't just us, either. My entire extended family had to treat their hair as well because we were literally INFESTED with hairbugs and had no choice but to assume we had passed it on to everyone in the state of California. 

2. Holiday Parties where you get seated with "that guy" or, if you suck at grammar, "that girl":


I've been on both sides of this conversation so I empathize with both parties. My dad, for example, texts me if he reads a blog post of mine with a typo. He does this with IG posts, too.

Here, for example, is an excerpt of a text my dad sent me while I was in London:

3. Then there's the whole influx of holiday cards from people you worked with once/don't really know very well/are your mortal enemies. And, what are you going to do, throw those cards away? They include pictures of smiling children! And pets! I mean, ARE YOU DEAD INSIDE? No. You are not dead inside. Which is why you're going to feel obligated to hang your arch nemesis and his family on your mantle. 
4. ... Which in turn makes you realize how much you love the people you really do love: 
5. Last-minute DIY haircuts for Holiday pictures that you immediately regret
ED: I have tried to grow my bangs out ten times this year because I think I'm finally over them and then they get to that weird in-between place where they only look good if you're standing very still. Otherwise they're all weird in your face and you have to pin them back and it's all a mess and, well, I just cut mine.


After growing them out ALMOST long enough.

But thanks anyway, Gandhi. Next time I'll remember your quote.

6. Crotchless Overall Day
(Every day is.)

7. Not-exactly-planned Pregnancies
'Tis the season for many a lady to curl up with her gentleman caller and accidentally have a baby put inside of her. (There's a reason more babies are born in September than any other month. December is for lovers. Winter advisory, ladies and gentlemen.)

Which brings me to...

8. Parenting during the holidays
This image is an accurate depiction of me (and most parents) during the holidays. If you aren't pooping your pants a little bit this time of year, I am afraid I cannot trust you. 


Last but not least...

9. Corn Season
From corn mazes to corn on the cob to corny jokes made by friends and family, 'tis the season to insert corn into various family activities, gatherings and photo opportunities. Thank you to Shoebox for making cards that speak to me and my Autumn values as well as sponsoring this post which I just had a lot of fun writing. 

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