Ten Minutes for Mavis

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IMG_4709 MAVIS! You look AMAVISING! 

Halloween is my favorite holiday in all of the land. I look forward to it every year and spend the months of July-September brainstorming with the kids re: costumes. This year, all six of us are ready to roll. I think. Bo and Fable are still on the fence so, for today's tutorial, we decided to go with Mavis, who may or may not end up being THE ONE come Halloween.

Full disclosure, I have NOT seen Hotel Transylvania 2 because my whole family went to see it while I was out of town. However. I have seen Hotel Transylvania (the first one) 787189327 times. It is one of my favorite animated movies EVER and I am not even just saying that. It's wonderful.

Anyway. For those of you planning on rocking a Hotel Transylvania theme and/or have someone in your family interested in going as Mavis, today's post includes a Mavis tutorial c/o friend and makeup artist, Aura, and daughter and sunshine artist, Fable.

TEN MINUTES, YOU GUYS! EASY, BREEZY (and super sparkly. Because, hello.)
 MAVIS from Hotel Transylvania Makeup Tutorial

First, you will need the following makeup products (or similar)


You will also need a:

- black wig (we already had one. Ahem. It just needed a little trim.)
- black dress of some sort (we had an old ghoul costume that Fable found in the costume chest.)
- bat necklace was an extra touch. It felt very WWMD, you know? Like, OF COURSE Mavis would wear a bat necklace! She's a vampire!

1. Bronze eyelids for base:
2. Apply silver sky (or similarly silver and sparkly) shadow all over eyelid to brow bone: 
3. Apply Lorac midnight sparkle eyeshadow liner to top of lid (and bottom if possible.)
Go over with MAC liner in graphblack:
3. Apply mascara to lashes as well as eyebrows to blacken:
4. Give "Mavis" the PIXI powder and tell her to put it wherever she wishes:
5. Outline lips with eyelinder (same MAC liner used for eyes works for lips) and color in completely:
6. Go over black lips with cranberry lip pencil:
7. Add wig:
8. Style wig:
IMG_4683 And VOILA! Mavis is ready to fly!!
Mavis she's born with it...

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AND, it gets better. The custom artwork will be BASED ON your Halloween costumes c/o artist Kelley Frisby who rules. (Here are some examples of her work.)
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I can't wait to see your costumes! May the Halloween movie contest force be with you!

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