Halloween is Now. (Almost.)

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photo 3-5 New York Minute, Part 2, Ten Years Later?

Being that I wanted to participate in this My Movie Costume Contest as more than just a judge, I spent some time searching through the archives of our household Halloween history to see how many costumes I/we/any of us have worn that were at all apropos. Between MSCL, Olivia (Fable went as Olivia two years in a row) and Sesame Street, it would seem that TV shows are more our jam. At least when it comes to Halloween dress-up time.

...And yet. According to Google, Bert and Ernie (Halloween, 2007) have actually been in many a movie. Follow that Bird (a classic from my childhood) for example....
Bert and Ernie
Family Portrait
Also, Katie Perry TOTALLY had her own movie come out a few years ago.
your socks are showing Hal as Katie Perry, 2010 IMG_9217 Elmo's been in a bunch of movies, too, so... 

And Mary-Kate and Ashley have played themselves in several feature films, so VOILA with that action.
Also? Bo decided to go as Little Red Riding Hood this year which is totally INTO THE WOODsesque! So, there you have it. We are totally in. (Not that we can win. But we can still play along, yes? I mean, I do love a good costume contest!)
IMG_5189 Bo as "Little Red Cleaning Helper" this past weekend. 

Here are some of my favorite costume entries so far, all of whom are currently eligible for winning the grand prize of 2,500!
"The Birds" by: @bettybettybobetty
Back  to the Future by: @lunchboxdad
IMG_5373 "The Yellow Submarine" by @orngpikkle IMG_5377
"Boxtrolls" by @sweetmatcha IMG_5615
Top Gun's "Maverick" and "Goose" by: @theriverbankhome
The Princess and the Frog by @athyng
Lloyd Dobbler from Say Anything by: @theeducatedknitter
IMG_5381 Up by: @masonbarton IMG_5618 Juno by: @swellwithmysoul IMG_5619
E.T. by: @candaceplayforth

Contest Reminder: Post your family-friendly movie-related costumes on Instagram between now and November 6th to be eligible for: 

• 1 Grand Prize: $2500 cash + Custom Artwork (valued at $999) + $500 in Fandango movie tickets + custom artwork by Kelley Frisby who rules. (Here are some examples of her work.)
• 2 Runner Up Prizes: $500 in Fandango movie tickets

- include the hashtag #MyMovieCostumeContest
- Tag @Fandango 
- Follow @Fandango on Instagram

(Open to US Residents only. See official rules, here.)

I look forward to sorting through the hashtag this weekend and seeing all of your amazing costumes!

Happy Halloween, you guys!
 Darth Blazer, 2012

May the force of combatting your child(ren)'s sugar high(s) be with you!

UPDATED: Fandango has updated the winners. Congrats to @rachelmenard, @scottburt12 and @amynhoch! There were over 900 entries and they were SO GREAT and it was so tough to decide. you're all amazing. Thank you for participating and keep rocking!

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