Our So-Called Halloween

7Y7A1183 Angela + Jordan FOREVER

If you hadn't noticed, we are Halloween people. Mainly because I'm a Halloween person and everyone else just sort of goes along with it because they're nice. This year's costume was an idea I've had for nineteen years but took until Wednesday to actually commit to. By Wednesday night I had our costumes set, Frozen Embryo's T sharpied and was giving Hal's "hooker wig" an Angela Chase bob.
(I cut my wig, too. Apparently they do not sell short haired wigs without bangs in Los Angeles.) 
7Y7A1170 7Y7A1174 7Y7A1186
Bo refused to wear her spider costume so I decided to bring her in on our theme party. HENCEFORTH and may I present to you, THE BRILLIANT Brian Krakow!
photo-7 photo-9 photo-11
Brian kindly lent his book to Angela who was like, "thank you. I'll return this to you later," and of course, forgot... but then Brian was like, "MY BOOK! YOU NEED TO GIVE IT BACK" so Angela totally gave the book back while Jordan held Brian in his arms. 
7Y7A1188 Meanwhile...
photo-18 (poor Jordan.)

I always hoped that Angela and Jordan would end up together and NINETEEN YEARS later, I would like to share what I know about the unrequited love of Angela Chase and Jordan Catalano.
... They got pregnant. They had some babies. (Brian was totally cool with it. He ended up with Sharon Cherski and they have two children and a dog. Rayanne Graff is now a masseuse in Nashville. Enrique (Ricki) Vasquez is happily married and lives in Silverlake.) 
Ang and Jord are totally weird for each other, even after all these years.
Sometimes Jordan gets super romantic and serenades Angela with the song that was ACTUALLY about her all along. (Not his car.) 
photo-22 photo-17 photo-20 photo-16 photo-24 photo-15 photo-19 "My job here is done."

...After which, he ALWAYS apologizes for being a dick at Pike Street that one night.
"I'm sorry I was a dick at Pike Street."
"Jordan. I'm, like, totally over it. My lips feel permanently frosted," Angela says, removing a small leaf from his hair. 
Jordan smiles.

And then... he plays his guitar.


For her.

A new song this time.

A new old song that... well... he doesn't remember the words, really. Not like he used to.


If I could put them in a jarrrrr. I know they wouldn't scarrrrr...
7Y7A1164 I'd do it if I could. I hope you know I woullllldddd.
(ANNNNND dance by the light of the moon.)


A huge thank you to our friend for taking many of the photos included in this post. You're the beston, Preston 


Dani | 4:11 AM

This is the best thing ever. As per usual you win Hallowe'en. Brian! Stroke of genius. The pic of Hal tucking his hair behind his ears all Angela-esque may be the greatest pic in the history of Hallowe'en.