TOTW: Burnish Initial Necklace (& Giveaway)

This isn't the first time I've posted about Burnish and it may not be the last because of all the things, my initial necklace (which I have not removed in two years) is by far the item of wear I am asked about most. As it should be. Not only is it the perfect initial necklace, it's also affordable and Rebekah (who runs Burnish) is amazing. (My necklace broke a few months after I bought it and she kindly repaired it for me for free.) Beyond all that, it's understated, elegant, can be worn 24/7, looks good on its own, paired with another necklace, a thousand necklaces, etc.
Henceforth, I am pleased to offer a giveaway this week of ONE monogrammed disc necklace (like mine) with up to FIVE initial discs AND coordinating disc earrings. Pretty, right?
IMG_1392 +
To win? Leave a comment below. And while you're at it, I would LOVE to know if GGC is loading faster for you today than it was yesterday. (I pulled some media from my sidebar/header yesterday after hearing from many of you that you've had issues loading this page. I would love to confirm that GGC is no longer crashing computers/giving anyone trouble. Thank you!) I'll pick one winner (at random) next Thursday, Nov14th.


P.S. Rebekah at Burnish is also offering 15% from now until November 28th (Thanksgiving) with the code GGC2013. Go here to shop/check out her amazingness.

Love to all.


UPDATED: Congrats to Sarah KS for winning the necklace & earrings and thanks to everyone for participating!



Jen | 9:37 AM

oooh, I would love one of these necklaces!

I am experiencing a little slowness with the site, but nothing too bad!

Unknown | 12:12 PM


Site is a bit slow for me today.

Eve | 12:16 PM

So pretty. Pick me! The website loaded quickly for me.

BB | 12:37 PM

These are so beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win!

Clandestine Road | 12:43 PM

I would love this necklace, too. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity.

Also, it is still slow.


Mrs. Z | 12:45 PM

Such a sweet, simple necklace. Crossing fingers!

Sarah! | 8:18 PM

Oooh Pretty! And one of the few initial necklaces like this that looks good with four kids! (I've got 4 too! (-:) And I love the earrings!And!(I know, how could there be more) it's yellow gold -- my favorite!

I haven't noticed your site being slow! (-:

Unknown | 9:27 PM

I have not noticed the site being slow.

And, thanks for letting us know about Burnish! Looking for the perfect baby shower gift for one of my sweetest girlfriends. Will check them out! (And, would love to win!)

Thanks, GGC.

Jisel | 8:22 AM

I love these necklaces. What's funny is that I was actually looking at the Burnish etsy site a few days ago (on the hunt for new earrings). I was hesitant to order because I've never used etsy. Now that I've heard about your review and great customer service, I'm off to order!
And the site was quick to load but I had tried earlier today and it didn't give me a way to post a comment.

Kelliraeb | 5:21 AM

Just stumbled on your blog. Love the necklace..