The Rainbow and the Spy

This is post two of three in a trio of Halloween posts I did not intend to post but this was my favorite year in terms of costumes and most of that had to do with the fact that Archer and Fable were so opinionated about what they wanted to wear and who they wanted to be and that is just the coolest thing to witness, I feel.

Archer held up a picture of a spy from his favorite book series (Big Nate) and said, THIS! THIS EXACT SPY! So I found an old jacket and picked up a hat and a face mask at the party store and we cut a hole in a newspaper and voila: Archer SPYsaacson AKA "the spy from Big Nate."
Fable (not surprisingly) wanted to be a rainbow.

So when I happened upon this costume I shrieked with HOLY WHOA THIS EXISTS WHAT!??? high-pitched YEEHAWWWW! (And yes, it's typically way more than I spend on a Halloween costume but IT'S A RAINBOW DRESS. It will be worn and loved in perpetuity.)
photo-6 photo-3 DOUBLE RAINBOW!
(I bought it in a larger size so that she can wear it as much as she wants for as long as she possibly can.)
The cloud arm puffs came with the costume and I bought the sun headband and the necklace separately. (The jewels were purchased from Michaels. I wore some to the Camp Mighty Space party, channeling Fable of course, who then channeled me channeling her and back and forth forever channel channel channel.)
photo-4 IMG_1930
Fable's strap tore halfway through the night and Archer ditched the mask and the newspaper soon after we left the house but HOLY FUN NIGHT. All four kids were old enough to trick-or-treat together sans stroller, Revi with her eight spider legs and her tiny voice that went. "Tee Oh Tee!" in a sort of exclaimed whisper.

Meanwhile, Bo kept falling on her face (exhaustion) only to pop up and say, "I OKAY! I OKAY! NO BOOBOOS!"

(Meanwhile, at one point she was bleeding profusely out of her hand.)

"Bo! You're bleeding!"

"I okay though! I okay."


Twas a truly epic evening... 
photo-2 photo-1
ED: Several of you asked where Bo and Revi's spider costumes came from and I ordered them from here. (They're on super sale right now for obvious reasons!)